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Based off of what I've seen of your love for Biba, I think you'd rather like the manga Berserk, and in particular one of its characters, Griffith, with whom Biba is often compared. It's a great series, although I must warn you it can depict violence and sex rather graphically at times. If you're interested, of course.

Haha, well, you’re not wrong! I haven’t read the Berserk manga but I’m a fan of the older TV series, which I’ve seen a few times, and honestly, I’ve been meaning to read the manga for a long time because I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. but in a way knowing that I’m probably heading towards a fascination with a new series and yet another hated character is making me want to delay, because I’m so bad at moderating my level of obsession (and can’t seem to maintain a high level of interest in more than one fandom at a time, which sucks!).

It did amuse me at the time to see Biba referred to as ‘steampunk Griffith’ etc because yeah, there’s certainly a basis for that, and in that respect I’m sure your rec is spot on, and I’d be interested for a lot of the same reasons. I can handle graphic content, the only thing I feel unsure about is how to reconcile liking Griffith as a character with one particular element of the Eclipse. I can handle my faves being responsible for a lot of bad things but not…that. (I don’t equate liking/wanting to understand a character with condoning their actions and the events leading up to that situation are undeniably complex, it just makes me feel weird?)

The short answer: I am interested, just need to pick the right time to dive in.

Wow, I just realized after writing the tags in that last post that the 8 years I’ve spent in my current apartment is 3 years longer than I’ve lived anywhere, the runner up being 5 years in the same place from 4th-8th grade. Just figured it out and I’ve lived in 22 different places (not counting a couple stays in places for a month or two), and in 10 of those places I was there for just a year.

8 years, wow, no wonder inertia has set in. (seriously though, they were really good years. Well, I mean, overall they were good. There were some notable low points.)

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Have you ever done a comic in color before? And if not, would you consider doing one? I'm interested in what your color choices might be


Though if I were to force myself, I would stick as close to canon as possible. XD

Uuuuuuuh ok this should be interesting, anyway I have to say 11 things about myself cause @vampgender tagged me, sooooo here goes:

1) I’m 17, which is pretty recent since my birthday is December 22nd, so I keep forgetting
2) I’m studying both Spanish and German at school because I WANT to, which makes everyone I tell think I’m insane
3) I’ve been learning ballroom and Latin dancing since I was 8 (9 years wow) and I’ve got honours five times in exams (so I’d say I was pretty good)
4) I have two black and white cats, and aspire to have several when I’m older, preferably nine so I can name them after the fellowship of the ring
5) I started collecting old international stamps last summer and now have probably over 2000, I lost count
6) I am bisexual and genderfluid (if you didn’t already know)
7) I have been with my girlfriend @bet-tea212 for a month and 10 days (sorry for the shoutout but you’re amazing so you deserve it)
8) I have short (like pretty short tbh) brown hair and hazel eyes and I’ve almost always been taller than most of my friends
9) on the wall behind my bed I stick postcards, tickets, drawings, basically anything pretty that I have, and I’ve recently had to branch out onto the wall with my window because I ran out of space
10) I am a Ravenclaw, Capricorn and INFJ (and so sue me if I enjoy the ‘what the signs/types/houses do’ posts a bit too much)
11) for a few years from about 11 onwards I was pretty depressed, and sometimes sort of suicidal, but thankfully I’ve got considerably better in the past few months

Aaaaaand there you go. Imma tag @berry-kitten-paws @galacticfeels and @superelliee (you’re probably gonna end up getting tagged twice, sorry about that)

8 years. Wow. After 8 years I got to meet my best friend.

This dork right up there.

In all honesty, it was probably the most rewarding experience I’ve had in my life so far. And though I only had a single day with him, I can easily tell you that it was worth the 8 years it took to get to that point.

When he and another friend – who I am currently staying with – came to get me from the airport, it felt like I had known him for years. Jess, my other best friend, ran up to me and hugged me first. She moved out to British Columbia for the navy and we have been friends since high school.

But when I hugged Tagen… everything seemed to fall in to place. The one thing I felt I was missing in my life was suddenly there.

The walk down to the baggage claims was torture. The crowd getting off the plain didn’t seem to move fast enough, the constant texting and finally a phone call from Tagen and Jessica, both asking me where I was just made the wait that much harder. Little did I know I was only steps away from where they were.

At first, there was a flurry of blonde hair running at me. And as Jess tackled me, I caught sight of Tagen at the corner of my eye. Though I was finally relieved that I was with her, I was just a little more excited to see Tagen than her.

So when we finally stopped hugging, I turned around and finally hugged Tagen. We hugged each other so tightly and fiercely and it felt like I had done it a thousand times before.

It was the most calming and exciting and rewarding experience. 8 years and it finally paid off.

8 years and he was finally there. A living and breathing person, not just some pixelated icons on a screen or words on my phone.

“sashapieterse27: Wow. 8 years ago we had our first table read in this very room. I didn’t post anything from the table read yesterday because I was too emotional and I wanted to find the right words. So much love, blood, sweat and tears have gone into this show and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to go through this journey with each and every one of our cast and crew. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, housewarmings, we’ve shared it all. The last 7 years have consisted of graduating high school, learning to drive, doing what I love every day, finding true friends, and getting engaged to my best friend. It’s an end of a chapter and it’s been some of the best times of my life. To the fans: thank you for taking this journey with us. For loving the show the way we do. For having faith in us, the way we have faith in you. You’re a part of this just as much as we are. Thank you for being a part of our #PLL family. I will cherish you all forever. 💗 love, Sasha #15daysleft #prettylittleliars”

The work of art you see here has a great story behind it.  It’s kind of a long story but worth it I promise.  
My wife and I met just short of 8 years ago in WoW as we co tanked Karazhan (both as Feral Druids).  After talking we found we lived close to one another and just started hanging out.  This turned into catching movies together,which turned into 2 nerds in love, which turned into engagement and ended with 2 nerds going, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we got married on Feb 29th 2012?”.

Well we did that, and here we are almost 4 years later coming up on our “first” big anniversary.  Around early October when the Blizzcon hype train was really getting going, I had gotten 2 custom Blizzcon badges done by Faebelina (http://faebelina.tumblr.com/ @Faebelina), and by Cadistra (http://cowscratch.tumblr.com/tagged/cadi%20art @cadistra).  Skye got her only badge from Faebelina (her favorite wow artist).  I had known Cadi from previous Blizzcons and Sylver and I had become friends with her.  We both had never had a chance to meet Faebelina before.  Because my Faebelina badge was a last minute prize I had to pick it up from her at the con.  Both her and her husband were awesome folks and we had a great time hanging out with them for a bit.

So jump to after the con I started thinking “what if I got one of those awesome wow artists to make a painting of our wedding using our wow characters as a big Anniversary present”.  Knowing Fae was Sylvers favorite I started up a conversation with her right after Thanksgiving and we started planning for her to make this really awesome painting of our wedding.  What I wanted was really complicated as things go, so it was going to be a long project.  The finished product arrived last Friday (much to my great excitement).  <picture>
I sent my project to Costco to be printed and my sister was picking it up for me on Thursday.  Wednesday night I get home about 20 minutes early and there is a big flat Costco box in the living room.  Skye tells me “Oh darn you got here before I could hide it.  Well you might as well have your gift now.”  I pull out a framed picture. <Cadi work>.  I’m just stunned.  I also recognize Cadi’s work.  I don’t have words, so I go for my phone and show her the final piece I commissioned.  There was much laughter.  So ya unbeknown to each other we both had the exact same idea for a present and managed to do it behind each others backs for over 3 months.  Who knew we were meant to be together.

But wait there is more.  So about a week and a half ago when Fae had finished her work she had posted it in the artists community.  Not a few hours later Cadi did the same thing.  After everyone in the community had figured out what the two of us had done there was many giggles (or so I am told). Also a 3rd artist friend of ours recognized our avatars and exclaimed “I know those cows!”.  So over the course of the next week we are the “WoW romcom of the new century”.  What was even more killer was both Sylver and I “showed off” the work to the other artists “Look what Fae made for me”, “Look what Cadi made for me”.  We were the subject of much giggling.

We got both Fae and Cadi on Skype to talk about the crazy experience (where we found out all of the above).  It is by far one of the craziest, cutest, sweetest things that has ever happened to me.  With Love is in the Air going on I figured people might get a kick out of the story.  I hope you enjoyed it!