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I have experienced sleep paralysis, at least once a week, my whole life. I usually “wake up” unable to move, sometimes I get the pins-and-needles feeling over my whole body. The worst is when I “see” shadowy shapes in my room or on my bed. They come in two varieties, tall skinny slenderman or floaty hooded nazgul. I tell you this because what happened was very different from my sleep paralysis experiences.

My husband, three kids, and I were staying at a resort hotel in Ohio (I’d prefer not to name it). I was sharing a bed with our daughter, my husband shared one with our middle son and our younger son was in a crib at the foot of my bed. I woke up and looked over at the clock, it was 2:30 AM. I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. There was an old woman floating above my son’s crib. I could clearly see a wrinkled face, frazzled white hair and most of her upper body, she kind of faded away at the waist. She was staring at my youngest son.

I sat up and her face snapped over to me. She let out a howl, which I felt rather than heard, and charged at me. I was slammed back onto the bed and immediately felt the full body pins-and-needles and paralysis. Except, this time it felt like something was trying to force me out of my body. I fought back and after a few minutes I could move again and the evil feeling went away.

I was too scared to go back to sleep, s0 I grabbed my phone intending to play some games until breakfast. My phone told me (and the alarm clock confirmed) it was now 5:20AM.

I have never experienced anything like that before or since.

FYNK James: 8/10 That sounds rough. Thanks for sharing the scares!

dw character archetypes of the series 8 to 10“monster of the week” episode

  • The Leader™: 75 - 80% chance of this being a woman. everyone trusts her. reasonably wary of the doctor until he proves he’s trustworthy. probably survives.
  • that One guy who cant stop pointing guns at everything: its in the name. the doctor doesnt like them. is needlessly fighty about EVERYTHING. irritating but not as much as the capitalism dude. either gets killed bc they keep trying to fight everything and Doesnt Fucking Listen or survives bc they come to their senses and trust the doctor at the last minute. at the end of the episode if they survive they’re portrayed as Rational, Actually
  • the Cool Smart one who’s actually Secretly Weak™: cool. smart. very important to The Crew™. actually has a crush on someone or idolizes them probably. may or may not end up either being the Sacrificial Offering™ or being who the Sacrificial Offering™ sacrifices themself for.
  • the Sacrificial Offering™: sacrifices themself for someone they either explicitly or are implied to Have A Crush On. probably fits another archetype on this list
  • capitalism dude: will stop at nothing to uphold capitalism. the doctor hates him. always a middle aged white man in a white or light blue button down or polo. generally a nuisance and has an inflated sense of his own importance. dies. IRRITATING
  • the nervous one: Anxiety™. probably makes jokes to downplay how nervous they are. Good At Something to make up for the nervousness. 50% chance of ending up being brave at the end. dies.
  • the dead one: dies before the theme song.

anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk

10 years later.

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female awesome meme // (1/10) lead characters - buffy summers

“i’m beyond tired. i’m beyond scared. i’m standing on the mouth of hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. and it’ll choke on me.”