The fact Sidon’s head is like the size of Link’s torso will never stop being funny to me and also the fact that Mipha and Link were childhood friends and she mentioned it was strange to her how quickly he started looking like an adult, which implies to me that Mipha may in fact still have been growing? Like they were the same age, but Zora physical maturation takes longer.

and so I just have this mental image of Mipha also being an 8-foot tall amazonian warrior princess, like, if she’d just been a bit older. Royal Zora get fucking huge apparently, so you can’t pry this from me. imagine Mipha but, like, Urbosa’s size and carrying a trident big enough to spear a dude like a hotdog. 

Pulling double duty, Waititi plays the 8-foot-tall Kronan warrior made of purple rocks. Korg was originally supposed to have only a few scenes, but Waititi manages to flesh him out (via motion-capture suit) substantially.

“You’ve got to understand that Taika Waititi the actor is an incredible person to work with,” the director explained. “When Taika Waititi the director comes across someone like that, it just seems appropriate to give that actor a bit more time to show what they can do. I did that, and my theory was correct. I was, he was that good. As an actor, I highly valued Taika Waititi the director, who was very generous to me in giving me a few more takes than everyone else, and really let me show what I can do.” –Taika Waititi interviewed by Meredith Woerner for L.A. Times 

reasons to read/watch One Piece

  • there’s an 8 foot tall talking singing skeleton with an afro who makes bad puns all the time what’s there not to love
  • there’s a 7 foot tall cyborg who hates pants and says super a lot and he’s powered by cola
  • sky islands
  • at one point someone turns into a giraffe and it’s hilarious but then the giraffe guy actually cuts a building in half because he got pissed at everyone (including his own partner) for not taking his giraffe form seriously. one of his attacks was called “pasta machine
  • the main character is canonically asexual/aromantic. one time he saw the world’s most beautiful woman half naked and his response was “Huh? Why are you naked? Where’s the food?”
  • this series will make you cry over boats and whales. and dogs. and reindeer. and hats
  • none of the main characters have a real romance or romantic relationship with anyone
  • USOPP his whole introduction arc is about him lying to a girl to make her feel better because she had depression, and it was working. (his “lies“ are larger than life stories about him as a kid pirate)
  • there’s a guy named Buggy the Clown and he actually looks like a clown but not out of choice he was born with a big red nose and he gets pissed whenever people mention it (or sound like they mention it)
  • exploding ghosts
  • evil ventriloquist puppet pigeons that may or may not actually be evil
  • one guy’s devil fruit power is to eat anything and then turn into what he eats and it’s actually a pretty dangerous power
  • all the emphasis is on familial love and friendship
  • did i mention that one character is a tiny cute reindeer who’s also a very, very good doctor
  • ANCIENT CONSPIRACY THEORIES like there’s this whole century of history that’s been erased by the World Government and its forbidden to study it
  • there are also these things called Poneglyphs that are indestructible stones with ancient language written on them and they come from that blank century and no one is allowed to study them. the World Government says b/c of the Ancient Weapons that the Poneglyphs talk about (which are real) but in reality they don’t want the information on the people and country the stones originated from to become known knowledge. the world government literally burned down an entire island and wiped it from the map for doing this
  • devil fruit powers okay some of them are really cool like turning into fire or magma or causing earthquakes, but then there’s stuff like turning into a giraffe, slowing things down, being rubber, returning from the dead, controlling/becoming a ghost, controlling shadows, SPROUTING LIMBS FROM ANY SURFACE, secreting poison, being able to cut people up without killing them and switching their body parts around and switching their personalities. one character can control hormones and another can turn his hands into giant scissors. and the thing is, ALL THESE POWERS ARE STILL REALLY DANGEROUS
  • Water Luffy. Luffy is impaled by a giant hook at one point and almost dies and then like literally a day later he shows up with a giant barrel of water b/c the villain’s weakness is water. but the villain can also absorb water, so Luffy does the logical thing and CHUGS THE WHOLE BARREL OF WATER UNTIL HE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN WATER BALLOON AND THEN HE STARTS LEAKING FROM THE VERY SERIOUS WOUND THAT NEARLY KILLED HIM AND SAYS “AHH!! I SPRUNG A LEAK!!”
  • this quote: “When does a man die? When he’s struck by a deadly disease? No. When he’s shot through the heart with a pistol? No. when eh eats soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No!! A Man dies… when people forget him.”
  • you’ll cry over that mushroom
  • Luffy’s idea of an insult is calling a guy who uses three-sword style “four -sword style”
  • also one guy holds a sword in each hand and one in his mouth and it’s badass as fuck i kid you not
  • literally no plot device is forgotten like everything mentioned at one point WILL COME BACK. one time a character was shown in a tiny panel in a super short flashback in chapter 13 or so, and then like 400-500 chapters later TURNS OUT THAT RANDOM BACKGROUND CHARACTER IS ACTUALLY A MAJOR CHARACTER
  • Angels!! Giants!! Dwarfs!! Long armed people!! Long legged people!! Minks!! Fishman!! there’s so many different species it’s great
my stream of consciousness during death note (2017)

So I finally watched this shit show last night, and kept a running document of every thought I had in order. Here are some of the top ones: (under the cut because….it gets a little long. it’s worth it though!) 

Keep reading

Churchill Was Brilliant And Brave, But Hardly Handsome

In 1899 Winston Churchill was covering the Boer War as a correspondent when he was captured and put in a Pretoria prison. He climbed a wall and set out to flee 300 miles to neutral Portuguese East Africa while the Afrikaners raised the alarm and circulated a rather unflattering description:

Escaped prisoner-of-war Winston Spencer Churchill Englishman 25 years old about 5 foot 8 inches tall medium build walks with a slight stoop. Pale features. Reddish-brown hair almost invisible small moustache. Speaks through his nose and cannot pronounce the letter S. Had last a brown suit on and cannot speak one word of Dutch.

Churchill fled on foot for two days, hid in a coal mine for three, and finally boarded a freight train, where he hid under bales of wool to evade a Boer search party. When he reached safety, publicity of his adventure set him on the path toward a career in government. And during his time as a minister, Churchill fought for prisoner’s rights – including the right to attempt escape.

Thank god for beefy customers?

Just submitted a story that happened to my bf (Slappy Potato delivery driver). Not sure which one will be posted first, but this one happened about 15 minutes after that. Tl;dr at the bottom.

So bf cashes out for the night and has one more pizza to deliver on the way home. The customer is at this extended stay, pay by the week hotel (pretty shady place, basically in the ghetto but most of this city is). He has to walk down this long sort of alley/hallway to the back of the building where the room is.
As he knocks on the door this old man (obvious drug addict, very strung out. We’ll call him J) starts walking towards him from down the hall. J starts asking him where he works and stuff before asking him how much he makes a night and how much he has to carry on him for deliveries. Real shady shit as he’s getting closer.
Right as he’s asking about money, the customer (we’ll use C for short) opens the door and notices the J. Now, C is a very beefy, 6 foot 8 inch tall, black man that looks like he can kill you with 2 fingers. C immediately starts yelling at J to fuck off. J fucks off quickly and C asks if bf is okay, if J did anything to him, generally being very concerned.
After being reassured that he was alright, C tells him that J is a known junkie and theif and that he normally has 2 or 3 other shady guys with him. C pays for the pizza and tips very generously, apologizing for him almost getting mugged.
C then offers to walk him to his car (parked a fair distance away) because he didnt see the other guys and was afraid they were planning to jump him. His tone of voice implied he would not let bf walk back alone even if he said no. Thanks to C there was no incident.
The manager of Slappys was informed of what happened immediately and they blacklisted the place. Bf felt bad for C because he was a really nice guy but it was necessary to avoid future incidents.

Tl;dr Bf delivers one last pizza to a shady hotel on the way home. Junkie asks him how much money he has and beefy customer gets him to fuck off, tips generously, and walks him back to his car so he doesn’t get jumped by the junkie and his friends. Hotel is then blacklisted when manager is informed.

Happy ending because bf didnt get stabbed and mugged.

Hey you, buy Dragon’s Dogma on Steam

What the fuck are you doing reading this? Don’t fucking read this, go buy fucking Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on Steam. It’s 30 bucks right now. Do it.

What? You wanna know why you should buy it?


Dragon’s Dogma is one of the best, most exciting games of the last generation. It took an interesting Dark Fantasy setting and let you go apeshit wild in it. Have you ever played another fantasy game where you whacked a giant dragon’s ankles with your sword until he fell over? Did you wonder why you could only wail on his knees instead of jumping on his back and stabbing his eyes out? Well Dragon’s Dogma had the same thought and said, “You know what? Fuck it, why wouldn’t you just climb that fucker?” And you CAN.

You can climb up a cyclops’ back and stab his eye out. You can ride a griffin into the air, cut its wings off mid-flight and crash-land that fucker into the dirt. You can cut off a hydra’s head, watch it grow back, and then cut it off again with FIRE and stop it from happening again. YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND ALLIES AND THROW THEM INTO THE SEA FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN SHITS AND GIGGLES!

I hear you say, “How’s the story though? I look for story in my Action-RPGs!” Well hold on to your butts, because this game got hella story. It’s got the most metal fucking opening to any game I’ve seen in decades. It’s a tale of love, loss, revenge, and fucking COJONES. You get your heart ripped out by a dragon and fucking SURVIVE. All he’s got to say to you? “Come at me bro, if you want your fucking strawberry tart back.”

“But what about the art? I can’t enjoy a game unless it’s pretty!” Well first of all, that’s very close-minded, but YES THIS GAME IS PURTY AS FUCK. This game’s art and setting is like that of the air-brushed panel van your weird uncle still owns in 2016. Your favorite metal album cover comes to life every time you turn this shit on!

“Okay, it’s got a cool setting and story. Can I make my own character? I’ve always wanted to make myse-” I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! The character creator in this game is supes deep! You want to play an 8-foot-tall amazon with a mohawk and ocular heterochromia? YOU CAN! You want to play a 12-year-old boy with no hair who’s also RIPPED AS FUCK? YOU CAN! You want to play a withered old woman who single-handedly destroys her enemies with a zweihander? YOU CAN! THE SHEER RANGE OF BODY TYPES AND PHYSICAL FEATURES IS THE NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF LOSING HOURS IN THIS CHARACTER CREATOR.

“Okay, so you’re already headed towards clas-” SHUT THE FUCK UP IT’S CLASS TIME NOW! You want warriors? Done. Rogue? Done. Wizard? Done.

“But those are typica-” THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY? You can go those routes but hodamn you can cross class motherfucker! Wanna be a sword-and-board assassin? Done. A Magick Archer (magick with a K because IT’S FUCKING METAL)? Done. A Wizard-paladin with maces and tower-shields? Done! The classes are so unique and fun to play there’s not a one that’s dull if you ask me.

“But what about romance!”

I’m glad you asked, straw-man reader. Have you ever found an NPC in an RPG that stole your heart? Not like the dragon does, but like, uh… metaph- fuck it, you know what I mean. Yes? Well this game let’s you make nice with and romance any named NPC. ANY NAMED NPC. The merchant? Banged. The captain of the foreign legion looking to prove herself? Woo’d. The fucking masked sailor moon villain? Fucked. The little girl you meet? Fuckin’ slow down there Jared Fogle… how did you even get internet access in prison? Anyways, it don’t matter your gender neither, fuck who you want to fuck, friend.

If you’re still not convinced, if you read all this and think I’m just all hype and no substance, then you can go fuck yourse- I mean, you can see for yourself.

I’m currently playing this game on the youtubes. Watch me play it. Watch me enjoy myself. Listen to me gush about how much I love this game, because I truly, truly do. If you like what you see, and you’ve got the means, please buy it. This game was criminally overlooked when it came out and it deserves so much better than it got. If enough people buy it, maybe we’ll get another one, eh? One that’s not Japan only.

Watch me play it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4OyvxEzC9A

finishing BotW made me realize that Teba is p much the only adult out of the champion counterparts. like…he has a kid. he’s literally a dad. Sidon, Riju, Yunobo and Link are basically toddlers compared to him. if Hyrule needs to be saved again he’s gonna show up with his newly adopted, 8-foot tall children on backpack leashes

Starry Nights

Hulk x Reader
Bruce Banner x Reader

Request Prompt:
Hi!!! I’m also a huge banner fan and there are not enough fics about that beautiful angel. Could I request a fic about reader falling in love with the hulk first? Like reader runs into the hulk in the middle of no where but the hulk is very nice to her and pats her head and it becomes a regular thing to meet up at night and stare at the stars and just talk. And then one day she meets bruce and she’s like oH cute


Warnings: An F bomb, attempted sexual assault which is very vaguely written but I’m gonna mark it between some ********** so you’ll know when it starts and ends if you want to skip it.

A young woman traveled down an old dirt road. To most it would seem like a lonely trip but to Y/N, she loved it. She loved the solitude, she loved the fresh breeze of nature and she absolutely loved how bright and starry the sky was at night. She lived in a cozy cottage away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

She was a novelist writing by trade but she also dabbled in children’s stories. Her best selling was a book series about Monsters that was used throughout daycares and preschools which taught children lessons such as not to judge by appearances and the value of differences.

Every other day she would make her way to the nearest town, which was a good half hours walk away (but it was okay, she loved to walk) to go about her business. She occasionally helped at a children’s centre with volunteer work and of course shop for food and necessities.

Today she worked a little later then usual at the centre, there was an emergency with one of the parents and one worker needed to stay behind to take care of a child until the parent could arrive and she volunteered to stay, she didn’t realise how late it had actually been until she stepped outside and began her walk home, darkness swept across the sky and it made her uneasy. She was grateful it wasn’t entirely dark as the stars lit up her dirt path home but she still tried to walk briskly and get home as soon as possible. She usually was safe as no one often goes around the woods past the town but it also meant she was isolated in case something did happen.


Suddenly she felt the wind knock out of her as she was pushed up against a tree. She tried to let out a scream before a hand clamped over mouth and she came face to face with a strange man.

“What are you doin’ out here alone beautiful?”

Her nose was assaulted with the smell of alcohol and fear spread out through her, this man must of followed her from town, she did walk past an old bar on her way home.

“I can show you a good time.”

She panicked as she felt the mans hand roam across her stomach. She struggled to get free and managed to bite his hand and let out a piercing scream, hoping, preying that someone ANYONE would hear her. She felt her world spin when he struck her across the face and fell to the ground.


She quickly tried to scurry away when she felt his hand grab her leg but suddenly felt him pulled away from her. She turned around and saw a large figure had grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

“What the fuck?” The man questioned, disoriented and hazy as he looked at the figure.

Hulk stepped into full view towering over the man, his face seemed to drain of all colour and he ran, tripping slightly before hightailing it away from them.

Y/N felt her heart beating so fast and hard she honestly thought it would explode out of her chest, she shuffled quickly to sit up as the large behemoth stepped slowly towards her. She looked away in fear, eyes squeezing shut as she saw him reach towards her and waited for a blow, possibly her death.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt a large hand pat her head. It sank down with the force of his weight causing her to hunch. He repeated the motion a few more times before she realised he was… Patting her? She looked up at him and saw the Hulk was staring at her, almost like he was waiting for her to make a move first.

So that’s what she did, standing carefully, wobbling a bit from her trembling knees she finally got a good look at him.

“You’re… The Hulk… Right?”

She had done her fair share of editorials when she suffered particular bad bouts of writers block or when she needed the extra money and she had done a few pieces on the green goliath. Mostly they were just sightings, a few conspiracy theories and some on how the Hulk was a menace and how some General Ross dedicated his life to tracking him down to save the world and rid the people of the evil being.

The hulk nodded, still staring at her carefully, she had a feeling he was watching her just as cautiously as she was watching him.

This so called evil creature had just saved her life, she couldn’t believe the articles she had edited after meeting him now. The Hulk suddenly turned away and began to walk off, crouching like he was ready to leap.

“Wait!!!” Y/N cried out, quickly shortening the distance between them. Hulk stopped and looked at her, almost warily? Or maybe she was just projecting her own emotions onto the beast. She gathered her courage and took a deep breath.

“I… Um, I’m a little… Shaken up… Would you… Mind walking me home?”

Yep, she was crazy. Y/N L/N had officially gone insane. She peeked up at him, afraid of his response, it was a silly question she didn’t know why she even asked and-


Her trail of thought was broken when she heard his deep gruff voice respond. She blinked up at him, honestly shocked before she quickly got her head together, the Hulk had began walking, obviously deciding not to wait for her to simply stare.

She caught up to him and realised she had to take excessively long strides to keep up with his pace. They walked in silence for awhile, her walking in front, leading the way. Her mind was buzzing with a thousand thoughts a minute. She was currently walking beside a creature who could quite literally step on her and squash her. She felt safe though, for whatever reason, she felt safe.

They had eventually reached her cottage, she had seen the small garden lights and felt a wave of relief crash over her. She was HOME. She never wanted to leave again. She almost ran to her door in her excitement but she refrained, choosing instead to turn back to the Hulk.

“I…” She was at a loss for words. “Thank you for saving me.”

The Hulk nodded at her, turning to leave once more.

“Feel free to come by for a visit if you’d like!” She called out as she waved him off, she didn’t know why but she assumed polite conversation was appropriate for the man (?) who just saved her life. He walked through the thicket of trees disappearing into the forest entirely and Y/N walked towards her gate, thinking that would be the last time she ever saw him.

Evidentially she was wrong.

For whatever reason the Hulk had indeed come back. She was lounging around, on her couch when she felt the ground suddenly shake.


Was her first thought but it had stopped nearly immediately, she stood and made her way to her window, her eyes widened when she peaked through the blind and saw Hulk, much to her surprise, standing outside her house.

She pulled on a jacket and went outside, the cool fresh air hit her and she smiled. She loved the nights crisp air.

“Hulk? You came back?” She wasn’t expecting an answer so she half didn’t know why she asked the question. She supposed she DID invite him back but who would have thought he’d take her up on that offer. He was staring at her again, silently. She bit her lip unsure of how to proceed. She couldn’t exactly invite him inside for tea and cookies, he’d never fit through her door!

Instead she once more worked up the guts and made her way towards him. He watched as she sat herself down and looked up at him.

“Would you like to sit with me and look at the stars?”

The question hung in the air before Hulk had plonked to the ground beside her. Every so often she would try to peak at him, study his face as he gazed at the sky with that ever present scowl on his face.

And that was how it started.

This continued near daily, she’d feel the familiar quake of the ground, grab her coat and head outside. They started sitting at a comfortable distance apart but slowly but surely they had ended up sitting closer and closer until eventually she found herself situated in the Hulk’s lap, he would stroke her hair and pat her head and again she didn’t know how she should feel about this but it was pleasant. She found it to be her favourite time.

She opened up to the Hulk more and more and began talking to him. At first it was unsure sentences and awkward conversations but surely enough she ended up talking to him avidly each night, Hulk in turn responded with short answers and simple sentences but she had come to expect it of him. One night she found the courage to ask him what he was doing here in the deep woods.

“Hiding.” Was his simple statement and she wondered what could something like the Hulk possibly need to hide from.

She ended up doing more research about him and found out how General Ross had chased him across America and it made her heart ache. She also discovered that the Hulk never really attacked anyone first. It was ALWAYS in self defence or in response to the militaries assault. She grew to want to protect the Hulk and keep him safe. She wanted him to feel… Loved…

She swallowed awkwardly when she realised she was blushing at the thought.

No no no no

She couldn’t! She DIDN’T! It was simply impossible. She wouldn’t believe she had a CRUSH on the 8 foot tall green man. Nope. Definitely not.


Oh my god I have a crush on the Hulk…

The realisation hit her like a ton of bricks and she was tempted to pretend she wasn’t home when his next visit came. She found herself nervous instead of excited and paced around her living room until she felt the ground quake signalling the Hulk had arrived. Slowly she pulled her jacket on and took a deep breath, she quickly checked her self out in the mirror, nodding at her reflection before reaching for the door handle.

Hulk was already seated, cross legged and looking at the sky. She made her way to him and he held out his hand, allowing her to take it as she hoisted herself onto his lap, making herself comfortable as she gazed up at the beautiful expanse of stars. She was mostly silent this night, thinking and just enjoying his company.

When it was time to leave and she felt the Hulk start to stand, instead of simply hopping off his lap as per usual she gathered her courage and pressed a kiss to his cheek. She quickly slid down and made her way to her door afraid of the consequences.

“Goodnight Hulk!” She smiled as she nodded to him, shutting the door quickly.

Hulk stood in silence for a moment, pressing his hand to his cheek.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

The next day Y/N awoke bright and early and readied herself for the day, she got dressed and had breakfast and picked up her weaved basket, ready to go into town to shop after her day of work. She halted after she opened her front door and stared at the sight before herself baffled.


In front of her was a… large chunk of ground? It looked like a construction truck had scooped up a pile of dirt and dumped it in front of her gate. It was definitely torn up ground and uprooted as she could see it’s dirt covered roots. Upon closer inspection she noticed the chunk of ground was covered in wild flowers.

She put two and two together as her brain clicked. Did the Hulk give her flowers? Was this what was happening? She had no other explanation. She stepped towards the large mess and found herself smiling shyly. She plucked the flowers that weren’t crushed from the ground and placed them inside. She decided she would press them when she returned home.

After a long day at the children’s centre she trudged back home, her shoulders were aching from all the lifting she had done, if anyone ever tells you childcare is an easy job do NOT listen to them. She couldn’t wait to get home. Take a nice hot bath and then go to sleep.

She gasped when she saw a shirtless man sitting against her gate, her first thought was to be terrified or run but she took a few steps closer and when he noticed her he awkwardly scrambled to his feet. She stared at him in a hopefully subtle manner.

Ooooh, he’s cute!

No! Now was not the time for thoughts like that! She tried to give a hard look to make herself seem brave as she stared at him expectedly. He smiled at her nervously and took careful steps towards her. She looked at his hand as he raised it for her to shake.

“Hi… I’m Bruce Banner. The, uh, the Hulk.”

Part 2

My “high fantasy” setting was essentially in a very Tolkien-like world, only the Mideavel battles and the infamous war with the Orcs a thing of the distant past. The world is in modern day with machines and computers. Magic, a sort of wave-particle radiation, permeates the Earth which much technology and organisms depend on (notable exception of humans…).

Humans were Homo Sapiens as we know them. The most populous of all sapient species which most forms of magic. like fibre, is unabsorbable and goes right though our bodies. 

Dwarves are our closest relatives, a light magic using decendant of Neanderthals and the Denisovan hominins. Ranging from 4′6″-5′4″, Dwarves ate a diet heavy in meat and tubers and often lived in underground cmplexes, tho many now use “human-style” architecture. Humans and Dwarves could interbreed easily and produce fertile young.

Halflings” were a critically endangered species descendent of Homo floresiensis who prefers to stay out of global politics. Originally of no “use” there has been a boom of “interest” in them from Humans and Dwarves due to their possible connection with their mysterious extinct “progenitors” (Homo erectus)

Elves were high magic using decendants of Ardipithecus. Extremely lithe and vaguely gibbon-like, their high intelligence and extended lifespan of the elves is due to their heavy dependance on magic. Like the relation of Humans and Dwarves and Hobbits, Elves are actually a genus consisting of several species, notibly the High elves, Drow, and Wood elves (as humans call them). Elves were resistant to use modern technology and in general the tech of other people, older elves are still more likely to use cervine as transport then own a car, tho the hip younger generation of Elves take far more interest in other species.

Orcs were a sapient offshoot of Australopithicus. While often portrayed to be 8 foot tall, in life Male Orcs are only a bit larger then the average man (tho considerably stronger). Orcs hate how the Human-Orc conflicts are taught  and treated, wars that had a incredibly diminishing impact on their people and ended up driving them to poverty for decades.

Trolls had no relation to other species, instead being a mysterious race of sapient terrestrial echidnoderms. Going though highly complex life cycles, Troll larva start off as mouse size bilaterally symmetrical creatures, to the squat “lopsideders” and eventually becoming their 8 foot tall sexually mature adult form. Trolls are nocturnal, and make a thick mucus “cast” around their bodies when they rest that hardens during the day.

The “High Ones” are somewhat the equivalent to the Maiar, mysterious highly powerful entities seemingly like no other creature on earth. They mostly live in the Arctic (and Antarctic) circle, and have. They have curiosity in other species (and manipulating them), but are secretive of their own lives and tech, killing those who come near their settlements. (They also may or may not of been aliens…)

Ogres existed as a Homo habilis-like species that are raw meat and had the intelligence of dolphins. Dragons are semi terrestrial lobe finned fish that like elves were also highly dependant on Magic.

Everything We Learned on the Set of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: New Looks, Potential Spinoffs and Lots of Laughs

To film the god of thunder’s latest intergalactic adventure, Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel only had to go as far as Australia. ET paid a visit to the massive sets – the largest soundstage in the southern hemisphere, for the record – which had been transformed into a bold, colorful, Jack Kirby-inspired planet named Sakaar. What follows is everything we learned from the key cast members on set – Chris Hemsworth, naturally, as well as Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum – and director Taika Waititi.

“This is the scene in which Thor and everyone dies,” Waititi joked to ET, before setting the actual scene: “This is when Thor arrives in Sakaar and meets the Grandmaster, and he’s introduced to this whole crazy world that’s at the end of the end of a big bunch of wormholes. So, all the lost things in the universe all fall out of the sky into this place, this is where they’re collected and turned into other things and sold, traded or bartered. Any living thing that falls out of the sky is put into the Contest of Champions, which is what happens to Thor and that’s directly from Planet Hulk. It’s really a wild, outlaw kind of world where there are very few rules. It couldn’t be further from what Thor’s used to in Asgard.”

Re-Introducing Thor

A brand new Thor: Despite appearing in two of his own films (the original Thor and its sequel, The Dark World) as well as both installments of The Avengers, Waititi claims that Thor is “a brand new character” in Ragnarok.

“We’ve kept all the best parts of the old character, but he’s a new guy,” the director notes. “He’s spent two years on Earth with the Avengers…It’s a lot of reboot, but it’s [also] a reinvigoration.”

For his part, Hemsworth says, “We ended Age of Ultron with Thor basically leaving Earth and going on a quest to figure out what’s going on in the larger picture and how his world and his universe is connected and so on.” (He’s referencing the still somewhat confusing scene in which Thor traveled to a mystic cave and had an apocalyptic vision about the fall of Asgard.) "That’s certainly relevant here, but it’s also its own story, without sort of getting bogged down with the Infinity Stones and the several other stories interconnecting. It’s all there, but this really is his own journey.“

A brand new look: While Thor doesn’t get a complete makeover, he does sport a shorter haircut for a significant portion of the film. “There’s not a huge explanation, really. It was me going, ‘I don’t want to wear the wig every day. It takes two hours to put on,’” Hemsworth says with a laugh before breaking down the plotting around the cut: “There’s a sort of gladiatorial setting and a bit of a processing, a cleansing– kind of like prison. There’s a bit of that feel to it.”

A brand new love interest: marks the first Thor movie without Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, but though she may be gone, she is not forgotten. “We mention it, politely,” Hemsworth says. “We have a nice little– I wouldn’t say a joke at her expense, by any means, but at the two of them [and] how Thor viewed the separation. He thinks it was mutual. [Laughs.] Y'know, long-distance relationships are tough and this is as long as they get. So, they parted ways.”

Enter a new romantic interest, Valkyrie (played by Thompson), albeit one with a very different dynamic. “Valkyrie is certainly an equal, as far as [she is] physically imposing or threatening and her fighting skill set,” Hemsworth teases. “And Thor is in awe of the Valkyrie ever since he was a young boy, so he’s meeting his idol. He’s meeting his hero. He used to want to be one till he found out they were women.”

Meet Valkyrie

Who is she? "She’s a world-class warrior,“ Thompson, who starred in Creed and Westworld before joining Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, tells us. “When we find her in this film, she’s a reluctant hero. She’s someone that really gets back into the game with Thor and with the Hulk. And she’s just a badass…She’s really hardcore. I kick a lot of a**. If fact, I kick a lot of a** on this bridge.” (The bridge in question is a set piece glimpsed in the trailer, during a pre-battle standoff featuring Valkyrie, Thor, Loki and Hulk.)

The Valkyrie of the comic books is a swordsmith and leader of the fierce, all-female, winged horse-riding Valkyrior. That Valkyrie, known as Brunnhilde, also happens to be a white woman with blonde hair. “We want to make films that reflect the world that we live in,” Thompson states matter-of-factly. “And there are plenty of women that look like Valkyrie, but there are plenty of women that look like me. What was more important for Taika – and for Marvel in general – was that they found someone that captured the spirit of Valkyrie. In this case, she happens to look like me.”

Will they or won’t they? Thompson played far coyer when addressing her character’s potential romance with Thor. “You’ll just have to watch and see… They definitely have a ton in common: They both come from Asgard. They are people that are trying to figure out their moral compass, what their responsibility is to their homeland. They’re fighters. They’re tough,” she ponders. “So, I think there’s a spark. And Thor is actually a big fan of Valkyrie. He’s, like, a fanboy. If there were Valkyrie posters, Thor would have had them in his [bedroom growing up.] Like, probably right over his bed, he would have had me and dreamt about me. So, there definitely is something between them, but whether it’s romantic, who knows?”

As for the possibility of Thompson as an actress playing out an onscreen romance with Hemsworth, she jokes, “It was the biggest reason why I didn’t think I wanted to take the part, initially. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can act that well. Like, finding him attractive would be–I’d have to dig really deep in my soul to find the honesty in that.’ So, I just superimpose other people’s faces on him and other people’s bodies.”

The Black Panther One of Thompson’s friends and former Creed co-stars, Michael B. Jordan, also recently joined the MCU – as Erik Killmonger in 2018's Black Panther – and she says they are hoping to cross superhero paths someday.

“What’s so fun about the next phase of the Marvel Universe is that the worlds are colliding more and more,” she points out. “I’m also friends with Chadwick Boseman, so I think we’re constantly going to just pitch to Marvel how to get all of the characters in one movie and see what happens.”

That said, Thompson has a different Valkyrie spinoff in mind. “I’m really into Valkyrie when she’s a part of The Fearless Defenders,” the actress explains, referencing a run in which Valkyrie teamed up with, for one, Misty Knight. (Currently on Netflix's The Defenders.) “I think it would be fantastic to have an all-star female team which includes Brie Larson. Let’s get Tilda Swinton. Lupita [Nyong'o] is in there. Just a really badass group of women that fights, maybe, all men. Like a boys versus girls. But it could be a musical, so Jeff Goldblum would be in it as well.”

Meet Director Taika Waititi

Who is he? Waititi is a New Zealand-born writer-director who has helmed wonderful films like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. (Both of which should be required viewing, pre-Ragnarok.) You’ve already seen some of his work, surely, as Waititi made the short, “Team Thor,” which explained where Thor was during the events of Captain America: Civil War. (He was living with an office worker named Darryl.)

Waititi acts as well and cast himself in the role of Korg the Kronan in Ragnarok. (When ETcaught up with him earlier this year in the edit bays at Marvel Studios, he referred to Korg as an 8-foot tall rock creature in “a 2017 metal bikini.”) One character you won’t see is Darryl. “OK, so far that’s a rumor. I think maybe I started that rumor inadvertently, when I said there was more footage from the thing that we made and that we were planning to put out more footage…I just can’t see where he’d go in this…”

How is he making Thor his own? Thor is funny now, for one. “Sometimes I wonder how many takes I’ve ruined with just my voice and my laughter,” Waititi says. The glut of Waititi’s past work is comedic, with a heavy emphasis on improvisation, and Thompson praises her director’s ability to bring that to Marvel, crafting a lighter tone that wasn’t present for the Shakespearian Thor or brooding Thor: The Dark World.

“The exciting thing is, Marvel took [Waititi] on and instead of trying to have him fit into a mold, it really expanded the mold to include his kind of filmmaking,” she praises, with a promise that fans of the first two Thor films will still be satisfied. “It is at once funny and touching.”

“That’s definitely my background,” Waititi agrees. “I felt I should embrace that side and breathe a little bit more life into this franchise. in that sense, in the way that you don’t need to shy away from how fun these kind of adventures and these stories and these characters can be, while also retaining that epic, very dark sense that comes through from a lot of the comic stories as well. Especially with a character like Thor, it is an opportunity to see, y'know, a god, a cosmic being on a cosmic adventure, with Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk. It has to be fun!”

Thor vs. Hulk

A brand new Hulk: If you’ve read everything up till here, you should hardly be surprised that Waititi is putting his own spin on the green guy and his puny, scientist counterpart. “Bruce Banner in this film is way more exciting and fun and interesting than I think we’ve ever seen him in any of the other films,” Waititi promises. And if Hulk wasn’t the first Avenger you’d think of to pair with Thor, that’s the point.

“It’s a pretty odd pairing. I don’t even think we’ve spoken onscreen before,” Hemsworth acknowledges. “We had an opportunity to kind of do whatever we wanted, and it brought out something very different in both of our characters. Both our characters are in a bit of a wacky state when they meet, because they’ve sort of both lost everything and they’re at the end of their rope, so there’s a wackiness to it.”

Civil War 2.0(ish): "It’s been something that everybody’s been waiting for a long time, to see those two face off,” Waititi says of the centerpiece battle between Thor and Hulk in The Grandmaster’s arena. “In the comic books, they’ve been doing it for years. There’s this eternal question, Who would win in a fight, Thor or Hulk? And if you go on the blog sites, people still argue that to this day.”

Seeing as both characters sat out the Avengers vs. Avengers airport battle in last year’s Captain America movie, this may feel a bit like their own version of Civil War – with less players involved, sure, but which Hemsworth argues is just as epic. He explains, “Any time we go through the choreography or talk about how this is going to happen, it was like, More! More! What else can we throw in? How different can it look? What can we do that we haven’t done before and visually up the stakes?”

Marvel fans have been clamoring to see Planet Hulk on the big screen for years and, asked to describe the battle in three words, Waititi counts off on his fingers: “Long. Time. Coming.” The director appears confident that his take will deliver, too. “We really test both of the characters in this fight. They get put through their paces,” he says. “There are certain shots that we’re planning to do in this fight, which I think are going to become very memorable in cinematic history.”

Who is she? A kickass warrior, an eccentric game maker, a cosmic road trip for Thor and Hulk and a haircut do not a Marvel movie make. Enter the big bad of the film and the MCU’s first female villain: Hela, the goddess of death, played by Cate Blanchett.

“She is someone people have been wanting to see for a long time,” Waititi wagers of the classic comic book character. “And there’s no one better than Cate, in my opinion…Obviously, she’s a great actor, but she’s also really funny. She brings something to this character that, I think, makes this probably the most interesting of all the Marvel villains that I’ve seen so far…The character is evil, then also there’s layers to that. It’s not just someone who wants to take over the world. There’s a lot more going on for her.”

Blanchett had already wrapped by the time ET arrived on set, which Waititi also lamented, saying, “You just love watching her. I was really sad when she left, because I just wanted to figure out how we could write more scenes for her.”

What about Loki? Tom Hiddleston’s beloved baddie, who has attempted to wreak havoc in each of the Thor films and more beyond that, was last seen in The Dark World masquerading as King Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and assuming his father’s throne on Asgard. (“What we don’t know is what has happened to Odin,” Waititi notes. “Which is what we find out in this film.”)

Loki’s loyalties are far from truly loyal, though – in various stills from the film, he is pictured fraternizing with Thor, The Grandmaster and Hela – so how exactly he factors into Ragnarok remains to be seen. Waititi wants to keep it that way. “Loki has been in Asgard, ruling in his own way,” he says coyly. “There’s a really fun scene where we find him in the film and start unmasking Loki and his whole journey.”

Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on Nov. 3.

Hmm…I don’t know if I like everything I’ve read. I was really looking forward to Lokyrie.

The Headline That Started It All

It all started in September of 1958 in a remote logging camp nestled near Bluff Creek, California where loggers were being terrorized by what they called “Bigfoot.” Each morning their camp would be covered in 16 inch tracks, and fruit was stolen from their worksites. The workers felt as if they were being watched at all times from within the forests. The strange occurrences even caused some of the workers to quit their jobs. The logging business in Bluff Creek started to slow due to a lack of workers.

Although the local police department ensured the workers and the townsfolk that it was all just an elaborate prank, the workers insisted that this was all too real. In fact some of the logging veterans had even said they’ve experienced strange activity in the forests for years. The activity in the area slowly escalated until Rey Kerr and Leslie Breazeale saw the creature responsible. In the early morning on their way to work the two loggers spotted a bipedal ape run out in front of their vehicle. They described it as an 8 foot tall creature with long arms, broad shoulders and covered in dark fur. After the creature disappeared into the forest they got out only to see the same sized footprints that had been seen all over the logging site.

On October 15, 1958 the Eureka Humbolt Standard released an article titled “Eyewitnesses See Bigfoot.” The article got a lot of attention and the creature known as Bigfoot gained a lot of popularity. The creature would claim worldwide fame 9 years later when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin would capture the legendary Bigfoot on film for the first time in the same area.

reaction compilation #100

We are on page 65 – the first page of chapter 03!

It’s important for transportation to accommodate for all monsters!

Tragically, we can’t all be 8-foot tall boss monsters!

Why would the monsters hate Prince Chara?

Thank you! It’s actually a red fox head, based on the shades-wearing fox head in Hotland.

Chara and Asriel are in New Home – not Snowdin! “Librarby” was a mistake made when creating the Snowdin’s library sign.

Thank you!

NCT Dream react to their GF getting them a big teddy

Request: NCT reacts to short (shorter than 152 cm/5 ft.) g/f giving them an 8-foot tall teddy bear that, when its nose is pressed, gives various clips of them laughing. Thank you! (I sent one in specifically for Chenle because hE’S MISSING IN YOUR POSTS, AND I NEED THAT BAB’S DOLPHIN LAUGH IN MY LIFE.)

This is possibly the best request I have ever seen it was so happy and it made me happy. Also, I agree about Chenle and because of that I made this an NCT Dream post just to make things different :) Hope you like this - Em x

Mark: “How did you find a teddy so big. Like bigger than even Johnny and by like 2ft.” He would laugh at how big and awesome the teddy was. “This is so cool!” He would give you a hug. “That’s the last hug you will ever get because I have this teddy now! Just kidding, I prefer to cuddle smaller people.”

Originally posted by neotechs

Renjun: You would wait till his practice had just finished and as he was about to go home you would surprise him. You jumped out from behind the door holding a massive stuffed panda bear. Renjun would immediately break out into a massive grin almost crying he was so happy. “This is so kind and cute. Ahhh how did I get such a cute girlfriend?” He would pull you and the teddy into a massive hug.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Jeno: As he was walking home from school you would surprise him with the massive bear. “I thought you had extra study?” Jeno asked. You had planned your surprise by saying you couldn’t walk home together as you did every day. “Well it turns out I didn’t, I did have to meet a friend to collect this bear for you, though.” You replied holding it out to him. Jeno reached over to get it giving you a very quick peck on the cheek as he did.

Originally posted by markleetrashh

Haechan: You would knock at the dorm door and Haechan would open it a bit surprised because it must have taken someone so small a lot of effort to move something so big. “How did you even get this teddy to here y/n? It’s almost twice the size of you, it’s bigger than me. I love it though it’s so cute just like you.”

Originally posted by donghyukslee

Jaemin: You would be at the fair together and when Jaemin said he needed to go to the loo or something where you couldn’t go with him, you would run to the closet stall where you could win one of the giant stuffed snowmen. (It was a winter fair) You had been practising so you could win it quickly and sure enough, you did. When Jaemin came back you would give it to him and he would smile so bright like the sunshine he is. “I was sad because I couldn;t participate in the comeback but you make everything better y/n.”

Originally posted by donghyukslee

Chenle: It was Chenle’s birthday and you had been planning his present for a long time. It was perhaps the cutest present ever to be given. You snuck it into his room and hid behind it because it was so big and you were short at best. Chenle walked into the room to see an eight ft dolphin resting between his bed and the wall. It had a note by it saying press me.

He pressed the nose that seemed to stand out and a message played in Chinese from you. (If you don’t know chinses assume you did it specially). After the cute message had played every time he pressed the nose his cute dolphin laugh would play. He heard you laughing at how cute he was and pulled you out from under the dolphin.

“Y/n this is honestly the best present I have ever got it is so cute and I love it. Thank you so much you’re the best girlfriend ever and cuter than even my dolphin because you are small, unlike it.”

Originally posted by neotechs

Jisung: You popped out from behind the sofa when Jisung got back from practice. You had been waiting for ages since Jeno let you in. You threw a massive teddy at him which almost knocked him over. “Suprise!” You yelled. Jisung ran over to the teddy and over to you. “How did you even get this upstairs? Ahhh who cares its such a cool present. Now I won’t be lonely even when my best friend/ girlfriend isn’t around. This is the best. Just like you.”

Originally posted by neotechs

'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Taika Waititi to Portray Korg in Film
The character is out of the ‘Planet Hulk’ comic storyline that the film is adapting

As evidenced in the record-breaking trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be reunited with his old friend Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). But, during his layover on Sakaar, he’ll also make a new friend who just happens to be portrayed by Hemsworth’s boss.

Director Taika Waititi has made a habit of appearing in his films and even had a role in DC’s Green Lantern, so he always knew he would work his way into his upcoming superhero film. Yet, he didn’t originally plan on playing Korg, an 8-foot-tall rock creature straight out of Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” comic storyline.

Obviously, being made of rocks, we wanted somebody like The Rock to play him, but there wasn’t enough chicken or salmon in Australia to sustain he and Chris,” joked Waititi at a Monday press event at Marvel’s Los Angeles office. “I never thought I’d be playing the most lovable character in the film.”

Lovable is an interesting adjective for a literal mountain creature and part of the Kronan race, one of which Thor memorably took down in the opening of Thor: The Dark World. But Waititi set out to defy expectations and create a character who is the opposite of what he appears.

“We wanted to change the idea of what a hulking guy made of rocks could be,” he shared. “He’s huge and heavy, but with a light soul. We wanted to make him funny and a relatable entry point into this world. And Thor needs friends.”

As evidenced in a scene screened of Korg and Thor’s first meeting, Waititi’s character will be both an ally and a fan favorite. Also forced to fight in the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) gladiator duels, Korg reveals to his new friend why he’s a prisoner. “I tried to start a revolution, but I didn’t bring enough pamphlets,” he charmingly says.

Having already buddied up to Thor and given the Asgardian a fun nickname, will Watiti’s next move to start angling for Korg to find himself a place among the Avengers?

“I’ll lobby for anything,” he jokes. “My ego’s that big.”

Started reading this “Horus Heresy” stuff

Just finished reading “Horus Rising” by Dan Abnett, the first in an incredibly lengthy series of novels chronicling a major event in the Warhammer 40K universe. I hadn’t read any other novels or anything about this series, so i came in blind (except for the jokes and memes i’ve seen on the internet).

I was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed this novel. The W40K universe is, from what i’ve heard, fairly ridiculous and ludicrously violent. However, the author grounds a lot of the over the top elements through the narrative characters, such as Loken (the even-tempered, genetically enhanced captain of a space marine company) and various “remembrancers” (basically embedded reporters). They bring up valid questions about their 200-year long crusade to unite the galaxy, and humanity, under the rule of their Emperor, and there’s a running theme of the inevitability of war, and if man is doomed to be in conflict for all time. The Imperium they serve is obviously super-militaristic, and xenophobic, but the text sets a background where this makes sense; most aliens they encounter are monstrous, aggressive, and hostile, and can only be fought by 8-foot-tall genetically enhanced space marines. The text makes a note of their pride at being completely secular, having abolished religion, but this also makes them completely unprepared for horrifying instances that are essentially demonic possessions. 

I’m intrigued by the characterization of the crusade “Warmaster”, Horus. From title of the series, and from what little i know about WH40K, I think he’s supposed to turn evil somehow. In this book though, he’s portrayed as basically the world’s best boss. He’s charismatic, clever, makes everyone feel appreciated, and the entire army loves him to death. I’m interested to see where this story goes, and how his downfall could have began.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s an unexpectedly thoughtful look at a universe that is inherently ridiculous, with engaging characters and brutal action. I’ll be continuing the series for the near future.