Printed these out yesterday to test the new printer. 8.5x11 inches and nice and glossy. Pixel density means it’s so clean, it looks crisp at any distance. Really happy with the printer I got. Colors are reproduced really well. I’m excited to be able to make, sell and ship prints.

Latias & Mega Latias (https://twitter.com/AutobotTesla/status/610139855104798724)

I’d be happy to sell ‘em both for hm, $15 shipped? Or alternatively, any existing image (http://autobottesla.deviantart.com/gallery) on either 4x6 or 8.5x11 inches for $5 and $10 respectively. Like always, contact animeleepocket@gmail.com (also my PayPal) if you’re interested! See ya, Ground-type later tonight/tomorrow.

This is the next poster in our Printable series. You can download it here. The text is simple, bold, and straight to the point. It garners traffic to the project, which redirects traffic to organizations that are dealing with and fighting for the issue when people look how to get involved.

“Transgender people still can’t serve in the military.

… don’t forget the T in LGBT.”

This is how we start to get people to notice the problems. This is how we make a change. This is how we will overcome the great hill that is transphobia, particularly the great shame that is the segregation of our armed forces and “disqualification” of millions of americans from serving their country because of who they are.

3 nights

The bonding hormone has me thinking that I love you
I don’t
not yet
maybe not ever

But I do like you
10 minutes of orgasm
and 2 hours of funny conversation
and the flustered look on your face when I said
“Hey, I think I like you.”
will do that.

So when you text me
with whatever date idea you came up with
I’ll say yes.

And only 50% of the reason
will be the oxytocin.

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Sneaker Shop Flyer (Miscellaneous)

External image

External image
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File features

  • Dimension – 8.5 inch x 11 inch
  • Bleed – 0.25 inch
  • 1 PSD file
  • Print Ready
  • Editable Text
  • Resolution optimized
  • CMYK Color
  • Mockups are not included in the file
  • Help File

    Font Used

  • Source Sans Pro Download
  • 20db Download
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