8 speakers

  • Aoi: I have nothing else to say but that it’s coooold💦
  • Reita: the speakers at my house are totally broken.
  • Reita: but I’ve used those speakers for 8 years so I would like to say "thanks for the great job".
  • Aoi: ^_^ 

  • Aoi: for soooome reason, when my dear Gaze guys find something new that they want, the things they’d been using up until now seem to break somehowー. you know, like smartphones or computers and stuff...
  • hmmm, I wonder why, I wonder whyyyyー.🤔
  • Aoi: me, I wanna fix them even if they break, you know. 
I guess, I just wanna take care of my things, no matter what it is. like say, the bond between me and you guys were to break, I’d do my best to repair it. well, it’d be best if something like that never happened, right?
  • ↑how’s that? do I score points with that?🤔
Foreign Language NaNoWriMo

For a November language learning challenge, how about setting a daily writing goal like NaNoWriMo. But instead of 1,500 (because that’s hard even in your native language) you can write ~150 words or whatever word count you see fit. It can be a story or whatever you want. Plus, when you’re done you can publish it on Lang-8.com so native speakers can correct it. How does that sound?

i’ve decided to start a book log

January 5 – 6, 2017: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

January 7 – 8, 2017: Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce

January 9, 2017: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

January 10, 2017: The Realm of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

January 11, 2017: The One You Feed by EM Hollaway

January 12, 2017: Alanna The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

January 13, 2017: In the Hands of the Goddess and The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce

TFA Headcanon time

Most of these are Damerey bc I am Damerey trash #whoops

  • Poe calls Rey “Princess”. I will write a fic on the origin of this nickname bc I love it
  • Finn calls Rey “Sunshine” because she’s his “Rey of sunshine”. Rey pretends to hate it but secretly loves it
  • BB-8 has a speaker and rolls around blasting music (think his Spotify playlist Drivin? Bohemian Rhapsody? Yes all of them)
  • Poe often follows his droid playing music and sings along or dances
  • Rey hears Poe singing and his voice is like the sweet nectar of the gods and she’s never heard anything like that before and it’s like WHOA and then they found out Rey has an incredible voice too
  • additionally, Finn can’t sing but he finds out he can play like a billion different instruments like with barely any practice
  • Finn and Rey have essentially no personal belongings so Poe makes a point of bringing them gifts every time he goes out on a mission
  • Rey has a raging sweet tooth
  • Finn prefers salty snacks but loves every kind of food that ever existed ever
  • Poe sends BB-8 with little treats and candies for Rey every once in a while
  • Finn and Poe and Rey and BB-8 are SO protective of each other like someone messes with one of the others and all of them are like DONT YO UDARE WH AT NAHHHSON
  • Poe admits his feelings for Rey to Finn and Rey admits her feelings for Poe to Finn and Finn just fangirls so hard and so does BB-8 and they play matchmaker and nothing gives them more joy than seeing their two best friends happy together
  • Poe is smooth af except around Rey at first because he’s just overwhelmed by her and he’s super awkward
  • on New Year’s Eve Poe dips Rey to kiss her doNT TRY TO TELL ME HE DOESNT
  • Poe and Finn are used to eating on a regular basis but sometimes Rey just forgets bc she’s used to not having much food anyway and she just gets so distracted by stuff that it completely slips her mind so Poe and Finn always check up on her and make sure she’s eating and getting enough sleep
  • Rey wakes up at the crack of dawn and Poe sleeps in. I’ve written an entire smut fic based on this.
  • Finn wakes up at the same time every day but it’s a little later than dawn because he doesn’t have to get up that early anymore
  • Rey can’t read more than a little that she learned when it was strictly necessary, and Finn is the same. Poe loves reading and teaches them both
  • along those same lines Poe reads Rey to sleep every night and doesn’t object to reading to Finn too
  • he especially reads to them a lot while Finn is still recovering in medical and they all sit in there and listen to Poe
  • Leia just collectively adopts all of them. Not officially, but everyone knows. They even call her Mom in a teasing way sometimes. It helps her cope with her loss
  • they all love being outside. Finn loves all weather, just being outside is great. Rey loves the rain and Poe loves the sun
  • they almost never argue, but when they do, it’s Rey and Finn. Poe is way too chill to be mad (except when Rey accidentally uses the Force to read his thoughts or something? She doesn’t mean to but it upsets him) so he helps calm Rey down. She’s got a short temper. Finn gets mad but goes off to be alone and lick his wounds and then feels bad for making Rey angry and begs forgiveness.
  • Rey gets jealous easily since she doesn’t know much about human interaction. Poe is really chill until he sees some other guys hitting on Rey and she’s so innocent and precious she’s thinks they’re just being nice and Poe gets SUPER protective. He does this even before they’re in a relationship
  • Finn is SO GOOD AT COOKING like he didn’t know but once he tries it it’s like whOA and he doesn’t stop until he’s like crazy good and Rey and Poe eat all of his food even if it’s bad when he’s first learning bc they love him
  • Luke doesn’t train Finn bc he’s not Force sensitive so Rey takes time out of her day to train Finn in lightsaber combat in addition to the combat training the Resistance is giving him
  • sometimes when Finn is on the ground fighting and the pilots go in he sees Poe and Rey is on the ground kicking butt too but usually with Kylo Ren and both of them are like WHOO POE and he tries to help them whenever he sees them and he can
  • once Finn learns he can say no to things, it becomes one of his favorite words. “NO” “but Finn why you love pizza” “BUT I DONT HAVE TO EAT IT SO NO
  • Rey loves wearing Poe’s clothes. Slowly but surely, his clothes all disappear, and he has to go collect them from her. “That’s alright,” she says with a grin, “you need to wear them and make them smell like you again!”
  • one of Poe’s favorite things is playing teacher. Rey absorbs information like a sponge and he adores that look of wonder in her eyes bc everything is new to her. Finn loves learning about things and how to be different.
  • additionally, when Poe tells stories (and reads them but he loves telling his own personal stories) Rey, Finn, and BB-8 listen in awe. BB-8 whirrs excitedly, Finn interrupts with questions, and Rey shushes both of them bc they’re “ruining the suspense”
  • Rey. LOVES. Flowers.
  • Poe brings her flowers from any planet he’s on a mission to if he can

Sorry I got carried away and there are way more of these than I thought. I will probably make more posts as I think of more. I will definitely do an NSFW one for damerey because, as previously stated, I am trash. It is late and I have a lot of feelings. These will most definitely be making an appearance in my fics! (Also, I love prompts and headcanons. Feel free to message me or leave them on my main blog, unitatoes-rule .)