8 total hours

IM FINALLY DONE!!! this took me in total about 8 hours to complete but i really like how it turned out, definitely worth it! isnt benedict cumberbatch just beautiful?

so, skippy and I found that shippuden episode 431 was a disaster and that karin’s infinite tsukuyomi makes 100x more sense if 431 was an elaborate sob story that karin fabricated in order to manipulate those konoha interrogators

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Can I ask where each of the 20+ hours are allocated per page? Your artwork and story are beautiful by the way ~<3

Thank you! Though we try to work as quickly as possible, it approximately breaks down like this:

Sketch: 2-4 hours (Minty)
Lineart: 6-8 hours (Eruto)
Blocks and BGs: 3-4 hours (Eruto)
Finishing color/shading/effects/lettering: 6-8 hours (Minty)

Total: Approx. 17-24 hours per page

You can learn a little more about our process on the About and FAQ!

Last night we skyped for a total of 8 hours, granted about half was spent with us just sleeping. I woke up to you looking at me, and although in this version of that I couldn’t touch you, I still loved it very much. I cant wait till its no longer over a computer or phone screen.



here’s a little animation of the most important couple being cuties (hope the colors arent too bright) that took approximately 8 hours total. all frames were drawn on sai and then put together and given additional effects on sony vegas.

this game inspires me so much and the characters are so much fun to animate and interpret every time. say whatever you want about the fandom but to me being a part of it has been mostly a super positive experience. thank you, toby fox!!

(tried to post this already earlier but then tumblr just kinda ate it)

A piece of fanart I did for @cookies-hetaoni

IF you have not already heard of this wonderful game you should check it out because this is a finished version of the game with an original ending, gorgeous art, and it was made by one of the sweetest people ever I swear. 

Time: A grand total of 8 hours and 4 minutes, not all at once

Characters: Cookies Original 2p Russia, 2p England, and 2p France

Do not repost or reuse here or on any other site without permission. 

My brain: This idea is great, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing, keep the flow going, keep the words coming, go go go!

My body: I am literally dying and we have work tomorrow please just stop

hi i just got home an hour and a half ago after spending an extra 6+ hours at school to finish my last art project in this one class, totaling about 8 hours just working on that one project and 10 hours being at school in general

im so tired

My version of anti- @crankgameplays  !

Took me a total of 8 hours and i finished around 3am.

For the anti ethan i decided to do a different art style that i have been working on for a while and it turned out better than expected so i’m happy about that~

I think i’m going to draw more of my version of anti-ethan since i love him so much and might do some little comics of him or something like that idk.