8 weeks to 5k

Working and Training

In 2014, I coached over 200 people running every distance from 5K to marathon. For 8 of the 32 weeks, I was coaching two groups simultaneously at two different locations and it was wearing me out as I was also Ironman training. Having November and December off from coaching was a nice break, but now I’m ready to get back to it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting everything ready for my marathon and half marathon group. On Thursday, I spoke at Wells Fargo here in Minneapolis as they have a large corporate running group. They asked me to make a presentation about run and triathlon training. Here I am making a very exciting point:

Yesterday we had our big kick-off at our running store affiliate. We’ll have 70+ people in our group training for 2 different marathons and 2 different half marathons, with paces ranging from run-walking to BQ efforts. It’s going to be busy but a lot of fun!

I can’t share a lot of pictures due to privacy, but here is a picture of me and my friend and boss Deb talking to the group:

And here is such a crappy picture of the group that you can’t make out anyone’s faces anyway:

On the training front, I kept up with my 2,015 miles in 2015 challenge with 180 miles in January. I’m not sure that I will hit February as I will be biking more, but I hope to be close and catch up later in the year when I’m training for the Goofy Challenge.

Spring is here yet but I’m glad spring training is!