8 weeks to 5k

I did the first day of the 21 Day Fix workouts. It was so awesome. Gave me the same feel that T25 did. I’m thinking I’ll stick with this program because I didn’t absolutely hate it like I did Core de Force. So for the next three weeks I’m going to work on the 21 Day Fix, 3 Week Yoga Retreat, and my 5K trainer with my 8 year old (OMGSH SHE’S GOING TO BE 9 IN LESS THAN A MONTH!).

I’m feeling so pumped after my morning yoga and 21 Day Fix workout. After my hubbasaur gets home we’ll be doing our run.

I could get used to this. Maybe add a rest week in between rounds of Yoga and 21 Day Fix. If any of y'all wanna do it with me let me know

ZR 5k, Week 8 run 2

8k in an even sixty minutes with 18 minutes enforced walking.  Not bad.  I was really worried Id lost a lot of speed over the winter, but its looking like im just above the 6ks like im just above 6 min per kilometer. 

I’m excited that next week I’ll be back to Season 3, and I’m going to start the 10k beginner.  Maybe some day I’ll be tough enough to never stop for walking!

Weekly goals:

This is a new thing I’d like to try. So here we go;
1. Work out 5/7 days
2. Ab work out EVERY TIME I do weights
3. 4 bottles of water a day
4. No soda
5. Protein drink every day I work out
6. Cardio 2 times this week.
7. 3 meals a day.
8. Minimal carbs and sugars
9. 5k steps every day
10. Bed by 11 pm every night.

That’s a lot but I feel better writing it down.

Let’s make May our month. 💁🏻🌼🌸💪🏻

belligerentdyke  asked:

do you have any tips for starting to run?


basically, start small and build up slowly. you have to meet yourself where you are. if you’ve never run voluntarily before, it might be a challenge to run for even 30 seconds at a time, and that’s ok, you can work with that! i know because that’s where i was when i first started out.

luckily there are a lot of training programs that start at just about that level and progress to about 3mi/5k over 8 to 12 weeks. probably the best known is couch to 5k. you don’t have to buy anything, you can just work through that plan with a watch if you like.

but there are a ton of apps, ranging from free to a few bucks, that can help you by telling you when to start and stop running. search your app store for “5k” and you should find a bunch of options to check out!

i personally recommend zombies, run! 5k training (android, ios) if that sounds up your alley. you’ll have friendly characters guiding you (some of whom, i’m told, are revealed to be lgbt in the main app!), there’s some plot and occasionally zombies will chase you. you can check the full workout plan. (“free-form runs” mean you can run or walk as much as is comfortable.)

misc tips:

  • don’t feel like you necessarily HAVE to complete a program if you don’t want to, and remember you can repeat workouts if you need to and otherwise modify the program to suit your needs. when i first started out i did like half of couch to 5k and then just ran a mile a day for a long time and that was great for me. now i’m about to run a 5k and that’s great too. whatever works!
  • don’t worry about speed. you can always worry about it later, but feel free to run as slowly as you want. i run almost comically slowly. it’s cool! i’m still running!
  • MUSIC! ok this is maybe my best tip: find music with a beat that matches your pace so you’re running in time with the music. it is so amazingly motivating, i can’t understate it honestly. to figure out the right BPM for you, you could run for a minute and count your steps, or you could just try running to a song that’s, say, 160 BPM (a common sweet spot) and then try slower or faster ones next time if necessary. you can search for playlists of songs at a certain BPM (my favorite at 160 is “cold war” by janelle monáe!). there’s also an iphone app, spring, that will play you music at a certain BPM. but find some songs and try it! (update: my running playlist)
  • people told me to do this stretch when i had shin pain and it totally worked. also, i probably only had the pain in the first place bc i took like a month off and then resumed training at the same intensity instead of going back a few workouts like i should have, don’t be like me
  • if you have big thighs or other parts that are prone to chafing or blistering: bodyglide! works like a dream. other people swear by gel deodorant but i’ve never tried that

umm i think that’s it! sorry this got so long lol but i hope this is helpful!

Working and Training

In 2014, I coached over 200 people running every distance from 5K to marathon. For 8 of the 32 weeks, I was coaching two groups simultaneously at two different locations and it was wearing me out as I was also Ironman training. Having November and December off from coaching was a nice break, but now I’m ready to get back to it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting everything ready for my marathon and half marathon group. On Thursday, I spoke at Wells Fargo here in Minneapolis as they have a large corporate running group. They asked me to make a presentation about run and triathlon training. Here I am making a very exciting point:

Yesterday we had our big kick-off at our running store affiliate. We’ll have 70+ people in our group training for 2 different marathons and 2 different half marathons, with paces ranging from run-walking to BQ efforts. It’s going to be busy but a lot of fun!

I can’t share a lot of pictures due to privacy, but here is a picture of me and my friend and boss Deb talking to the group:

And here is such a crappy picture of the group that you can’t make out anyone’s faces anyway:

On the training front, I kept up with my 2,015 miles in 2015 challenge with 180 miles in January. I’m not sure that I will hit February as I will be biking more, but I hope to be close and catch up later in the year when I’m training for the Goofy Challenge.

Spring is here yet but I’m glad spring training is!

anonymous asked:

I have a naturally big booty, but I also do weight training to help it. I'm going to start a 8 week 5k training program, which also has weight training, but mostly running. I was wondering if this will make my booty flatter?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, running too much can lead to muscle loss.

Therefore yes, you may lose some muscle… and it can be in your booty.

More info on cardio trainings:


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what is ZR?

Did you read my post in the pokemon go tag? ;)

Alright then, let me introduce you to the wonderful thing that is Zombies, Run!


What is Zombies, Run! you ask?

Zombies, Run! is an audio drama/fitness app for iOS and android. And trust me, it will motive you to go for walks. Or runs. You’ll leave the house is what I’m saying.

How so?

Because of the story:

It’s the zombie apocalypse, and you play the game’s silent protagonist called Runner Five (whose gender, race, appearance, etc is never specified and thus can be whatever you want it to be). As a Runner it is your job to go on different missions, collect supplies for your township, exchange information with other people, (or go to war with them), and to figure out who shot down the helicopter you arrived with. And why.

And maybe, just maybe, you might even save the world. (Which you totally will because Runner Five is A BADASS!)

Ugh, you might say, zombies? Isn’t that a little overused?

I get it, zombies have been done. But despite the name, Zombies, Run! is actually not so much about the zombies. It’s about power structures and problems the survivors encounter, and there is some sci fi, and some thriller.

Also, while the story is interesting, it’s mostly the CHARACTERS that make this game. It’s has an insanely likeable, and diverse cast:

Many women who are all well written? Check!

Representation for the LGBT+ community? Check!!

Non-ablebodied people? Check!

Racial diversity? Check!! (not only because of the audio-only format, but also because many characters are IN CANON mentioned to be non-white. Many of them are main characters.)

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