me: *thinking abt angst fic where drarry start hooking up secretly during 6th year both in spite of having horribly conflicting ideologies and generally disliking each other and a little bit because of those things too and they never talk abt politics or morality or the future bc they’re either other’s coping mechanisms and attempts at self destruction and of course it can’t last and it doesn’t but after the war is over they’re both still alone and still hurting and how do u reconcile hating everything about someone but still wanting them?? missing them???? missing how they made you feel?? how they made you feel like you weren’t the worst thing in the world or like you weren’t quite as alone when you were too afraid to ask anyone else to hold you until you couldn’t breathe ????*
me at me: could you literally just do your homework

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Hi I'm a really huge fan of your art the moment I saw one of your drawings I fell in love with it.. do you happen to know d gray man if you do can you pleasee draw some kanda x allen thank you !! I really love your work. 😊😊😊😆😊

Thank you so much!! AND YES I DO, I watched the first one, not the new one (yet??). D. Gray Man was my life…….and Allen was MY FAVORITE BOI……

Honestly Kanda/Allen’s relationship is so hilarious and adorbs!


I’ve been to a couple of conventions this year and this has been one of my favorites. I tried to turn this dress into the NXT TakeOver: Dallas Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface inspired demon but it ended up looking kind of cute that I could most likely still wear it. 😅 His costume for that event is by far my favorite especially since 1) Texas and 2) it’s Leatherface! Nonetheless, he knew right off the bat what I was going for and he kept saying he liked it and the inner fangirl in me swooned because he said I looked great and everyone at his panel is a witness. Could I be any more awkward doing an awkward Finn Freeze? Yes. Also, can I thank the perfect lighting at Wizard World’s photo ops? Because my make up looked flawless. 💁🏻