Take my $1.37. I want PBS.

Take my $.46. I am all for federal funding of art programs.

Take my $.46. I love my museums, colleges, and libraries.

Take my $.11. I support developing minority businesses.

Take my $.66. I am for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Take my $1.60. I want us to export more goods overseas.

Take my $0.43. I would like to see more American manufacturing.

Take my $0.88. I think community policing needs vast improvement.

Take my $1.48. I support programs for women.

Take my $1.55. I believe in due process for all.

Take my $0.48. We need a civil rights division in the justice department.

Take my $0.38. I think we need to defend our Mother Earth.

Take my $0.03… I know more work needs to be done for climate change.

Take my $8.95. because we need more sustainable energy.

Take my $2.71. we should reduce our carbon footprint.

If saving these programs means I’m out $22.36 a year, I’m good with contributing my $.07 a day to save American jobs and these federal programs.

Numbers taken from a report in Time about what the roles of the 17 federal agencies DT has threatened and how much they cost the average taxpayer.

Pass it on.

magickal-arcana  asked:

Hi, I've been looking for a mortar and pestle for a good price, but I can only find ones that are pretty out of my price range. Do you think you could help me out? It would be greatly appreciated!

Mortar and pestles coming right up!

Mortar and Pestle - $3.72

Porcelain Mortar and Wood Pestle Set - $8.99

White Basics 2.75-Inch Mortar and Pestle Set - $3.99

Black Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - $5.96

Harold Mortar & Pestle - $14.65 (Free shipping!)

White Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - $15.00

Celtic Knot Mortar and Pestle - $13.59 (Free shipping!) (Also, if you click on this link and the item is sold, scroll down a little and see “Also Viewed”. They show the same item for about the same price sold by different sellers)

Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle - $14.40 (free shipping!)

Williams-Sonoma Mortar & Pestle - $9.99

OmniWare Mortar & Pestle - $14.40 (Free shipping!)

Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle - $8.95 (Free shipping!)

Polished Soapstone Mortar and Pestle - $11.99

Mortar and Pestle - $3.72 

Fletchers’ Mill Mortar & Pestle - $14.95 (Free shipping!)

Octagonal Mortar and Pestle - $5.99

Most of these are quite plain but they get the job done! Also with combined shipping, the total for each these should not be over $20.

Hope I could help!

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Halter Bralettes (x4) - $152
Racer Back Bralettes (x2) - $76
Blue and Black Bralette - $38
Tank Top - $30
TOTAL: $296

Free People Bra - $38
Calvin Klein Bra - $44
Marc Jacobs Wallet - $208
Mantra Bracelet - $35
TOTAL: $325

Blue Bath Bomb - $8.95
Orange and Purple Bath Bomb - $7.95
Gold Bath Bomb - $10.95
Multicolored Bath Bomb - $7.50
TOTAL: $35.35

Naked Palette - $54
Naked 2 Palette - $54
Naked 3 Palette - $54
Mini Luna Foreo - $99
Better Than Sex Mascara - $23
TOTAL: $284

Coffee Mug - $12
TOTAL: $12

Instax Mini Film (x2) - $50
Box of String - $27
Box for String - $3
Mini Scissors - $9
Duct Tape (x2) - $10
Individual String (x23) - $45
Plastic Bobbins (x4) - $8
TOTAL: $152

GRAND TOTAL: $1,104.35


Definitely not my first haul but I felt motivated to post a picture for the first time!! This was with @demonslifted


Vanilla & Narcisse- $65
Repairing Hair Oil- $27
Hand lotion x2- $24


It’s Raining Men- $30.95
Ocean Salt- $36.95
Dark Angels- $38.28
Humpty Dumpty- $8.95
Celestial- $25.95


Hourglass Highlighter- $45
Milk by Josie Maran- $56

💖Total B4T💖


Best Canada Cup joke I’ve seen. It was literally like that on the stream though

Emergency - tiny silly olicity fic

“Green Arrow?”

Felicity’s voice sounded unsure and almost shy. Which brought Oliver on edge right away. He’s had her voice in his ear for the past three years now and knew every inclination, every tremor. He could instantly sense when she’s was afraid, concerned, or upset. And right now, his girlfriend was clearly uncomfortable and unusually hesitant.

“… Felicity? What’s wrong?” his voice barely above a murmur. He was standing on a rooftop for some recon. The city had been calm for a few weeks and with Thea and Laurel on the streets as well, he had less of a burden on his shoulders. All they’ve had to deal with were the usual robbery and a few assaults. There had been a rumor about a new dealer hitting in the Glades, and while Laurel and Thea had made huge progress under Digg’s wing while he was away, Oliver was still the one with the best abilities when it came to hiding in the shadows (and jumping from rooftop to rooftop).

“Errr… Nothing. But are you done soon?” she hesitantly replied.

“I don’t know. I still haven’t noticed anything valuable. It’s still early though. I’m planning to stay at least another couple of hours. Why?”

“… It’s silly, really.” She let out a small laugh.

“OK, will you just tell me what’s wrong? You know I can’t focus if I’m worried about you”

“It’s just that I can’t leave the foundry right now, the girls need me, they’re tracking some muggers.” She gulped “I have an emergency, though.”

Oliver’s heart skipped a beat “What kind of emergency?” He shot a zipline on a roof opposite the building where he was hiding. “I’m on my way, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.  Stay put.”

“No!! Don’t! It’s not a medical emergency, well it kinda is in a way but it’s nothing bad!”

Taking a deep breath, Oliver forced himself to stay calm “Will you just tell me? Do you need me or not?”

“Ineedyoutobuymetampons” she said in a small voice.

“… what?”

Groaning, she repeated “I said… I need you to buy me tampons. My period just started, three days early. And I have nothing with me. I can’t go and get some, because then I’d be leaving the girls alone.”

Oliver could practically hear her blush. He let out a small laugh, imagining her blushing like a school girl because she had to ask her boyfriend for tampons.

“Don’t laugh, it’s not funny! There’s this rule of one year anniversary before you can ask your boyfriend to get you… lady stuff.”

“Lady stuff? You sound like my grandmother” he teased her. He was already approaching his motorcycle, that he had parked 2 blocks away. “I’ll just stop at a drugstore, there’s one on my way.”

5 minutes later, he stopped his motorcycle, and quickly stepped inside the store. Being the middle of the night, it was unsurprisingly  empty. The usual ding informed the cashier of the new customer. It was a young man, who was probably in his early twenties, and he was currently absorbed into some comic book. He didn’t even glance at Oliver, barely saying “hello” while turning a page.

He found the right alley directly – and it was good that he was an attentive boyfriend, because he recognized right away the brand Felicity used. He walked to the cashier, putting the box of tampons on the counter . The young man lazily raised his head and opened his mouth but forgot what he was supposed to say as he took in the scene in front of him. Eyes big and mouth slightly agape, all the poor boy could do was stare at the man with a hood covering half of his face, and who looked suspiciously like the Green Arrow.

“Green Arrow? Could you get me some ibuprofen as well? You guys use oxycodon and stuff, but you don’t need to see me that high again.” Felicity’s voice reached him through his earpiece.

He let out a smile, and putting his hand the counter asked the cashier “I need some Ibuprofen, please”, using his modulator. The young man was still staring at him, but once Oliver’s words reached his brain, he dropped his eyes to the box of tampons, only to snap his head right back at him again.

“Ibu…?” he shook his head, obviously trying to clear his thoughts “Ibuprofen? As in.. for cramps?!” disbelief making his voice high pitched and squeaky on the last word.

Oliver heard Felicity giggle in his ear, and it took him all his will power to keep a straight face.

“ Yes.”

Walking behind the counter, the young man quickly got a small bottle of ibuprofen. “Will that be all?”

“I’ll take that chocolate bar as well” Oliver answered, grabbing one from a display stand nearby.

“That will be $8.95… cash or credit card?”

“Someone stole my wallet.” He said while handing him a 10 dollar bill he fished out of a pocket “Keep the rest”.

Picking up the small bag, he went back to his bike, not without noticing the boy snapping a picture of him walking away.

Smirking, he put his helmet on, started the Ducati and hurried to bring his girlfriend her “lady stuff”.

The next day, newspapers headlined “The Green Arrow PMSing” with a picture of him walking away, the box of tampons clearly visible through the transparent plastic bag.


I know this is stupidly silly but I’ve had this scene in my head for weeks now and I had to get it out somehow XD

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It’s 7 years old. It’s the initials living in margins of loose leif papers etched in hearts. It’s jump ropes, monkey bars, and games intended to predict your future. It’s bright red cheeks and toothless smiles.

It’s thirteen. It’s shaking hands and first kisses. It’s the name of the boy whose unrequited love resonates in your brain. It’s sweaty palms and butterflies.

It’s seventeen. It’s young, it’s exhilarating like speeding down midnight streets. It’s empty parking lots. It’s the words you whispered for just her to know. It’s earth shattering, mascara painted down your face.

It’s twenty two. It’s polite introductions. The sound of your father saying, “She’s the one.” It’s dinners and $8.95 movie tickets. It’s talking about the things that made you who you are.

It’s twenty seven. It’s sweaty palms and dropping the ring. It’s a white veil and rice in the air. It’s a king sized bed and kissing on sidewalks. It’s eating burnt food because you’re too afraid to her to know it’s unappetizing.

It’s thirty two and sleepless nights. It’s crayon drawings on the refrigerator and parent/teacher meetings. It’s the phrase, “It’s your turn” at the sound of a newborn’s baby cry. It’s arguing and challenging each other.

It’s fifty three and attending college graduations. It’s holding your first grandchild in your arms. It’s the sale sign hanging house you bought together.

It’s seventy nine and rocking chairs. It’s spending time together, even as it gets small. It’s creating a life together that you’re proud of. It’s a journey a person who makes you fall in love as much as you did when you were six. Thirteen. Seventeen. Twenty two.

—  “What is love to you?”