8 street bites

Take a ride at 8 Street Bites

I saw my cousin’s 8 Street Bites instagram post last week. And because I thought this place serves good food, I told her to bring me here. Blame those pictures, ate! Hahaha.

My cousin’s a regular at the resto and when we came in, a crew greeted her “Welcome back!” because she just had dinner at the place the previous night. Woo. *uhm loyalty card pls haha*

The place shouts off street vibe because of the street lamps and these signs. Ay yay!

Okayyy, let’s get to the food! HAHAHA. Starters. Freeway Nachos - P98 This was very generous with cheese but not so with salsa. Still good! :)

Cheesy Cheese Fries - P78 Uhm, just like your regular fries. But not really that bad!

Ate Ira’s order. Chicken Tender Bites - P138 The thing I liked most about this was the honey mustard dip. I think there must be more chix, though. Well for people like me who eat too much hahaha!

Sausage Meatball Bites - P148 Asdfgaqzxayqtklobsgytd what I ordered. The strong tomato kick was perfect. Aaand, best meatballs I’ve ever tasted. ‘Nuff said.

My brother’s. Honey Glaze Chicken Tenders - P138 A little better than the plain tender bites because of the glaze. And of course I think this also deserves more chix!

Kuya Arvin’s order. BBQ Pork Spareribs - P268 Wasn’t able to taste much of this hehe. Just a small bite. :D

Frostea - P38

Salted Chocolate Milk Shake - P78 They all ordered frostea because they said 8 Street’s shakes don’t taste nice. But wth, this one’s really good! Idk maybe they just don’t really like salted drinks, and I do.

Time for dessert. Banoffee Pie - P58 This was not the best ender to a very nice meal, haha. I expected a lot and got disappointed. Hmm. Where’s the toffee and where’s the banana?! :D This was my personal pick so yea. :(

Mango Panna Cotta - P58 This one however covered for the bannoffee pie. Yum yum yum! I’m totally getting another one of this only if I can eat some more.

Dearest 8 Street Bites people, just please remove the paper on the plates and do not use plastic cups anymore. Let’s help reduce waste. Haha! :)

Will definitely go back! Great food, nice place, and friendly crew. Plus there’s still a lot more to be tried from their menu. :)

Thank you Ate Ira for always satisfying my wants! Hahaha love you. x


8 Street Bites| SM North Edsa, Quezon City

After many attempts and after a lot of passing by this restaurant, I finally had a chance to find out what the rave is all about.

8 Street Bites is an American Casual Dining Restaurant.

When we enter, the place was hot even though there were only few people around. The waitress greeted us upon entering and led us to a seat in front of a stand fan, but I insisted on sitting on the couch. Lol. But boy it was freaking hot! I’m guessing their air conditioner broke down. So, we moved to the table where the air is directly fanning at us. Hahaha. 

Anyway, their food was superb! We ordered Country-Fried Chicken Steak, Chicken Tender Bites, and Cheddar Cheese Fries. I’m telling you, it is worth every peso. I got full in one meal and I almost didn’t finished my fries. 

Aside from their food, what I like most is their service. The staffs really do care about the costumers’ welfare. Now that’s great service! The waitresses come often to ask if we still need anything and if we like the food just fine and if we need to talk pictures. 

I’ll definitely come back to try their other food offers. Have I mentioned that the food are cheap and affordable? You bet it is!