Village is being attacked
Shikamaru: Oh no what a tragedy…….
I should do something to protect my friends! …… OR!….. I could just take a nice nap and let the Jonins handle it!…… Yeah that’s seems like a solid plan!

You gotta love him❤

Heart Marks (Or 5 Times Kara Found Her Soulmate and 1 Time She Found True Love)

By BridgetteIrish

Pairing: SuperCat (and briefly several others)

Notes: Written for @supercatweek.  SuperCat Week 3 - Day 8: Creator’s Choice

Thank you to @reginalovesemma for the beta.  As always, you elevate my work.

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Kara didn’t think anyone would share her mark.  The interlocking circles were simple, but clear, slightly raised on her forearm just above her wrist.  She traced them with her fingers and quietly mourned whatever handsome Kryptonian boy or pretty Kryptonian girl died bearing this mark.  And now Kara would never meet them.  They were just… gone… wiped from the stars with her family and her world.

Alex climbed out the window and sat next to Kara.  She watched as Kara traced her heart mark and smiled.  “There’s someone out there for you, Kara.”
Kara tucked her arm back into her sweater and wrapped her arms around her knees.  She turned her head to Alex, but didn’t respond.

Alex reached out and exposed the heart mark again.  “I’ve seen at least five people with that mark in the last week, Kara.  It’s a really common one.”

“What?  I thought…”

Alex smiled.  “The cashier at the grocery store has it.  And Mr. Donaldson,” Kara wrinkled her nose.  “I know, gross, right? And that pretty girl at the ice cream shop?”  Alex nudged Kara with her shoulder, making her blush furiously.

“On earth,” Alex explained.  “Heart marks aren’t always unique.  Some marks are really common.”  She rolled up her own sleeve.  “Some are really rare.”  She traced the wave-like parallel lines on her own arm.

Alex looked up at the stars.  “Your soulmate didn’t necessarily die on Krypton, Kara.  Just open yourself up to new possibilities.”

Kara smiled and leaned her head on her sister’s shoulder.  

“Danny Muscovitz has your mark,” Alex hedged subtly.

Kara gasped and met Alex’s eyes, looking for a sign of Alex’s usual teasing.  “Really?”

Alex nodded.  “Really.”

Here’s what you have to earn to be considered low-income in the US
By Soo Oh

So, here’s what’s going on here: Section 8 income levels are determined in part by an area’s rent costs.  Some areas have such incredibly high rent that not even all of those in the top 5% national income levels can afford to make rent.

And yet somehow this is being framed as Section 8 being ridiculous and not a problem with rents being too fucking high and with gentrification.