8 total hours

IM FINALLY DONE!!! this took me in total about 8 hours to complete but i really like how it turned out, definitely worth it! isnt benedict cumberbatch just beautiful?

so, skippy and I found that shippuden episode 431 was a disaster and that karin’s infinite tsukuyomi makes 100x more sense if 431 was an elaborate sob story that karin fabricated in order to manipulate those konoha interrogators


so if you haven’t been following my twitter ramblings, i’m doing a museum internship atm (and not really loving it) and whenever they run out of work for me to do I just doodle on post it notes. it’s been a great time

anyways someone save me pls (or give me doodle requests)


Went for a sunset hike with some friends and one friend’s dogs Nishka and Sitka (total darlings).

16km, and we got up to a fire lookout with a crazy gorgeous view.

There was nobody up there, but I don’t know if that’s a usual. This might be something I could do with Epic.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask where each of the 20+ hours are allocated per page? Your artwork and story are beautiful by the way ~<3

Thank you! Though we try to work as quickly as possible, it approximately breaks down like this:

Sketch: 2-4 hours (Minty)
Lineart: 6-8 hours (Eruto)
Blocks and BGs: 3-4 hours (Eruto)
Finishing color/shading/effects/lettering: 6-8 hours (Minty)

Total: Approx. 17-24 hours per page

You can learn a little more about our process on the About and FAQ!

Nothing fucks me up more than Harry talking about how much it means to him when people come see him perform. I already knew he appreciates what we do, as he’s made that clear a thousand times over.. but as someone who once drove a total of 8 hours roundtrip to see 1D, have gone to 1D shows by myself bc I still wanted to see them when no one else did, had a friend fly hours to come see Harry with me just last month, and will also be making 2 cross country trips to see him next year… it means a hell of a whole lot to me to see him struggle to put into words how it makes him feel to have that kind of support. Like after all this time and with the level of fame he’s achieved, I just love knowing that he doesn’t take it for granted like he could. And I’m so glad to do it for someone so deserving and appreciative, I’d do it all again a million times. No questions asked.

Last night we skyped for a total of 8 hours, granted about half was spent with us just sleeping. I woke up to you looking at me, and although in this version of that I couldn’t touch you, I still loved it very much. I cant wait till its no longer over a computer or phone screen.