Hello hello!!! o3o
To celebrate having a whopping 15,000+ followers, I am setting up a giveaway! >w<
There will be one grand prize winner and 2 runners up!
The grand prize winner with receive

  • A Victuri and Otayuri  3 inch Acrylic Standee (valued at 30 dollars)
  • Their choice of an 11x17 poster (value of 20 dollars)
  • Their choice of an 8.5x11 print or a postcard (Value of 10 dollars)

The two runners up will receive

  • Their choice of an 11x17 poster (value of 20 dollars)


Here are the rules! :D

1) You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States (as per tumblr giveaway rules)
2) You DON’T need to reblog or like (although I’m always happy if you want to spread the word ^w^), but you must be a FOLLOWER to win!
3) Leave a REPLY in this post to enter! (you can just say, “I want to enter!” or something XD

This contest is open for 1 week!

(4/22 to 4/29 at 11:59 PM)
This is a lottery style giveaway, so, the winners will be randomly chosen from all who enter and qualify ^w^





If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me :D

This giveaway is not associated with tumblr



I’ve adjusted some of these slightly color wise for adjustments im just too lazy to re-do the files but the final versions will be available as prints ! each one is a mini print on its own and then i will have an 8.5x11 print with them arranged in rainbow colors like this ! 


in order we have 

shadow sneak, summon monster, bardic inspiration, ray of frost,cleave,unarmed strike, channel positive energy, entangle and barbarian rage ! 

I still feel like there are some inconsistencies with each other but overall im happy its done. 


Hello, everyone, I hope you’re doing well today! I am in a dire need of money right now and am offering watercolor portraits of pretty much anything SFW for $20. Anything. I just really need money at the moment.

Pictures will be on the standard 8.5x11" and will be mailed to you, scanned and emailed, or both depending on your preference. Email me at OCNcommissions@gmail.com to order.

If you are unable to order a commission, please reblog - liking allows me to know of your support, but doesn’t really help because it doesn’t spread the word. Thank you so much!


By request, here is a video tour of my grimoire on Icelandic Magical Staves. This is a book of sigil magick that I created in 2011 based on a Russian language resource on the Galdrabok. Russian is my second language, so I was careful to translate the written portion very carefully. I bound this grimoire by hand on oak boards. The paper used is Southworth Ivory Parchment Paper, 8.5x11″ 24 lb weight. The ink is Authentic Models calligraphic ink, and the content of the grimoire was written with quill pens.

At the time in 2011, actual copies of the Galdrabok were out of print and used ones were being sold for over $1000, which is why I ultimately had to use the version transcribed into the Russian language. Then miraculously in 2012, I found out there was a limited reprint of the Galdrabok for about $20, and I bought mine immediately since there were only 8 left at the time. Since that time, they have printed more copies which contain a ton of information.

anonymous asked:

Hello! May I please ask for advice? I have been drawing digitally for a long time but am new to tumblr. I'd like to share some of my work, but I'm not sure how to prepare my stuff to look right online! What sort of resolution or canvas size do you usually work on? How much should I scale down for posting here? Sorry and thank you!

The canvas size I use depends on the specifications of the job! But if I’m doing an illustration or something else that’s self-directed (i.e. just a print, not a job), I’ll usually pick 8.5x11″ (roughly A4), 11x17″ (roughly A3), or 13x19″ (roughly B3). Those are pretty standard sizes anyway. I always work at over 450 dpi. I do 600 dpi a lot. 

Never work below 300 dpi: 300 dpi is printing size, so if you have a 8x11″ file at 300 dpi, that means it’ll print at exactly 8.5x11″ even if it seems a good deal bigger on the screen. If it’s a smaller dpi than 300 you can’t print without scaling it up, which you don’t want to do. When you’re drawing digitally you should always keep printing in mind, even if you’re just sharing stuff online in the beginning. You’ll never know when you’ll want to be able to print something. 

When posting on tumblr I always scale down vertical files so that they’re around 600 px wide… depends on the file, of course, but that’s usually under 100 dpi. Horizontal files you’ll want bigger than that, because someone will want to full-view it. It’s usually not a good idea to have a really skinny canvas, either vertical or horizontal. 

Hope this helps ! 


another set. basically this was a what-if.. i finished this in less than 2 hours. been feeling a bit sick lately, not very well. aside from maybe one other thing don’t expect much for a few weeks..

 it’s bad enough his anatomy is very screwy, he somehow wears clothes (that fit), and he’s not a true crocodile at all… but it’s as good as it could get for what it was.

anonymous asked:

Working in photo lab and a customer wants copies made. I tell him they will be photos but it can be done."oh so it'll be thick paper. OK" not really bud but how big did you want them? "This size" as he holds up a standard piece of paper. I tell him we can't do 8.5x11 but we can do 8x10. "OK. How much?" They're 2.84 each photo. "I can't do that much. It shouldn't be that much for a PIECE OF PAPER." I looked at him and said that's bc its not a piece of paper it's a photo. With ink. He left. 🙄🙄


Hey guys~ I’m about to send all my commissions out today so now I have free slots again!
I am leaving for the Philippines on the 25th to see family and could use some vaca money;;; I will be bringing my tablet so I can only do digital commissions for now! I’ll be able to take 5 slots at a time!  Please email me at riasaur@gmail.com if you are interested and use PayPal only~! 

Also I’m doing this new thing called “Sketch pages” as commissions!  I will draw any character(s) you commission me to fill an 8.5x11 canvas~!
Reblogs appreciated :)

Slots taken:
1. Riley
2. Shad

HEY CHAOS KIDS, it’s everyone’s favorite piece of garbage, WeatherQuest, aka BidoofDaily! I finally broke 500, and I want to show you all how much I appreciate each one of you!

I’ll be doing another giveaway, this time a little less obtuse than the last.

The Rules

1. You gotta be following BidoofDaily.

2. Only reblogs will count, and you can only enter once!

3. The deadline to enter is May 13th, when the winners will be chosen.

4. You need your IMs or your ask box open–I need some way to get in contact with you.

The Prizes

Examples of what I’m capable of lmao:

First place prize will be a full-size, full-color image, maximum size of 8.5x11 inches (standard A5 printer paper size). Up to two characters/subjects possible, full background optional.

Second place prize will be a medium-size, partial-color image. Up to two characters/subjects possible, each in full color, with a solid color background optional.

Third place prize will be a small-size, partial color image. Only one subject possible, but you can choose between either a single sketch will extensive color, or a sketch page with color accents (not including frames).

The winners will be chosen by a random number generator. I WILL NOT draw anything I consider to be N//s/f//w/, but anything is up for grabs. I default to digital for drawings, but winners can ask for traditional art if they so wish. Full drawings will be posted here as they are finished, and winners can request that the full files are emailed to them.

Anyways, thank you everyone! Good luck if you enter!

anonymous asked:

how big is your canvas for animations? btw im lovin your textured style😍


short answer: big!!

My original work is for school, so I need to print them big for them to feel fitting to me. if it’s only 8.5x11″ it’s pretty obvious it’s a digital print so I like doing 11x14″+ (usually 13x19″) so people don’t immediately think “someone drew this on a computer and printed it out”

I also have a 4k monitor, so I get paranoid if I can start zooming and get past 100% super quickly out of habit lol. 

Update - The Sisters Grimmoire Vol. 1

So there’s neutral news and good news today.

The neutral news is that I have three more brick-and-mortar shops interested in carrying my books - The Magickal Attic (VA), The Crystal Fox (MD), and Mystickal Tymes (PA). I haven’t heard anything definitive just yet, so this is just news for now. Too soon to tell if it’s good or bad yet, but it’s certainly encouraging.

The GOOD news is that Anna finished sending me the files for The Sisters Grimmoire (following a couple of weeks of weather-related delays), and just this morning, I finished the first round of updates to the manuscript. It still needs a little revising for typos and formatting and such; I’m really going over it with a fine-toothed comb.

The setup is going to be a bit different for the second edition. The most notable change is the size of the book. Instead of the 8.5x11″ workbook size, it’s been reformatted for a more industry-friendly 6x9″ printing. This is the most common size for witchy books, and I’ve been working with that size for the manuscript for the second volume of the Grimmoire.

I’m also considering making the interior black and white instead of full color. I haven’t yet decided what this means for the illustrations from the first edition, but having a B&W interior will significantly reduce the price of the book, which is a big priority for me on this new edition. (I’ve seen a lot of comments from interested readers lamenting the book being out of their price range for a single volume. If the changes I want to make all go through, it could reduce the retail price by somewhere around $10.00 USD.)

If I do decide to nix the color illustrations, I will definitely see what I can do about making them available as art prints, either on my own account or through Anna’s, if she’s interested. Either way, I’d want the proceeds from the sales of any such prints to go to Anna, since it’s her artwork.

Sleep is beckoning, so I’m going to rest for a bit, then get back to it.

Further updates as events warrant!

How to make (decent) feathers with craft foam!

Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters! 

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small tuto…

What you need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scupting tool/exacto knife/cutter (something to make creases)
  • Scissors or a cutter (to cut)
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint (whichever you prefer)
  • (optional) White primer
  • (optional) Glitters

STEP 1: Cut the feathers.

Be creative. Make ovals ones, banana shaped, whatever you want them to look like! I drew templates on paper and traced over them because I wanted them to have a specific form. Cut them with scissors or a cutter. I used scissors to have that sort of angle and irregular borders.

STEP 2: Make patterns.

You want it to look legit, right? Well, you got to put effort and patience in it! To guide my blade hand so it doesn’t look like a mess, I crease a line in the middle to know where the center of my feather is. Follow the shape, don’t make a straight line or it won’t look natural! 

Next, make diagonal lines toward the line you just made. You can make both sides symetrical or you can be irregular like me. Be creative!

STEP 3: Add details!

Now that you made them look like this, they look like leaves, right? Don’t worry! We’ll fix that with an exacto knife! Cut little triangles on your feather just like when you split the little hair on a real feather! It’ll look better and more feather-ish.

STEP 4: Hot glue details!

It looks ready to go, right? Wrong! See that white line on this real feather?

Well, you want THAT. So use hot glue on that line you made that you thought useless! Be very patient because you can easily mess up! Hot glue tends to love making air bubbles or huge SURPRISE LUMPS! So be slow, go back and forth and if you mess up, rip the glue off and start again.Try to loosen up the trigger at the end to have a smaller line.

ALSO, be mindful that hot glue leaves small dingly hot glue strings if you don’t clean it off well! it can drag your feathers together and mutate them or even flip over on your desk and that’s just the worst thing you’ll ever experience.

Be careful not to burn yourself like me!!!

STEP 4: OPTIONAL Prime the feathers!

This step is optional but recommended if you don’t use spray paint to color them. Why? Because the hot glue doesn’t like acrylic paint and it’ll still be visible even if you put multiple layers. So prime your feathers with whatever white primer you like IN A WELL VENTILLATED AREA. Let it dry. (Mine took 20 minutes to dry but just follow what the instructions tells you depending on your brand.) You can do both sides or add an other coat, but I didn’t because I’m lazy.

STEP 5: Painting the feathers!

Here comes the fun part! Use some acrylic paint or spray paint to color them! Obviously, you know how to use a can of spray paint, so I won’t bother explaining this. You want to do it with acrylic? GREAT! So get your paint ready and start mixing the colors you want! (I recommend priming your feathers first because of the hot glue problem and you’ll need 2 layers of paint if you didn’t prime them)

Apply a first coat of your base color on your feather. Move your brush on the same direction as the lines you did so you don’t see random vertical lines, plus, more realistic!

When it’s fully dry, you can add highlights! I usually add a lighter shade of the base color all along the feather line thinggy and spread to the outside of the feather but not all the way! Then I add a darker shade on the upper edges of the feathers because you know… it’s nice.

If you don’t want to add glitters, you’re done! Congrats to you!

STEP 6: Add glitters!

You want to feel like a princess? Or you just like sparkling things…? Then let’s add glitters!! I got mine really cheap at Walmart. (Martha Stewart crafts. Be mindful that these makes your feathers just a LITTLE bit darker)

What I like to do is start from the feather line and spread it towards the outside and add a few on the borders. Put a few on the feather line to have that extra spark! And like painting, go the same direction as the diagonal lines to avoid the lines.

Sparkles got in the creases? AWESOME. It’ll be extra sparkly!


Now assemble it however you like with hot glue. It made nice wings like these or a pretty headdress that I never posted!

*Be aware that the feathers will easily bend because it’s still craft foam after all! 

**You can do the same process on the back of the feather if you’d like.

***The thickness of the craft foam depends from sheet to sheet! I got some who were thinner than others. I got mine at my local art supply store OmerDeserres and they were very irregular (8.5x11 sheets) compared to the ones I got at Walmart. (I think they’re 5x8?? but it comes in packs of 50!!! )


My DIY Book of Shadows~

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you how I made my most recent BOS. My first one was totally handcrafted - big, daunting, parchment paper-y and majestic. It was beautiful and it was everything I thought a BOS should be, but honestly it was so much of a book that I didn’t even want to write in it! So this time I’ve created something smaller, whimsical, and more fun. It’s something I can actually use and grow with. It was also super simple to make, cost almost nothing and I love how it turned out! 

>A cheap journal
>Mod Podge and paper towels
>Scrapbook paper
>A craft brush
>Decorations! Stickers, beads, etc.
>The usual craft stuff: scissors, a pencil and a ruler

Happy crafting!

1. Assemble those materials!

Can we just talk about this succulent scrapbook paper for a minute?! It’s fabulous. I want to Mod Podge EVERYTHING with this paper! Speaking of Mod Podge… this is something every witchy or crafty person should have on hand. You can Mod Podge your altar furniture, your plant containers, your tarot box.. anything! All of these pieces of paper are standard letter size, 8.5 x 11. This journal was less than $5 and sat on my bookshelf unused. Grab any notebook or journal you may have! Finally, I’ll be using an old makeup brush to apply the Mod Podge because, you know, resourcefulness.

2. Measure and cut your paper

You don’t want to have too much excess paper when you’re applying the Mod Podge so just eyeball it (or measure if you’re a perfectionist!) and cut all but about ½ inch. We’ll be folding that ½ inch in to glue on the inside of the cover. Do this around all sides of the book and cut! Use this piece you’ve cut to trace on another piece of scrapbook paper and cut that to the same size. Now you’ve got two pieces of paper - one piece to cover the front of the book and one to cover the back. I left the spine of my journal alone but you could definitely cover it if you wanted to! :)


A little goes a long way with Mod Podge. Just apply a thin layer on the cover of the book and it will be enough, I promise! Press the first piece of paper that you cut on to the front. Fold the excess down and glue on the inside as well. We’ll be covering the inside as well so it doesn’t have to be perfect! Repeat on the back of the book. Press down firmly to get the wrinkles out and let the outside pieces dry. Have paper towels handy to wipe away any Mod Podge that seeps out!

4. Cover the inside!

This 8.5x11 paper fit almost perfectly in the inside of this journal, but I did have to trim it a bit. I recommend pre-folding this paper with the shape of the journal to ensure a snug fit. After you’ve trimmed and folded, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge and press it all down! Let this dry and make sure the Mod Podge doesn’t seep out too much and stick your pages together. Repeat on the inside front of the book and the inside back of the book. This is the paper I chose for the inside of the back:

5. (Optional) Cover the first page

Okay so… I had an extra piece of paper and I really wanted a pretty front page to put a dedication/book blessing on. Just use the same trimming, folding, and gluing method as you did with the inside cover piece! Let everything dry overnight. Tip: Save your brush with warm, soapy water :)

6. The fun part - Decorating! 

Use stickers, markers, paint, whatever you want to make the book uniquely yours! This is your BOS and it should reflect your personality. Make it pretty, witchy, weird, artsy, simple, whatever! If your book came with a ribbon bookmark like mine, you could put beads or charms on it. Have fun!

I LOVE how this turned out and I can’t wait to start using it! Craft away witches~