I did it. I finally did it. and so let me introduce my favorite character on DW EVER, yes Clara, it’s you.
For the first time I saw her I thought she barely could replace Rose, or even Amy (although I don’t like her as much) or basically any other companion.I was obviously judging her just by her appearance and with some sort of personal prejudice BUT LISTEN I FELL IN LOVE IN 30 SECONDS. it was that episode with Daleks, where she was just walking around and it was just freaking 30 seconds and I knew she was gonna be amazing.

P.s. Wasn’t her dress made of stars? (no way it wasn’t)

This is how I know that Dean loves Cas.

In Purgatory, when he thought Cas might be in trouble, he stayed in that hellhole for an entire year when he didn’t have to, looking for him.

Back on Earth, the moment Cas said he wanted to leave for a while, Dean let him walk away.

For the kind of person that Dean is, and for how much he fears losing the people he cares about, trusting Cas to come back to him when he’s ready is nothing short of monumental.