CEO!Seventeen reaction when they surprise-visit you

(requested by anon: Hum I really liked your CEO au so if you’d be willing to do it for seventeen and got7 maybe… He surprises you at home, when you thought he was working, and fluff (or smut if you want wink wink). Idk if you write for all of the boys but if you don’t, just pick whatever unit you like. Thanks a lot) 

GOT7 version

warnings: none

As he got in the house you stood shook yet overjoyed for him coming home earlier


He pretended to have a calm posture but he started blushing until he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He started laughing so hard and you laughed back, running over to him. You wrapped your hands around his neck and nuzzled your nose against his before he kissed your forehead.


He started dancing seductively towards you. He bit his lip, making you blush even harder. „Oppa is home“ he said, still dancing towards you. You giggled at his cute statement and ran over to him, hugging him tightly only to be showered with kisses.


He was blushing so hard at your aegyo self. He knew you’d be very surprised but he never thought you’d be so happy and cute. „Ah seriously jagi“ he said with a chuckle while coming over to you. He kissed your cheek way too many times and you were a giggling mess.


He waved and winked at you while you were still in shock but it was replaced with happiness very quick. „Awh someone’s missed oppa“ he made a cute sound on „oppa“ and you turned into a cute, pink, giggly ball of happiness. You rushed over to him and kissed him all over the face.


He laughed at your cute reaction, swinging from side to side like a little kid. It was too cute too watch so you ran to him. He was already prepared for your attack so he caught you and spun you around.

S Coups

He was standing at the door, pure happiness showing on his face. „Hello“ he said spreading his arms wide open. You ran immediately over to him. He hugged you tightly with his strong arms, playing with your hair. „My princess“ he said cutely, making you giggle.


He was embarrassed but in a cute way. „Ah seriously“ he sighed and started laughing shortly after it. He covered his eyes and you came up to him quickly, moving his hand away. „Oppa don’t hide your blushy, cute self from me“ you giggled as he gave you a kiss.


He was happy just like you but he was lowkey about it. „Come to oppa“ he motioned you to come over with a smirk. You ran up to him immediately and hugged him tightly. He kissed your neck and jawline until he finally reached your lips.


He was calm and composed as usual but hew was still very happy. „Yes I’m home“ he waved and said that just to calm your hyperactive ass down. „You can come and hug oppa though, it’s not forbidden“ his love for you surfaced and it was enough for you to attack him with kisses.


He was very happy and he didn’t mind showing it. His smile was wide from ear to ear and it made you happy to see him like that. You came up to him and he picked you up, swinging you side to side softly.


He slowly reached his hand out towards you while playfully moving his fingers. It was an invitation for you to come closer although it was more like teasing. He stopped moving his fingers when his hand was reached out and you ran into his embrace. He kissed your forehead, moving down to leave kisses on your entire face.


He just looked at you cutely and a chuckle escaped his mouth. „Ah jagi“ he pouted and came over to you. You moved towards him too and hugged him tightly, touching and massaging his neck softly because you knew how happy yet tired he was.


His face lit up just like yours when he saw you. He waved from the door with a smile on his face. You were all blushed and ran quickly to him, hugging him. „I missed you“ he said softly while kissing your neck and nuzzling his nose against it, making you giggle.

xx did as promised, hope anon ain’t mad or anything.. sorry again for the extra long wait; keep requesting xx

Image caption: - Do you ever get enough sleep?
- Spilling? Where to am I spilling out?*

Pun: Высыпаться - to have enough sleep, from спать - to sleep;
Высыпаться - to spill out, to pour, from сыпать - to spill, to pour.

It’s a pure accident that these two verbs look alike in the imperfective aspect, but this makes the joke even funnier :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think there was anything more than friendship between Dean and Benny? It seemed implied in their language, such as "It's /so/ good to hear your voice" (8x19). They were acting like exs who still care about each other. They spoke to each other in a way that male friends typically don't (gushing emotions). Bi Dean seems nearly cannon to me.

Yes and no.

I think that what Dean’s both feared and craved his whole life is to be understood and seen exactly for who he is - which is the main reason, in my view, that he fell so hard and so fast for Cas: because Cas knew everything about him from the very start, and stuck with him.

As for Benny - hunting’s a lonely way to make a living, we’ve seen as much. We know Dean never told a civilian what he’s been through after his disastrous break-upwith Cassie, and we know he never, or rarely, had an honest conversation with his father or Sam, either. In fact, in all this, Dean was never asked his opinion - he had to be strong enough to help his father and mature enough to keep his brother alive, and that’s it - and after Regarding Dean, we now know the ‘real’ Dean may object to the very nature of what he does every day, because forget about justice and helping people and whatever - there’s something fundamentally wrong about taking a life, and the Dean we’ve seen in that episode knew it very well. 

(The boy who wuvs hugs, indeed.)

I think what Dean found in Benny is the same thing he found in that siren, and also Cas, and, to an extent, Crowley: someone who could see him, and someone who didn’t judge him. 

Benny wasn’t blinded by demons and alcohol, like John was, and he didn’t have the complicated history Sam has with Dean. Meeting him was the best thing that could have happened to Dean, and probably what kept him alive all those months - mentally as well as physically.

Now, the problem with these things is that writers and movie people are mostly paranoid about showing two soldiers (because this is what the relationship was coded of, right? as brothers in arms) falling in love or having sex with each other because gay sex is still considered dirty or wrong in some way, and since many movies tend to come out of countries where the military is an important part of a lot of people’s lives, offending soldiers in any way is always a risk. 

(On the other hand, it’s also true that there is a bond forming between people who go through something as traumatic as combat and war, and that bond can look sexual from the outside but it’s actually not - which is why even if and when something happens, those men will tell you they’re not gay, and they’ll be right - and that’s also a fascinating human thing that’s worth looking at from a narrative point of view.) 

In the case of Dean and Benny, the writers chose a genius way of showing those two weren’t actually a couple: they gave Benny a tragic lost love (a woman), thus preventing him from seeking another mate, and - as an added bonus - this created as a clear parallel for whatever was going down between Dean and Cas, which is partly why season 8 read like a humungous and borderline saccharine romance novel.

So, no, I don’t think they were meant to be a couple and I don’t see the characters themselves as having been in the right (mental) place to initiate anything. I mostly see two people who really liked each other and understood each other and went through something horrific together, an experience which cemented their friendship into something deeper - a bond of brotherhood.

That said - they’re men, and they spent months together, 24/7, so I won’t go as far as to rule out the occasional angry and hurried hand job. After all, Benny being privy to even this part of Dean, something he’s not shared with anyone else, would both be consistent with Benny’s snide remarks at Cas and add another layer to Sam’s resentment and jealousy.

So, well - add him to the list of ‘things I’m very upset they never talk about’ and also ‘plot lines I’m wondering the ending of’ and definitely ‘characters who need to come back asap’. I loved Benny, and to be honest my only complaint about him is that his beautiful, beautiful accent makes him very difficult for me to write him.