Got To Believe - Ep 1 - 10 (ENG SUB)

Episode 1  #GotToBelievePilotEpisode  - August 26 2013 

Episode 2 #LetTheMagicContinueG2B - August 27 2013 

Episode 3 #TheMagicContinuesG2B - August 28 2013

Episode 4 #GotToBelieve4thMagicalDay - August 29 2013 

Episode 5  #GotToBelieve5thMagicalDay  - August 30 2013 

Episode 6 #G2BMagical2ndWeek - September 2 2013

Episode 7 #ChichayJoaquinNewChapterBegins - September 3 2013

Episode 8 #G2BColorful8thNight - September 4 2013

Episode 9 #GotToBelieveEnchanting9thNight - September 5 2013

Episode 10 #GotToBelieve10thUpsideDownNight - September 6 2013

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Realising you need to unfollow & block someone, who used to be your world, because it hurts too much to see them post things, and you don’t trust yourself not to check up on them to see if they’re ok…
This sucks.

The one place I haven’t been able to remove him is Facebook, because we have three and a half years of messenger conversation history and I don’t know how to let it go.
Everything is in there. From our first conversation, to admissions of feelings, planning our first meeting… Then all the ‘I love you’s, inside jokes, selfies and even our stupid fights…
But then there’s the panic and the confusion and the begging and then, dead silence.

We spoke EVERY single day without fail from September 8, 2013 until somewhere in mid March 2017. It’s so hard to go from that to nothing at all.

Anyway… Here’s to finding enough inner strength to do what I needed to do for my own healing. It hurts like hell now but at least I won’t see his name & face randomly pop up in my feeds and have this wound torn open every time I manage to sew a stitch.

Love yourself enough to do what’s best for you ❤️

AFGHANISTAN. Wardak Province. Maidan Sharh. September 8, 2013. Afghan policemen, near a crater at the scene of suicide attack. At least four Afghan intelligence agents were killed and more than one hundred people were wounded, the provincial government said in a statement. 

Photograph: Omar Sobhani/Reuters


I think this is Marissa of the Jacksonville Jaguars Roar Cheerleaders by Mark Kortum
Via Flickr:
Marissa (if anyone knows for sure correct me if I am wrong) of the Jacksonville Jaguars Roar cheerleaders at the September 8, 2013 regular season opener in Jacksonville against the Kansas City Chiefs.

We’re saddened by the loss of Ellsworth Kelly. Hear him discuss his work in this MoMA oral history project video

[Installation view of Ellsworth Kelly: The Chatham Series. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, May 25–September 8, 2013. © The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: John Wronn]