Happy 9th Anniversary, Fairy Tail!

(oh yeah, count natsu and lucy’s uncurled fingers plus happy’s tail = 9 <3)

​“Can you be my family, too?“
- Wildwood, chapter 2 by Snogfairy

Goddammit. @snogfairy keeps writing really cute things about dumb fluffy kitty babies and I can’t help but draw it ;__; It was this, or Natsu shoving his entire fist in his mouth when he tries fire for the first time X’D

Go read the thing, it’s super sweet, but enticingly ominous as well, heh.


je t'aime.”


Juvia’s personal data
from Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine volume 8

This issue can be purchased at CDJapan or Amazon Japan.

What you see is not an exact replica of the original pages, but a re-creation of them since the scans are difficult to clean. I have tried to keep the pages as close to the original as possible though. I won’t translate the whole magazine, but only parts that are new and/or interesting.

Please let me know if you spot any errors!

PS: There isn’t a relationship chart in this issue.

i don’t like the dark story in sonic adventure 2 because you need to fight tails and tails is 8 years old and he’s done nothing to you