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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1 Hello Brother

Hunters of Artemis

Requested by Anonymous: 

  • The tents, that can become small boxes about the size of a pack of chewing gum, became enchanted to return to your pocket (like Percy’s sword) after too many incidents of “Fuck it guys, I think I lost my tent again! Why are those things so small? I mean it shouldn’t be that easy to lose a tent!”
  • Because Artemis often just travels with only a group of 20 hunters, a couple of them can just stay in the mortal world for a while. Most of them like to stay with the Amazons and do some experience on that front.
  • Sometimes they’re actually a bit relieved to not join the hunt for a few weeks. They love Artemis and hunting for sure, but you have to admit, sometimes too much silver is just too much silver.
  • They have an anual remembrance day on the first full moon of June where they honour the fallen hunters of that year. Artemis always makes sure that there is a beautiful Strawberry moon enlighting the sky.
  • Much like werewolves in certain stories, the Hunters can communicate with each other through telepathy while hunting. 
  • All hunters have an enchanted pocket watch that shows the phases of the moon. 
  • When two Hunters fall in love, Artemis usually shows mercy, knowing the vow spoke of leaving behind the company of men not women, and instead sends them to the Amazons.
  • On halloween the Hunters often get mistaken for ghosts when they are camping in muggle forests. A lot of folklore are based on them.
  • Artemis and her hunters have bumped into the Valkyrie on many occasions. Artemis doesn’t like them very much as she doesn’t want her hunters to become einherjar, but instead let them finally have the peace and calmness they deserve. 
  • One Hunter was allowed to keep her pet cat as it technically is an animal that hunts as well.  
  • Much like the camp half blood necklace beads, the Hunters have charm bracelets. They get a charm in the shape of a moon once they arrive and then a star shaped one every ten years they serve Artemis. 
  • They have water bottles that can make their water taste like whatever flavour they want.

listen i, id like to think 15 yold conan and ai would, look like this, mainly bc gakuran and sailor is way superior than blazer lets face it. and also I guess bc conan would get recognized by his teitan teachers


Sierra: August.

Roommate: Oh hey… your boyfriend, right?

Sierra: No. Not anymore. August, why are you here?

August: I need to talk with you, Sierra. Please, let me talk to you. 

Sierra: I can’t right now, I have to go to work. 

August: I’ll wait on you. I’ll wait until you’re finished right…

Sierra: No. Please, it’s fine. You probably have better things to do and I feel if we do talk we’ll argue. Don’t wait on me. 

agentnavi  asked:

*slides into inbox* so i hear you like percy jackson 👀👀👀 do you have any thoughts about godly parents for team voltron? cause i think lance is def a child of aphrodite and pidge would be a child of athena i think but im not quite sure about the rest.

Lance as an Aphrodite kid ABSOLUTELY it’s perfect and I absolutely adore that, I’ve always thought that was so perfect…and I can defs see Pidge as Athena too!

as for the others, I’m reeeally feelin Hephaestus for Hunk I think that would fit really well 8) and…..I really wanna say Hermes for Keith hhhff that makes me sad tho