8 seasons and this is still one of my favourite scenes

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Hey I was wondering could you list YOI completed fics which are long and good ? "-"

What a great ask! Shoutout to all the amazing fic writers who write full freaking novels for free because they love the show that much. You all do such great work for the fandom and I thank you all so much. Here are some of my favourite  long, completed fics!

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Completed Victuuri Fics (Over 40k Words)

all the world’s a stage by braveten, Explicit, 112k
AU where Victor is the the most famous actor in Hollywood and Yuuri is a silver medalist at this year’s GPF… and also has a huge crush on Victor. Yuuri auditions to become his skating coach for a movie with the help of Pitchit and cuteness ensues. Fun, great writing, good plot. Lots of fluff, some angst, and a little bit of smut. Amazing fic!

Home by Kurenaito, Teen, 46k
Three years after the series, Yuuri has retired, and he and Viktor live in America. It’s no secret that Viktor likes to make impulsive decisions. Cute adoption fic! Bonus angsty Yurio..

Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 69k
Yuuri wanted to make history as the first deaf man to win the Grand Prix Final. Of course he’s a little skeptical of Victor Nikiforov’s presence, but Victor proves to be different, and Yuuri appreciates that. Amazing fic that truly shows that love wins, no matter what obstacles face them.

Maelstrom by feelslikefire, Explicit, 43k
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes. THE GROUNDHOG DAY AU!!

On Our Love by LiaoftheDawn, Mature, 46k
The fic where Victor thinks he’s doing the right thing, manages to disappoint all the Yuris in his life, and still everything works out at the end. LOVE this fic… I’m sobbing…

like your french girls by ebenroot, Teen, 102k
in which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram. Great artist AU fic with lots pining Victor and fluffy scenes!

Between us by Vitavili, Mature, 169k
Love hurts. Love heals. Sometimes it’s really easy to love. Sometimes it feels like hell. You can forget to love yourself because you are too busy with loving someone else. Stunning fic with heavy angst but a happy ending.

Yuuri!!! on Floor by thehandsingsweapon, Not Rated, 67k
The gymnastics edition, in which Viktor is still a skater. A story about how sometimes love comes slow and soft, and how hearts get bigger when they break. Great gymnastics AU!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 197k
Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. Thumbs up!

Standard Deviations by JustBeHappy, Teen, 82k
Victor knew something was wrong when he woke up. Firstly, Yuuri wasn’t by his side in bed. Secondly, the wallpapers weren’t supposed to be blue. Great time travel AU!

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 186k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve. And Viktor will be damned if he doesn’t find out just what those secrets are. LOVE this fic!

Love So Life by shamarmon, Teen, 114k
Yuuri Katsuki was simply living his college life, teaching ice skating lessons to little kids, when suddenly his idol and champion figure skater Victor Nikiforov bursts in and requests that he start babysitting his three year old nephew, Yuri Plisetsky. Yuuri finds himself growing to be a part of their family and helping them work through their complicated family issues. Super cute!

lie to make me like you by cityboys, Mature, 80k
Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles. Awesome actor AU!

Until You Return to Me by BatMads, Teen, 113k
Yuuri and Victor are in St. Petersburg together at last, but when Yuuri has difficulty adjusting to the transition and tragedy strikes, it seems as though they may be separated forever. Now they struggle to find their way back to each other when the universe seems to conspire against a happy ending. THE SLOWEST BURN FIC YOU WILL EVER READ OMFGDHFSDK

Please Have Mercy On Me by all_those_big_ass_trees, Explicit, 85k
Viktor’s been living with Yuuri for a month now, but Yuuri is still not used to him. But Viktor is a good teacher, and Yuuri is a good student. Love!

centripetal force by braveten, Explicit, 85k
Victor speaks seven languages. (Physics isn’t one of them.) Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

No Less Unthinkable by rageprufrock, Explicit, 79k
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war. Stunning fic!

pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies, Teen, 68k
In which the outlandish prodigy Victor Nikiforov hits Yuuri’s life like a whirlwind after he transfers to a prestigious ballet conservatory in Moscow, two grumpy teenagers learn to be friends, and Mila’s Straight Girl CrushTM might not be so straight after all. 

An Intangible Force of Motion by doeinstinct, Teen, 76k
The new season is in full-swing, and Viktor is realizing just how much work it is to coach and compete, but the exhilaration is worth it. The pain in his leg is probably just from overworking. Probably. So sad but so good.

Call Everything on the Ice… by shysweetthing, 50k
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn’t tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FICS EVER

starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 58k
In which yuuri is a simple barista, viktor is a famous movie star, and yuri is an 8 year old kid stuck in the middle of it. I adore this fic!

matched by bigspoonnoya, Explicit, 52k
Viktor Nikiforov considers himself an excellent matchmaker, but there’s one love life he can’t seem to get right: his own.

My top 10 Magical Girl anime

Its no secret that I LOOVE Magical Girls. Heck, just look at my screen name. Here are my top 10 favourite Magical Girl anime.

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lets start with one of the most unique and complex shojo anime and manga series ever. I myself am not sure if this qualifies as an MG anime but I’ve seen many people say it is so its on the list. Anyone who thinks all shojo is the same should watch this show. By the end, you’ll be left wondering if its even a shojo. It starts off fairly lighthearted but by episode 9, it gets serious and the plot starts picking up. Plus, it features some of the most complex characters ever and it touches on some serious subjects like incest and sexual abuse. I must warn you though, its not for everyone because of the reasons I just mentioned. If you’re someone who’s extremely uncomfortable with sexual abuse and incest, I’d recommend you skip this anime.

9. Princess Tutu

Just looking at the title of this anime is enough to send some people running away and judging it. But don’t let the cute name fool you. This is one of the most misleading anime ever. Like Utena, its a shojo but its fairly dark and has some tearjerking moments. But it also has its fairly lighthearted moments and that’s something I like about this anime. The ending is also bittersweet and will leave you wondering how an anime about a duck who becomes a ballerina managed to make you cry.

8. Tokyo Mew Mew

Looking back at this anime, maybe its not exactly the best. Its got its fair share of problems like how the main character, Ichigo, took most of the spotlight. But I still have a soft spot for this anime mainly because its really adorable to watch when you’re feeling sad. And the whole concept of these animal themed Magical Girls sounds interesting. What I love about this anime is how unlike the manga, it fleshed out the other girls as well. We found out a lot about Mint, Zakuro, Lettuce and Pudding and we loved them. I also loved how Ichigo DIDN’T choose the bad boy (Kisshu) over the nice guy (Masaya). In the end, she’s the one who chooses who’s best for her. So, even with all its problems, I have a soft spot for this anime.

7. Shugo Chara

Another anime that does have its fair share of problems but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What I loved most about it was the main character, Amu Hinamori. Some people may use the dreaded M word on her, but I think she’s a wonderfully complex character and one of the most unique Magical Girl leads. I also loved all the Magical Boys (Tadase, Ikuto etc). Though I will say, it didn’t need all that romance drama. I’m one of those people who doesn’t ship Amu with anyone and prefers her as a girl who tries to find herself before going into romance. 

6. Little Witch Academia

Ah yes, one of the most recent anime. I got into it via the OVAs and I watched the anime when the second season was still airing. It was very different from the OVAs but I still loved it. Its animation and art style are amazing and breathtaking to look at and overall, it just feels like a magical experience. The main character, while she might be a typical cheery MG protagonist, is charming in her own way and the amount of growth she undergoes is amazing. In a way,, she kinda reminds me of Doremi Harukaze. Speaking of which…

5. Ojamajo Doremi

This is one of the cutest anime I’ve ever seen . The character designs are all adorable and the transformation is short and simplistic rather than a long, flashy transformation. And while it remains a cute witch anime, it also handles some rather heavy topics like divorce, miscarrige and even cancer. Seriously, a character dies of cancer and she’s only 9! But it still remains a cute show, despite the tearjerking moments. 

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

I recently finished this anime and I loved every moment of it. It is a really cute anime with a simple art style, great animation and amazing characters. It also did a lot of things differently from other Magical Girl shows, like how Sakura doesn’t have a transformation scene and gets all her outfits made by Tomoyo and how there’s no antagonist. Eriol did come close but in the end, he had to do it for Sakura’s own good. What I loved about it most was how it didn’t forget its non magical characters. Tomoyo is obviously important, but Sakura’s other friends all have their own stories and personalities as well. Also, it features one of the cutest couples in anime history. I can’t wait for the new anime to come.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yep, its a tie. I’ve seen people fight over which of these two is better. Madoka fans claim Yuki Yuna is a ripoff and Yuki Yuna fans list of a million reasons why its so much better than Madoka. Personally, I love both anime. They’re both good in their own rights. Besides they’re similar in a lot of ways. They both have great animation, amazing characters, an interesting and compelling story and many emotional moments. They both have their flaws but all in all, they’re both great. Why can’t people just see that instead of fighting over which is the better dark MG?

2. Pretty Cure

The big Magical Girl powerhouse in Japan. Pretty Cure may be a cash cow franchise made to sell toys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Yes, it has 14 seasons now and that amounts to a lot of characters. But that’s what I like about it. It has a wide range of protagonists. You have sporty protagonists like Nagisa and Hibiki, shy ones like Tsubomi, determined ones like Haruka and smart ones like Mana (much as I don’t like her). They may not all be well developed but with all the wide range of characters, kids will surely find at least one character to relate to. Plus, the series has this special thing that makes me happy, no matter how sad I might be. It just inspires me to someday, make a Magical Girl show of my own. I find this happiness even in some of the weaker seasons like DokiDoki and Happiness Charge. The gif I used is from my favourite season, Go!Princess Pretty Cure. Princess Peach should take lessons in self defence from Cure Flora. 

1. Sailor Moon

I know, I know. Very obvious choice. But like many others, Sailor Moon got me into Magical Girls. Not only that, it got me into other anime as well. It may be cliched now but it still has a special place in my heart. With amazing and strong characters, great storylines and splendid transformation scenes, its no wonder this show had a big impact on the genre. Even with its problems, it is my favourite anime and manga series ever. And yes, that includes Sailor Moon Crystal.

Honourable mention

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This is actually the second Magical Girl anime I’ve watched, after Sailor Moon. It has its problems and its a bit cheesy but I loved the concept of mermaids turning into idols. Its an amazing combination of the Magical Girl and Magical Idol genres.

Dean Winchester’s eclectic taste in music, as shown in his (non-classic rock/heavy metal) FBI aliases

My whole thought process here started today with the famous Aaron scene, and the alias Dean uses while he shows his badge to his “gay thing”.

Yes, Marc Bolan was an openly bisexual celebrity (referenced here by BEN EDLUND, similar to 10x22, where ANDREW DABB references Freddy Mercury - another bisexual man - as one of the other aliases Dean chooses for himself). 

This is a telling reference in itself in the context of this scene, but as a huge T. Rex/Marc Bolan fan myself, this scene got me super excited also besides that. Like, super SUPER excited. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE IT MAKES TEXTUAL THE FACT THAT DEAN IS A GLAM ROCK FAN. Like, classic glam rock. Silk shirts, high heels, glitter eye-shadow glam-rock-fan. A one step away from David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” glam-rock-fan. 

He is a fan of THIS:

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He is enough of a fan to take Marc Bolan’s name as his alias while he usually chooses aliases based on classic hard rock musician’s/heavy metal band members that he likes/identifies with.


Out of curiosity (and procrastination, because of course I should be doing something else right now) I checked the list of the music aliases Dean uses over the years (I assume that these aliases are Dean’s ideas since he is the brother more interested in music, after all.) As a result, I spent a great evening with a whole spectrum of music genres, based on Dean Winchester’s amazing and broad AF music taste.

It’s true that most of the aliases Dean chooses are heavy metal and classic rock bands (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Kiss, Ted Nudgent, Styx, Rush, Warrant, Poison, Guns and Roses…)(I don’t blame him, these are great bands).


There are exclusively six writers who gave Dean a much more eclectic taste in music during the last seven seasons:

  • Andrew Dabb
  • Robert Berens
  • Ben Edlund
  • Robbie Thompson
  • and a writing duo Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (season 10/11)

So, let’s look at what genres/bands broadens Dean’s iPod album collection, shall we?


Yes, Dean was sneering at Vince Vincente and his spiked codpiece (and a rainbow wig that I am completely sure Dean imagined, because even google can’t find me one band who used that as a prop), but that was all Performing!Dean talking, obviously. How do we know? Because as far as real-life parallels to the fictional band Ladyheart go, this is what Dean hates so much:

Yes, Dean is completely disgusted by leather pants, huge wigs and studded codpieces, here visualized by Mötley Crüe. Dean said so IN TEXT.

(I am pretty sure Ladyheart is supposed to be Mötley Crüe since their next album was to be named “Theatre of Mercy” - mirroring Mötley Crüe’s album “Theatre of Pain”. Also, “Rock Never Dies” was written by ROBERT BERENS, who named another one of his episodes “Girls, Girls, Girls” - after a Mötley Crüe  song and album.)

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And yet, in episode 8.02. “What’s up, Tiger Mommy?” (written by ANDREW DABB), Dean introduces himself and Sam as Agents Neil and Sixx, two members of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Which means Dean is a Mötley Crüe fan, and he doesn’t seem to mind huge wigs and studded codpieces that much in their case. (Bam, LAWYERED!)

The name LADYHEART (called into existence by my above mentioned personal god Bobo Berens) reminds me of the British band LADYTRON (playing synth pop/new wave/electronic combo), and named after the super famous ROXY MUSIC synth pop/glam rock song.

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So, yeah, Dean is a fan of studded codpieces, big wigs and hair metal. He is also a fan of a long list of different music genres (real Dean behind the cut):

2) 90′S GRUNGE

In episode 10x13 “Halt and Catch Fire” (written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER), Sam and Dean use aliases “Grohl and Cobain”, as in DAVE GROHL and KURT COBAIN from NIRVANA.

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3) BRITISH 1970′S/1980′S PUNK ROCK

In episode 11x13 “Love Hurts” (also written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER) Dean uses alias “agent Weller”, as in PAUL WELLER from the classic British punk rock band THE JAM.

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In episode 10x19 “The Werther Project” (written by ROBERT BERENS) Dean pretends to be a Neighbourhood Watch member by the name of Dwight Twilley.

DWIGHT TWILLEY is a power pop singer from the 1980s.

5) POP ROCK/ART POP/BLUES ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 9x14 “Captives” (written by ROBERT BERENS), Sam and Dean take aliases of “agents Nicks and McVie”.

STEVIE NICKS and CHRISTINE MCVIE are members of the legendary soft rock/art pop/blues band FLEETWOOD MAC. THEY ARE ALSO BOTH FEMALES!!!

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6) POST PUNK/INDIE ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 10x14 “The Executioner’s Song” (written again by ROBERT BERENS) Sam and Dean take names “Moore and Ranaldo”.

THURSTON MOORE and LEE RANALDO are members of the legendary indie rock band SONIC YOUTH, with famous vocals of KIM GORDON.


In episode 8x17 “Goodbye Stranger” (written by the one and only ROBBIE THOMPSON), Sam and Dean use names “agents Tandy and Lynne”.

RICHARD TANDY and JEFF LYNDE are members of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, a band that combines pop-rock, synth pop, electronic music and elements of disco.

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In the episode 5x14, “My Bloody Valentine” (written by BEN EDLUND), Dean uses names “agents Cliff and Marley”, as in JIMMY CLIFF and BOB MARLEY - famous reggae musicians.

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In episode 8x08, “Hunteri Heroici” (written by ANDREW DABB), Team Free Will pose as agents “Nash, Crosby, and Stills”.

DAVID CROSBY, STEPHEN STILLS, GRAHAM NASH (and occasionally NEIL YOUNG) were a folk-rock supergroup started in 1968.


In episode 11x04 “Baby” (written by ROBBIE THOMPSON), Dean uses name “agent Walsh” as in JOE WALSH from THE EAGLES, a soft rock band of “Hotel California” fame.

Dean’s taste in music, reflected here in the names of musicians he chooses as his personas, alongside his most favourite rockstars, shows how broad Dean is in his tastes - Dean practically is a fan of anything that sounds good to him, regardless of genre (as shown with his liking for Taylor Swift and Broadway musicals, for example). It’s a shame that this wonderful music taste is still hidden in the subtext, and all I can do is hope that our new Dean will be allowed to play some of his favourite bands in his car next season, especially since both Dabb and Berens seem to be the keepers of Dean’s super eclectic, infinite playlist. Please Dabb, make it happen!

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Top 20 All Time Favourite Fics

Contains muliple ships and fandoms. 
Sterek, Destiel, FiKi, Bellarke, Olicity, McShep, Malec, Hictooth, Bagginshield. 
I should just mention I’ve read all these fic’s MULTIPLE times, like stupid amount multiple. 

1. The Best Years of Our Live, My Ass - ireallyhatecornnuts
Destiel. I read this fic all the time, it’s fanstastic. Love all the family elements, the plot is great, the relationship is cute and totally them. It’s just a perfect fic. 

2. Divided We Stand - KouriArashi
. Also another I’ve read mulitple times, it’s just so good. I could read this a thousand times and never get bored. This is one of the greatest fics (and series) I’ve ever read. 

3. Cornerstone - Vendelin
. Read mulitple times, always amazing, always makes me smile and cry and gives me all the feels. It’s sweet, accurately describes mental illness, it’s got steamy sex scenes and is a little heartbreaking. All you need in a fic. 

4. Angels Among Us - Vaerin
This is always such fun to read. I love all the Asgard chapters, love the chimera, all the squabbling between Angel parents. All The Wing Love! It’s full of fluff and a bit of heartbreak, but it’s amazing! 

5. Our Lives Are Changing Lanes - grimm
I adore this fic, it’s so sweet and I love me some Single Parent Derek Hale. His daughter is a mini version of him and I love Stiles trying to win her over. Also the dates are adorable, and Cop Stiles is amazing! 

6. Hitchups - AvannaK
. One of the best thing’s I have ever read! It starts in the middle of the HTTYD movie, from there it just takes off! Hiccup and Toothless travelling around, growing up, learning to fight and all the mystical creatures! This is just as good as the movies! 

7. Cas, You Had A Baby? - allthebeautifulthings9828
Cas stealing a fledgling and raising it with Dean is perfection. Then they make this little community of baby angels and get the safe, happy life they always deserved. It’s beautiful. 

8. As Luck Would Have It (I’m Already Smitten) - Whisper91
A Perfect Dom-Sub universe. It’s fluffy, perfect amounts of the BDSM universe, and some interesting plot. Love all the Hales and the pack feels. The Liam and Derek / Stiles scenes are too cute! Still a WIP but it’s amazing! 

9. How Dean and Cas Got Fake Married - allthebeautifulthings9828
Clearly this author know’s how to write amazing Destiel fics! While I do kinda wish there were some sexy times, the fic is still amazing without them. I love them living a normal-ish life while still kinda hunting. It’s just great, okay?

10. The Boy and The Beast - Dira Sudis
Derek stuck as a wolf is my favourite. The kind of season 1 retelling with Derek actually kind of earning Scott’s trust, and totally dating Stiles is amazing! 

11. Nightfall - Leletha
. Hiccup got taken as well as Valka. Feral Hiccup not knowing he’s human is amazing. All the dragon talk and how much Hiccup and Toothless adore each other is so cute. I just love this fic, okay? It’s amazing! 

12. Convenient Husbands - Annie D
I just love creature Cas. He’s so snarky and sassy and Dean is happy (which should be canon, he deserves some happy). I love how they interact with each other and the Roadhouse sounds awesome! 

13. Raven Feather, Lion Heart - KiliDurin
Feral Kili is amazing, Fili being all princely is great. The Durin family is awesome and I love all the dwarven culture. Also, friendly warg is everything! 

14. Max Two ‘Verse - heartsdesire456
omg, this series is so freaking cute. Alec adopting baby Max, then Magnus adopting Max and Alec. Max is adorable. I love seeing the Lightwood-Bane’s growing into their little family. It’s sweet and just everything good you could want! 

15. Opposites Attract - goldenlionprince, liddie
This is one of the sweetest fic’s I’ve ever read (and re-read). It’s so fluffy and so unbelievably adorable. Plus, Punk-ish Fili is amazing! 

16. Raising Madison Series - MrsHamill
This series is so great. I love dad!Rodney, and Sheppard is such a good step-dad. The series is all family feels, and amazing Atlantis life. 

17. I’m Not Asking Much Of You - emmylou
This is my favourite Bellark fic. It’s so sweet, and I love the fake-relationship, it’s also kinda sexy at points. Hello, Bellamy giving Clarke a lap dance, then vise versa. Also love the Clarke Raven friendship. 

18. What Happens In Vegas… - redtoes
I’m not super into Arrow anymore, but this fic has always been amazing. It’s refreshing to see a fake-relationship that isn’t incredibly angsty. It’s sweet and has a good plot, all around great. 

19. Convincing A Hobbit - seekerluna
I don’t read much Bagginshield but this is so freaking amazing! I love courting fics, and the drawven and hobbit courting rituals are amazing. Also Fili and Kili being adorably childish. 

20. Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale
I love mpreg fics, and Daddy!Derek is so cute. Love their building relationship and merging of the packs. Everything is sweet and adorable. 

So there you have it. My All Time Favourite FanFictions! 

Skam fandom: The very best of

I’ve seen some ridiculous theories about the actors’ personal lives and what not in the Skam tag, so how about we have a little reality check and take a moment to remember some of the crazy theories and predictions the fandom came up with during the run of season 3.

1. Theory: Isak dies. This theory started to circulate as soon as Isak saw the video of Even talking about great love stories and death. People were looking for clues in the Bible and in the official header. This is the first time I’ve seen a fandom study the Bible to predict how a gay love story ends.
Outcome: Isak doesn’t die. Isak is born. Isak is born as his true self. The ominous letter I with the skull above it in the header? Turns out it’s not a skull, and turns out Even is a ridiculous romantic who enjoys tracing his lover’s name with his finger on café windows.

2. Theory: Even dies. Aka the Theory That Just Wouldn’t Die. This shit was everywhere after the first Romeo + Juliet reference, and some people wouldn’t let go of it until the very last clip.
Outcome: Even doesn’t die. Even changes the story. Moreover, they are both Romeo and Juliet on different occasions, which I feel is Julie Andem’s way of showing that their relationship doesn’t conform to heteronormative expectations where one is always the girl and one is always the boy. They switch. What a concept.

3. Theory: Even is a homophobe who intends to lure Isak into a trap and then assault him or out him.
Outcome: Even is a 19-year-old bipolar probably bi or pansexual cheesy romantic with artistic tendencies who intends to lure Isak into a hotel suite to pamper and love the fuck out of him.

4. Theory: It’s been over two weeks and they haven’t even kissed yet. NRK doesn’t dare to show two boys kissing. The show is queerbaiting harder than a Shameless producer.
Outcome: Soft boys kissing, nuzzling, mumbling, whispering, and stroking each other’s hair take over tumblr. There is softness everywhere. We’ve never seen anything quite like this. We cry in Norwegian. We cry in all the languages.

5. Theory: The voice behind the door in the Hjernen er alene clip doesn’t belong to Eskild but to Jonas. Isak accidentally outs himself and Even to Jonas this way.
Outcome: Jonas has broken into the flat, gone through a dramatic voice change after going down on too many girls, and memorised every shoe in the flat due to his shoe fetish. Nei.

6. Theory: Isak steals Linn’s sleeping pills and overdosesto deal with his insomnia and heartbreak.
Outcome: Isak deals with his issues by coming out to his best friend. Jonas reacts like a pro by having no reaction. Express Yourself by Isak’s favourite artist N.W.A. plays during the ending credits. The red heart on the Skam website changes to pride colours, people rejoice, I cry from happiness. Winter is coming, yet the air  – oh the air, it feels like spring.

7. Theory: Isak has sex with Emma or Eskild. The hiatus week was wild. People were climbing up the walls. Moles and boobs and nipples and freckles were screencapped and zoomed and discussed like we were a bunch of scientists on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m not one to judge, though. The Bros clip wrecked me, but at 5 am I was finally able to go to sleep after comparing Even’s chest from the pool scene to the anonymous boob of the preview and noticing that they kind of match.
Outcome: Isak has sex with Even. The sex scenes are super romantic and very tastefully done and don’t adhere to any stereotypes. Isak sure as hell doesn’t have sex with Emma or Eskild because Emma is a girl and Eskild is the mom. If Skam were a different show, maybe there would have been a sex scene between Emma and Isak that would then be used in all the promos so that the straights could ~relate~ and not be scared off by too much gay, but with Julie Andem in charge this was never really a worry.

8. Theory: At least one of Isak’s friends doesn’t react well to Isak’s coming out.
Outcome: The boys debate the difference between bi and pansexuality while Isak just stares at them in confusion because he has just come out and the boys have given exactly zero fucks about his news.

9. Theory: Sonja is evil and is holding Even hostage.
Outcome: Sonja is so evil that she calls to apologise for her mistakes instead of just sending a text, gives her ex-boyfriend’s current boyfriend advice on taking care of him when he’s depressed and even wishes merry Christmas to them both as a couple. What a nasty woman.

10. Theory: Isak doesn’t love Even enough because he never says I love you. He’s already thinking about breaking up.
Outcome: This theory is a personal pet peeve of mine. Were we not watching the same show? Even says I love you because he thinks he’s saying goodbye and because this show loves parallels, the previous episode ended with did you really think he’s in love with you so of course there is going to be a parallel that proves the opposite. And let’s face it. Isak “I’m not gay well maybe I’m a little gay” Valtersen was never going to say his first I love you under the mistletoe with angel choirs singing and stars exploding in the background. He’ll blurt it out by accident without any planning. It’ll be one of those I meant it but I didn’t mean to say it kind of situations. Also, maybe I’m alone in this, but when I say yes to meeting my significant other’s parents for the first time, my thought process is not I’m gonna break up with you next week but certainly not before I’ve hung out with your mom.

11. Theory: Even can’t reply to texts because he is a lizard.
Outcome: Investigation still pending.


What can we learn from this:

1.       Let’s have a little more chill during season 4. Myself included.

2.       We couldn’t even predict a fucking tv show, how could we make assumptions about actual living people and their actual lives.

The Bubbline guide

UPDATE: Time Sandwhich has been added to the list, as suggested by yellowdartvoice

So all this hype made you want to watch Adventure Time, but just for the cute couple gal pals? (Or you just want to watch the show itself, in which case another guide is coming soon.) Yet you’re intimidated by the 226 episodes that have aired so far? Fear not, here’s your guide to Bubbline that includes their shared episodes as well as those that help you understand them as individual characters. I know you could just go to wikia and see what episode features both Marceline (the punk-rock vampire one) and Princess Bubblegum (the scientific pink one), but come on, you want to understand their story, don’t you? Which is why I made this guide (and it’s not procrastinating, not at all).

The episodes themselves are gonna be under the cut because, well, out of 226 I listed 71 of them. I know, I know, I was supposed to narrow it down, but most of these are optional ones that only feature one or neither of them. If you watch all of these 71 episodes then cool, you have a general understanding of Adventure Time’s most important plot points and know pretty much everything there is to know about Marceline and Bubblegum. If you don’t want to and are only here for the real action, you can find the ones to watch on this list.

Overall, there are 13 core episodes (including all of Stakes), 21 recommended and 37 optional ones (tho some are more important than others). Watching just the core episodes is not that recommended, since you will be confused during later episodes and I don’t think one can appreciate, say, Varmints, as much, but hey, you can of course just watch these.

These 13 episodes are:

  • s2ep20: Go With Me
  • s3ep10: What Was Missing
  • s5ep29: Sky Witch
  • s7ep2: Varmints
  • s7ep6-13: all 8 episodes of Stakes (srsly, watch them all)
  • s7ep27: Broke His Crown

Okay, so Go With Me is more like a prologue for Bubbline and Stakes centers around Marceline, but I’m not willing to cut these out of the core. Now, if you’re also interested in their individual character development, I have more episodes for you, some highly recommended, some entirely optional. I really do hope that even without most of the optional ones you’ll get the overall picture of this show, these characters and their relationship. The 71 episodes are the following:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

top 5 (or 10) scenes in the 100 in terms of acting? (like, which scenes stood out to you, or which scenes do you think highlighted any of the actors' ability?)

This is such a good question! It’s hard to narrow them down to ten because there’s so many I love, but here are the ones that came to my mind first! So in no particular order:

1. Raven realising her pain is gone [3x05]

One of my all-time favourites! Moments after Raven succumbs to the temptation and takes the key to the City of Light, we get this spine-chilling shot where her revelation, her absence of pain starts at her leg and creeps up to the rest of her body. The entire scene, beginning with her taking the chip to here is absolutely stunning. Lindsey so beautifully straightens herself and looks up, and that’s when we know that Raven knows that it’s worked. It was executed so perfectly, kudos to the wonderful Lindsey Morgan!

2. Clarke scrubs at the blood on her hands [2x09]

Eliza’s performance in this scene really reminded me of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as she tried to scrub away the blood she was hallucinating (’Out, damned spot! out, I say!’). Taking place immediately after Clarke had mercy-killed Finn, Eliza perfectly displayed the hysteria of this moment as she shakes and raves incoherently. Her sharp breaths really encapsulate the trauma Clarke has just experienced too. It’s just beautiful.

3. Bellamy is overwhelmed by a sense of failure [4x07]

It’s really difficult to choose a scene with Bob Morley because each scene he acts in really does display how talented he is. Of course, the 4x04 scene where Bellamy realises Octavia is dead is breathtaking and still haunts me, but that’s a given, so I’m choosing another scene. This moment from 4x07 made me cry…a lot. As Bellamy had to sit and listen to people he could have saved die because he failed them, watch his gaze. He is not mentally there. His gaze is so very distant, it’s made to feel like he’s seeing all his failures play out before his very eyes. He breaks then and there as he’s forced to listen to the vocalisation of his failure, the nasty feeling settling deep within. Bob was fantastic through 4x07, but this scene really got to me.

4. Raven blows up the bridge [1x10]

I remember the first time I watched I Am Become Death, I fell in love with this particular moment in the episode. Raven staggers to the end of the bridge and, with the little energy she has left, successfully sets up and sets off the bomb. It was so wonderfully done by Lindsey, everything from the way she moved to the breaths she took was oh so perfect.

5. Clarke tells Bellamy that the world is ending [3x16]

This is one of my favourite Bellamy and Clarke moments – look how intense Bob and Eliza’s gazes are! They really do perfectly display just how exhausted Bellamy and Clarke are, and in finding out they can’t kick back just yet, we can see them search each other’s eyes for strength and hope.

6. Monty kills his mother [3x11]

Monty killing his mother was one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen on this show. Chris did such an amazing job with this…the screams Monty let out? They’re a vocalisation of just how traumatising this is for Monty, how he has to make noise, make chaos in order to pull back the trigger. And it was all so perfect. My heart broke when watching this scene, and even more so afterwards when Monty realised his mother’s death was sort of in vain because he might have been able to save her.

7. Pike and Bellamy talk about Mount Weather [3x04]

This scene between Michael and Bob is of the most fascinating from season 3. I was rewatching it and decided that I really did enjoy Pike’s character. The reason why this scene is in here is that we see, so perfectly from Michael, Pike locating Bellamy’s low point, and catches him when he’s weakest. @cosmicbell often labels Pike as a demagogue when we discuss this season together, and I agree. He promised action, he criticised stagnancy and Bellamy, somebody who’s been extremely affected by the grounders’ actions, was just tired of waiting around and never retaliating. He bought into Pike’s argument, and this is the scene that it occurs in. You see it in his face as Pike challenges him: ‘I’m willing to suffer the consequences to save my people…are you?’ and we know that Bellamy has begun to cross over to the dark side.

8. Jasper scatters Finn’s ashes [3x04]

I highly recommend everybody to rewatch this spectacular scene with Devon and Chris, from start to finish. It’s one of my favourites from the whole show. These two best friends have lost each other, and they’re trying to find that old spark once more. They fight, they argue, they yell. They’re no longer the pair they used to be. And as Monty leaves, Jasper screams ‘See you on the other side!’ and trips over, spilling the jar of ashes. The remnants blow away with the breeze, mingle with the Earth and Jasper realises what’s just happened…and Devon’s performance in that moment is so incredibly breathtaking. One of his best, for sure. 

9. Murphy makes Clarke cry [4x08]

This is fairly recent, of course, but Richard and Eliza were amazing throughout this entire scene. Murphy’s desperation is so well voiced by Richard: when he screamed ‘I love her!’ my heart broke completely. And as Murphy starts provoking Clarke, I began to wonder how Eliza would portray Clarke’s reaction. Clarke, who has, in the past, tried to develop a harder exterior around her friends when making tough decisions…she did something I did not expect. She lifted her head slightly, and through her lashes looks at Murphy, and her eyes are glistening with tears! She’s been trying this whole scene to be assertive in her decision to use Emori but Murphy’s speech almost takes her to her breaking point. I was really impressed with both Richard and Eliza here, they were just amazing!

10. Niylah tells Bellamy that he’ll always be sorry [3x11]

Bob Morley, once again and as always, comes through perfectly in this scene he shortly shares with Jessica Harmon. ALIE got to Bellamy, and bad. ‘Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.’? Do you know what Bellamy heard, instead of that? Probably something like ‘you could have saved her, but you spent that concern on Clarke, who didn’t even end up coming back to Arkadia with you. You killed Gina. You misplaced your responsibilities, so it’s your fault.’ And the final straw: the mention of what he did to the Trikru army, and Niylah hitting him after finding out. Bellamy flips out and has to leave the room, kicking a barrel, punching something. He looks up to the sky, so incredibly hopeless, and shakes his head. He’s realising he’s never going to get over this pain, he’s never going to stop feeling guilty, and worst of all, the pain he’s caused to others is so deep and so sharp and he can’t handle knowing that. He hears Niylah’s voice behind him, and the sight of her brings all these emotions back. He tells her what he truly feels, that he only had good intentions and he’s sorry, but she delivers a harsh sentence: ‘People like you always are’. This small moment between these two was jaw-dropping to me. I loved it so much.

Honourable mentions: Lincoln’s season 2 ordeal with the reaper drugs, literally all of Erica Cerra’s (ALIE/Becca) scenes, the Lexa and Roan fight from 3x04, Clarke getting in the rover with Jasper and discovering Abby is chipped, Luna mourning Derrick in her arms, Octavia surviving the fall in 4x04 and Abby smashing the radiation chamber in 4x08.

anonymous asked:

Just random queastions. 1.) Do you think, that they maybe changed their mind after the reaction to the withanaccent-interview and felt so insulted, that they decided, to not make Johnlock canon after all? 2.) The tarmac-scene has some big similaritis to a scene in DW (don´t know what to say; question about the future; last chance to say "it") and is just built up like a love confession-scene. Do you think that maybe TPTB didn´t notice this? Or really thought it was funny? I´m so confused... tbc

3.)Benedict seems to be such a nice person (I love Martin even more, but he is not so outwardly caring.) etc. and i just can´t imagine him agreeing to queerbaiting? (I find most of “TJLC-Evidence” not very convincing, because I would also die etc. for a friend, but the tarmac-scene is imo queerbaiting/almost love confession. They HAVE TO notice what the scene implies!?). 4.)They always say it is their show etc. and that they don´t care about critics, do they really think of themself as SO GOOD?

5.) They said, that ACD did a mistake with Mary. Why do they do the same? I completly hate that dog-comperison/Mary-is-better-scene (TST is my least favoruite episode). It had to be a active descision to give Mary the narration over John ( THE ACTUAL NARRATOR!). They can´t just ignore all the terrible things they say about Mary and make her some angel asassian who saves John/Sherlock and is better than everyone?! And she is there the WHOLE TIME! She killed Sherlock! Why? Why? Why? For Amanda???

6.) There is that Amanda Abbington-Interview where she talks about coming back. Do you really thing that we´ll maybe have to see Mary-flashbacks/callbacks in every new episode? 7.) Prior to season 4, they said that they have 3 new cases etc., but in the end it wasn´t really like in season 1-2 (season 3 actually was my favorite season, but it clearly was different). TST and TFP ended in family drama. Do you trust them to go back to “normal” cases, without the need to over complicate everything?

8.)Do you think, that they maybe change their mind “pro-johnlock”(if it really was just a joke to them), after critics like Indiewire etc. called them out for the queerbaiting/John and Sherlocks feelings for eachother? That maybe they´ll realize that it´s not just “teenager girls” “hallucinating”? 9.)Do you believe in a season 5 (especially with BC as DS now)? 10.)Will we ever know, what John wanted to say in TRF? 11.)With TFP i wonder,do they truly believe we watch the show for the plot twists?

Oh Wow, Lots of stuff to get to here! Let’s have a look-see!

  1. Well, that interview would have had nothing to do with any of their decisions; if a journalist had that kind of power in the history of Sherlock ever, then it would have been canon in S2, or ahdblock been canon in S3, or sher/0//ie canon in episode one. Like… no, and that interview was garbage anyway. Anything that Mofftiss have done, is COMPLETELY on them and MAYBE the BBC. They were already filming TFP, I believe, around that time frame, so no, it had no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the series.
  2. Ah, yup, Doomsday’s Bad Wolf Bay and the tarmac scene are pretty much identical (and just as painful), yet no one argues what The Doctor was going to say. But years later, we STILL have to prove to people that Sherlock indeed was going to and did tell John that he loved him. It drives me crazy. Mofftiss knew EXACTLY what they were doing, especially since the scene has parallels to the tarmac scene’s unspoken love in Casablanca. They did it on purpose; it’s even framed similarily to that tarmac, and the wording similar to Bad Wolf Bay. Just… They can’t seriously expect us to not believe it wasn’t meant romantically.
  3. Well, to be fair, I don’t think EITHER OF THEM wanted to be part of a giant queerbaiting fest. They both seemed immensely proud of their portrayals of their characters, Ben AND Martin played both of their characters gay and bi respectively, and BOTH men support LGBT causes and Ben is vocal against homophobia (I’m pretty sure Martin is as well, I just know Ben’s interviews better). I really honestly believe that they thought they were creating something different and were led to believe a different outcome of their character arcs than what we got. I don’t fault them at all – they are just puppets for the puppetmasters.
  4. Oh, they’re lying so hard about their lack of caring… If they didn’t care, Gattiss wouldn’t have written back, in prose, to a critic and Moffat wouldn’t be like “I don’t understand why no one likes this season” (paraphrasing, of course, but his blasé attitude is SO annoying and pretentious). Neither of them have really, otherwise, done anything but remain in hiding after the fallout of S4. It’s both suspicious and really REALLY annoyingly petty.
  5. Yeah, I STILL am reeling over their complete 180˚ of Mary’s character. It makes no fucking sense; they clearly were combining her character with that of the role of Sebastian Moran in ACD canon, and the arc was going to be brilliant. I have a lot of personal very biased opinions on why they did it, but yeah, it doesn’t make any fucking sense. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING with her character. That and Moffat is terrible at writing women characters at the end of their arcs. If anything, her character was just unnecessarily shoehorned into a bigger role because they decided last minute to NOT make her Moran after all even though they STILL tied her character to Moriarty in S4. ACD did WAY better with Mary as a background character. And YES, it was SO WRONG of her to be the narrator, just… NO she’s NOT the one telling the stories. Ugh.
  6. Ugh, is there? Okay, look, IF – IFFFFF –  it’s shown in S5 that all of S4 was a ruse orchestrated by mostly her hand, reverting her character back to where it should be, THEN maybe I can accept her back in the fifth season and make her the badass villain she was SUPPOSED to be. I don’t believe she is dead because her gunshot was fake af, although I do ALSO believe that she may have been killed John in the false narrative scenario. If she comes back, it will be to explain her true actions in S4. Otherwise, she’s dead, we don’t need to see her anymore. Flashbacks maybe, but that’s it.
  7. S3 was my favourite season too, but I think that’s a personal bias because I love Sherlock’s character so much and I loved seeing how far their relationship arc progressed. T6T and TLD barely even HAD cases… and TFP, I don’t know her… so I don’t know where this idea came from. The whole season seemed intent on keeping John and Sherlock as distant from each other as possible, making Sherlock the sidekick TO MARY in his own show, and putting “no one asked for this” focus on Mary. Look, I know it sounds like I hate her, but I REALLY DON’T. I hate what they DID TO HER CHARACTER, and trying to call S4 a case-centred series when CLEARLY the case was a moot point in the first episode to Mary-backstory, it’s ridiculous. There wasn’t really a case in TLD – Sherlock was high off his rocker through most of the episode and Culverton did his weird creepy rapey thing. And I don’t even know what the fuck case was happening in TFP. I WANT to trust them to go back to Just The Two of Them Against the Rest of the World (what was that line even, then?!?!), but I fear that they won’t and will find a way to shoehorn another character-we-don’t-care-about *coughs* Eurus*coughs* into the story.
  8. Oh, I don’t think anyone could change Mofftiss’ minds. Look, if Johnlock DOES become canon, it will be because it was the plan all along, but because of how far S4 strayed off the narrative arc, it will look like they did it because of public outcry, NOT because it was their brilliant plan. They should have just stuck to the narrative rather than try for a publicity stunt that will probably work against them in the end.
  9. Tough to say about S5. There are reports about it being already commissioned, but I fear the negative reception may keep Martin and Ben far away from it if it turns out it really is a face-value series. I don’t know. BBC seems proud of what they got, so probably will get one. It’s one of the BBC’s top-rated shows (I think pre-S4 it was higher than Dr. Who), so who knows.
  10. Hahaha nope, I don’t think so. I USED to think we would, that Mofftiss were better writers together and would at least round out all the plot holes, but… S4 leaves me skeptical on a lot of things.
  11. I REALLY do think that they think we like the plot twists rather than the stories. Like… no. People were watching for the relationship, whether they knew it or not, platonic or not. The story of two men with the greatest friendship / relationship of all time. Not for … whatever the hell TFP was.



I’m going to answer the questions posted by @the-winnowing-wind for Hannigram Day!

We, the fannibals, have declared August 22 to be hannigram day!!! If you want to add to the festivities but don’t know what to post, consider answering the following questions! I tag EVERYONE to play!!!

1.       When did you first hear about Hannigram?

I was actually watching Hannibal in a vacuum outside of the fandom for the first 3-4 times, but it wasn’t far into the first season when I started realising that our two lovely boys really just weren’t behaving like typical ‘friends’ ;P (Did you just smell me…We’re her father’s now… Hannibal’s shining cannibal eyes of love when he realised Tobias didn’t kill Will…etc. etc. etc.)   It was a slow-ish build for me, but past the first season Hannigram was undeniable!  I didn’t hear the word Hannigram until I joined Tumblr but I shipped them HARD from really early on.

2.       What was your last thought about Hannigram?

By last thought do you mean the EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY thoughts I have about Hannigram? Seriously, they’ve taken over my brain XD I guess the things I think about them the most are about their reciprocity. Most of my fics revolve around that in some way…the way that power and influence and love flows between them.

3.       What was the first episode where /you/ started to ship the ship?

Honestly, probably from the first episode in a way. But it was a slow build. Little things compiling on little things for a chunk of the first season. But even from that first breakfast in the hotel room, the way Hannibal made Will laugh, and how he looked at him…those two didn’t stand a chance!

 4.       Do you ship a Hannigram AU? Which one is your favorite!!!

 Honestly, I ship them all if they’re well written! I have a specific love of Tristhad and Spacedogs like the rest of us but Basic Chickens, Streunsex, Royal Instinct… the list is endless in the hands of this talented fandom!

 5.       Have you created anything for Hannigram? If so, what’s your favorite thing done? If not, what’s your favorite thing seen?

 Everything I write is Hannigram!  I haven’t attempted any other pairings yet, although I’d like to try my hand at an ABO Tristhad. Hmmm, favourites are hard… 

I really enjoyed writing my piece And Cure His Heart for #JustFuckMeUp and my very recent fic for #BottomHannibalDay Give and Take was also super fun.  I’m pretty proud of my piece for the @radiance-anthology but you’ll just have to wait for it to come out before you read it! ;P

6.       Do you remember your first Hannigram fic/art piece?

The first ever Hannigram anything I saw the beautiful manip below that popped up on Pinterest before I found Tumblr.  I almost DIED!  (I still can’t find who did it, anyone know?)

Once I found Tumblr, there was just so much Hannigram I didn’t know what to do with myself.  The first fic I fell in love with was the gorgeous Marriage series by @fragile-teacup which I found after reading her unbelievably amazing Drabbles.  Do yourself a favour and READ THEM!

 7.       Favorite Hannigram quote?

 This is really hard, but I’ll probably go with “If I saw you every day, forever, Will, I would remember this time.” Or “Did you believe you could change me the way I changed you?…I already did.” I could keep going of course, but those are classics. 

8.       Favorite Hannigram memory?

 If that’s moment in the show, that’s even HARDER! I mean, I feel like you have to put Mizumono and The Wrath of the Lamb aside to even be fair…but the entire final scene in Su-Zakana was so amazing, and when they met again at the Ufizzi. My heart is just swelling and breaking even as I type this!

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9.       It’s almost 2 years since TWOTL - what do you think Will and Hannibal are planning for that day?

Maybe they saved a few pieces of the Dragon to eat on their anniversaries, like people do with wedding cakes! I like to believe that they’re planning nothing more than staying in bed all day…with breaks for delicious food of course. ;P But a commemorative hunt would also seem pretty appropriate!

HAPPY #HANNIGRAMDAY EVERYONE!  I love you all, and I’m so happy to sail in this beautiful ship with you!

anonymous asked:

could you perhaps list all of your favourite moments that jackie and hyde had in that 70's show? :)

Oh fun!

1. “If I like her, shoot me!’

Because it was such an amazing scene and I remember being really giddy that episode and feeling happy for Jackie and this is, like, two or three seasons before they actually get together.

2. “You can do better”

I think that’s when I realized that Hyde genuinely cares about Jackie despite the fact that he actually dislikes her and I mean, I was 7 when the show first came out so it was the first time I sort of came into contact with the fact that you can care about some but actually also truly dislike them? And I have a post about this but Hyde never could stand to see Jackie cry

and this scene is an example of that.

3. Prom

Because it was awkward and sweet and spoke to what I said before, Hyde could never stand to see Jackie cry :

So he takes her to the prom to cheer her up.

4. When they get busted.

Not the scene itself but the fact that they’re both unwilling to stop seeing each other because they actually care about one another

5. The chin touch

I just think it’s really cute and it’s when Hyde makes Jackie feel better about their relationship and essentially tells her to ignore Donna and Eric.

6. “I love you”

The older I got the more I appreciated Jackie’s speech because it’s kind of mature, Michael was her first and only boyfriend before Hyde and they got together when she was, what, 15? There’s going to be residual … not even feelings but possessiveness of him because he was a huge part of her life for better or for worse but Hyde is the man she loves, Hyde’s the man she wants to be with, Kelso is a memory but Hyde is for real and her feelings for him are mature and transformative and despite this:

Hyde clearly loves her because he decides to get back together with her and I love how frustrated he was about that, he’s just like “DAMMIT” but then it ends with this:

7. “Jackie, I love you”

I mean, who doesn’t love the “Jackie, I love” you scene? I think I squealed when that happened because I mean it’s self-explanatory, it shows how much Hyde has grown and how much Jackie means to him because he’s being willingly vulnerable and he’s fighting for her and it’s a turning point in their relationship. This response:

was obviously crushing but I respected Jackie for doing it because she was finally demanding to be treated a certain way and after everything that happened with Michael, her response is both necessary, understandable and completely justified.

8. Zeppelin T-shirt

I love the episode because Michael tries to wedge his way between Jackie and Hyde and Hyde is pretty chill throughout the episode because it’s Hyde but when he gives Jackie the T-shirt it’s clear that he takes his relationship with her seriously and he’s in it for the long haul and I love that Jackie asks if she has to wear it and he says no because it shows how much they know each other.

9. The beard

Because, again, it shows how much Hyde is committed to Jackie because she spends the entire episode complaining about the beard and it’s Hyde, he doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do but after being unable to comfort her verbally after her father’s been arrested, he does this, which was sweet. I also love how Donna and Eric are there and make fun of him and he just has his “Shut. Up.” because it’s still very Hyde. And they actually turn out to be the most communicative dynamic of the entire episode because Donna and Eric and Kitty and Red both argue about what they need from the other partner.

10. “Lowering my standards”

I just really love that kiss and that he holds her hand as they leave. It’s so cute and endearing.

11. “She’s my chick”

Simple but cute.

12. “I’ll kick you”

Because I was happy there was still a chance, I was happy that Hyde was happy and I was happy that Jackie kicked him because that’s just so Jackie.

13. “You’re beautiful”

Because we don’t get too many moments where Hyde is just that direct with compliments in general and it was a really sweet scene.

14. Every time she sits on his lap:

15. Sleepover

Because Jackie trusted Hyde and Hyde wouldn’t let Jackie sleep in her house by herself.

16. Reunited Makeout

17. Essentially, every single kiss they have, like they look good kissing:

I also really like when Hyde gets arrested for Jackie and when he sees her crying at the football game but there aren’t any gifs for that. I’m sure I have many others I can’t think of :)

PLL finale thoughts

This is going to be messy sorry…

1. If you know my blog you’ll know I wanted twincer so badly so YAS

Now on to the rest…

2. The biggest thing I’m disappointed with (well this alongside the 3rd point) is that Alex had no solid motive to torture not only Spencer but the rest of the girls. Tbh my memory of the finale is a little fragmented and this may be wrong but her motive was because of Charlotte? Now what did any of the girls even do to her? Charlotte tortured the girls to the point they were close to death several times.

3. WHERE WAS ANY MENTION OF BETHANY YOUNG?!?!!!! How did she end up in Rosewood? Why was she wearing a yellow top and the bracelet? Did Ali know her? I have so many questions surrounding Bethany and I’m so disappointed that we didn’t even get a mention. I had hoped for many seasons that the girls killed Bethany and that would be the motive for AD to go after the girls.

4. FILLERS FILLERS FILLERS! Marlene you had one job and you didn’t do it. Yes I do have favourite ships and yes I am pleased they ended the show in certain couples but honestly the finale was for answers not romance.

5. Why on earth did we even need to wait that long into the episode to have AD revealed

6. The fake Melissa reveal really disappointed me. My other AD suspects were Melissa and Wren so I was pleased with Melissa being AD. To then find out it was fake.

7. Where is mike? You want me to believe Aria didn’t invite her brother to the wedding? What happened to Eddie Lamb?

8. My first ever suspect way back in season 1 was Lucas. For Lucas to have one scene (fucking tap dancing?!?) was really disappointing. Why didn’t we get any further backstory on his relationship with Charlotte.

9. Sara was such an irrelevant character yet Marlene made her relevant to two major plot lines. Yet we get no backstory on her. How she ended up on the A team, how Charlotte recruited her (kidnap, blackmail ??), why did she end up in the Dollhouse? What did she do down there that whole time?

10. This brings me to the Dollhouse. How was that built? Who helped Charlotte build it? Why didn’t anybody question why the hell somebody was building an underground bunker? What happened while the girls were down there? Why haven’t we seen more flashbacks? The idea of the Dollhouse was amazing but Marlene did not use it to its full potential.

11. Why have so many investigations just being dropped? Who do the police think shot Spencer?! Who has noticed Wren is dead?!

12. I had long hoped for a scene with Mary and Veronica. Again Marlene disappoints.

13. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know what happened after the Alex reveal. Did Spencer tell her parents? What does Melissa know?

14. Mona winning the game is everything. I love that Marlene went for this but honestly so much about it isn’t realistic (I know this is PLL but come on) How did she get them to Paris?!

15. Previous seasons still go unanswered. Why Ali had pictures of Aria? What did Ali do when she was missing? What was up with Garret? What was Fureys role in everything? Marlene said that Furey had apart of the AD story not just as a police officer?! Why was Byron so shady? How was Ezra just writing a book?!? Who grabbed Ali in ravenswood (Ezra)?! Who was the one who had touched the girls who Ali feared the most?

16. I’m going to finish this on a positive note (sort of). The reveal itself was so good. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I just wish it wasn’t as rushed and we had got more of our questions answered.

So many points I could add but I’ll be here forever. I’m gutted PLL has ended like this because so many of our questions will go unanswered. My expectations were so low but I was still disappointed. I want to thank everybody who puts so much time into creating incredible theories. You have made my PLL journey that much better!

brownbluesargent  asked:

So your tags fuckin kill me, especially the ones about Eskimo kisses. Can u elaborate on Isak x Even Eskimo kisses and why they make you all fuzzy? I'd love to hear your thoughts


Okay I’ve had this ask sitting in my inbox for a couple of days, because, I really wanna commit myself 100% to when I answer this, and answer it as … fully as I can, because, yes, you’re right. Their eskimo kisses make me all fuzzy. They’re probably my most favourite thing about them. This may get long? But urm … yeah, I need to explain.

Eskimo kissing, honestly, is normally, majority of the times, passed off as “just another trivial act of affection and love”, in most cases. It’s given a moment of appreciation where people go “AWW!! That’s cute!!”, and then … that’s it. You move on. It’s never really dwelled upon that much. In short, what I mean to say is, eskimo kissing is super underrated. 

But Even and Isak make it … much, MUCH more than that. They have it be this constant running theme between them, one that never drops midway through the season once they become more sexually/physically close. It remains. It stays. It sticks. Even until the very, very last scene of the season, it stays. 

Now, I don’t know if … it was scripted? Or if Henrik and Tarjei simply improvised it, but … once they had their very first, proper, eskimo kiss in episode 5, where Even and Isak spend the whole weekend in bed, after their first kiss, it’s been an ongoing Thing. Never edited out. Always being there, incorporated. 

What Even and Isak bring into their eskimo kisses is intimacy. Intimacy on a whole other level.  And it’s amazing, just how they showed that level of intimacy right from episode 5, when they’re both lying in bed that weekend, and they become, for the first time, physically close to one another. It instantly becomes so much more intimate, when Isak rubs his nose against Even’s, and Even waits to see what Isak is doing, whilst Isak is simply allowing him to bask in that feeling of being in the arms of a boy. In the arms of THAT boy that he’s felt so MUCH for. In the arms of Even. And Even smiles. He SMILES when he realises what Isak is doing, because … he’s already head over heels for Isak, but here is this boy, who just wants the smallest of touches, the simple feeling of pleasure you get when you are this close to someone you’ve been crushing on for so long, that you can finally lie in bed and brush noses, and the outside world doesn’t matter. And Even reciprocates it back. That, yeah, I feel that too, Isak. I feel that too. 

Yes, it’s cute. Yes, it’s adorable. But I find it also being EXTREMELY intimate. In fact, even more intimate than their actual kisses. Why? Because their eskimo kisses aren’t just used “when they kiss”, they don’t just eskimo kiss then. They eskimo kiss in other times too: in times where they want to comfort each other, or start a conversation with each other. It’s their direct, first point of contact. 

Case in point: In episode 5, before Even asks Isak “So, what do you think your parents would say if we began dating?”, there’s a small, private, intimate moment between them 2, where Even brushes his nose against Isak’s, then bites his bottom lip and looks down, in apprehension for what he’s about to ask Isak (because he KNOWS how big of a deal this is to Isak and him). Isak senses that Even’s … nervous … and Isak then brushes his nose against Even’s. And that’s when Even works up the courage and takes a breath in, and asks Isak the question. 

And again, in episode 8, when Isak says “Only you can feel what you feel”, Even instantly brushes his nose against Isak, again, comforting him, making it a point of contact, before he tells Isak, “And I haven’t felt anything, quite like this, ever.” It’s SO … private. JUST for them. 

Again, in O Helga Natt, what’s the FIRST thing they do? Isak walks up to Even, and he brushes his nose against Even’s, and then traces his nose against Even’s cheek. It’s SO fucking intimate. It’s SUCH a private moment. It’s literally … their first point of contact and communication. No words, just a way of them telling each other, “Hey, we don’t have to speak, but I’m here, ready to listen, when you’re ready to talk. In the meantime, let’s do something we’re both familiar with.”, and they brush their noses against one another.

In episode 10, during Minutt for Minutt, that last bit, where Isak brushes his nose against Even’s. It’s a sign of Comfort. Warmth. Safety. Intimacy. It’s so much more than just being “another physical symbol of love”, it speaks it’s own language. And Even’s deep long breaths that you can hear him take during that bit show him wanting to feel safe, and feeling safe, feeling somewhat content that he has Isak there, and that he’s taking in all this familiarity, this warmth, that Isak’s giving him. 

Even in the last scene of the season, before Sana walks in on them, AGAIN, there is this CONSCIOUS moment, where they both eskimo kiss. But here, it’s Even now providing Isak with some courage, with some calm, because even though Isak said to Even that he doesn’t find it awkward meeting Even’s Mum, so as long as Even’s smiling, and wearing clothes, that things will be chill then, Even still knows just how frightened Isak was that night when Even had his episode. Even can still feel the after effects, hear it in the way Isak’s voice became so serious, even if he was saying it light heartedly. And it’s Even that says, “I promise I’ll wear clothes”, but it’s so much more than that? That’s Even saying to Isak that, I know somedays it’s won’t be easy, and I’m sorry that I scared you as much as I did, but know that … I do love you. Know that, I’m still me. Know that, when you get scared, I can feel it. Know that, I want to soothe your worries and comfort you too, just like how you do with me. We can be that for each other. And then Even goes ahead and brushes his nose against Isak’s, for good measure, a visual, physical measure, to once again show that their eskimo kisses are a sign of comfort. It’s intimate. So intimate, that Sana walks in on them doing THAT, instead of having her walk in on them kissing. They could have EASILY shown Sana walk in on them kissing, but she didn’t. Why? Because their eskimo kisses ARE that much more intimate, and she walked in on THAT, and her fond laughter shows that she too realised she walked in on a very private moment between them 2.

And, well, if that doesn’t make me feel all fuzzy, and warm, and safe … then what will?

Katsuki Yuuri’s favourite move the triple axel and self-expression

Welcome to my first attempt of YOI meta-writing - this meta draws attention to Yuuri’s “favourite move” the triple axel, and his growth in mental strength and self-expression. Even half-dedicated fans are aware that Victor’s signature move is the quadruple flip as it’s been remarked several times in the series, Yuuri’s attempts of the quad flip signifies his blossoming relationship with his coach, soulmate and fiance Victor Nikiforov. This meta is about his performance of the triple axel, which in a way is to Yuuri the quad flip is to Victor. His performance of this jump correlates to his growing confidence in self-expression and assertion. Please be prepared that this won’t be a short meta, elaboration with screen maps from the show will be under the cut. Ready? On we go.

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Thank you “Kokuhaku”!

After 17 years of loving this fandom, thanks to that disastrous movie such as “Kokuhaku” was, I can finally prove even more that all the nasty things that were said over the years about Daisuke Motomiya are completely unfounded!

Originally posted by inuoka

Daisuke’s always been my favourite character in all Digimon Adventure. Since the very beginning he was wrongly and unreasonably accused of being TOO SIMPLE, STUPID, SELFISH, A SHITTY FRIEND, a BAD COPY of Taichi, a BAD LEADER and more, but they are honestly too many to even remember all of them.

And the only reason was to put under the spotlight characters that were there before him.  Characters that, as we saw in “Kokuhaku,” do not deserve it.

And it’s very sad because with this attitude lots of people missed the opportunity to know a good and an ispiring character.

Originally posted by wolfmons

I’ve already talked about how disappointing the third Chapter was in a previous post (http://princesscassiebaratheon.tumblr.com/post/150885773342/my-reactions-watching-digimon-tri-kokuhaku) and we can all agree on at least one thing:


This is one of the many accusations that Daisuke recives. And there is never been a BIGGER LIE. It’s always been there on the screen but it seems like people didn’t want to see it. Daisuke is extreamly selfless and he dimostrates that in various occasion during the second series. A few examples:

  • Episode 1 “The One Who Inherits Courage”: Since the very beginning he was determinate to help his friends (in this case Taichi and Hikari) despite his fears and confusion for being in a compleately uknown world/situation.
  • Episode 8 “The Digimon Kaiser’s Loneliness”: In this episode Daisuke was willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends. None of all the Digidestined, of both series, has ever done something this selfless. The difference is that in that moment he didn’t think about his own well being, not even for a second. He was ready to die without even try to defend himself. He just wanted to save his friends, no matter the cost. It’s funny how this scene is always forgotten (I’m talking about the fandom here), when it is one of the most beautiful and selfless act I’ve ever seen on the entire series.
  • Episode 13 “Dagomon’s Call”: In this Hikari-centered episode, we see Daisuke doing something that was missing in “Kokuahku”. Even when he didn’t know where Hikari was, he was determiated to find her and bring her back. He didn’t get stopped by his friends words and he was desperate when he couldn’t get throught the digital gate. On the contrary all Hikari and Takeru needed to stop searching for them was a closed door and an unanswered phonecall.

Originally posted by becauseofjustema

Moreover in this episode Daisuke was also very respectful towards Hikari and Takeru’s friendship, because even though he was concerned about Hikari, he knew that the right thing to do was let her best friend go and talk to her. And he was even very respectful towards Takeru, because even if he wanted to know if Hikari was alright he saw him troubled and so he didn’t ask anything.    

  • Episode 49 “The Last Armor Evolution”: Daisuke saved the day… again! He didn’t give up even when his friends were under BelialVamdemon’s illusions. Even if he was alone, Daisuke was still able to give V-mon the power to let him evolve in all his forms to save the others and then he helped them to gain their strenght and do the same. 
  • Movie “Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!”: In this movie Taichi and his group were kidnapped by Chocomon and when Daisuke (along Miyako and Iori) finds out he flew all that way to America to find a way to save them. While in Chapter three even cross the street to go and talk to him and see if he was alright seemed a very complicated journey…. That’s what friends are for! 

It’s important to notice that everything Daisuke does for them is without expecting anything in return, not even a “thank you”, it is an act of pure love. And what’s even better about him is that no matter the resultes he obtains with his actions, he never consideres himself the “hero” but for Daisuke it is always the team who wins.

And so I think that the adjective “selfish” CAN’T really be applied to him.

Originally posted by 90-kidz

One of my favourite things about Digimon Adventure is Daisuke and Ken’s Friendship. Through this relationship we can see clearly what an amazing person and friend Daisuke really is.

He was able to understand Ken’s feelings and I was always amazed by the fact that he never actually hated him, even after all he had done. In fact Daisuke wanted him to join them, because he understood how hard Ken was tring to prove himself as a good person.

Daisuke had forgiven Ken since he heard that voice from the Golden Digimental. (Episode 20/21 and he talks about it in episode 26)

You can’t actually think that someone like that is stupid or simple minded.

Daisuke always believed in Ken and he wanted to make him feel welcomed and accepted among the Digidestined and he always did his best to do so.

At the end of season 2 it seems like Ken was finally accepted by all of them. And then it comes “Ketsui”, where not only they all immediately believed that the Mistery Man was him, but also they acted like they weren’t surprised at all about it. And moreover they even cheered when they “defeated” Imperialdramon!

In “Kokuhaku” everyone was all cuddly with Meiko, when she didn’t act like a reliable friend when they needed it. But they judged Ken till the end, even though he always tried to show them that he was a good and trustworthy friend.

Originally posted by foreveraloneandlivingvicariously

So who deserves the TITLE of SHITTY FRIEND?


Another funny accusation is that Daisuke just want to steal Taichi’s place as the Digidestined leader.

Since the very first episode of season 2 it’s clear that Daisuke deeply admires Taichi. Taichi is Daisuke’s role model.

But that doesn’t mean that Daisuke is Taichi’s bad copy or just want to take his place.

The two google heads are similar, but not so much as it might appear. In fact at the beginnig of season 1 Taichi was very stubborn, impulsive and a bit bossy. During the season Taichi grew up a lot and become the leader they all expected him to be: very caring, dedicated, brave and determinate.

Daisuke already possesed from the beginning some qualities that Taichi learned during his journey. Taichi is very aware of this fact and that’s why HE GAVE DAISUKE HIS GOOGLES. Of course Daisuke is not perfect, indeed at the beginning he was a bit immature and goofy, but during the series he learned to contol himself

Originally posted by wolfmons

And moreover Daisuke always respects Taichi’s decisions and leadership. This is more than evident for example in Episode 10 “The Enemy is MetalGreymon”. In this episode Agumon is under the Kaiser’s control and even if the others were ready to attack, the moment Taichi told them not to attack MetalGreymon, Daisuke was the only one who listened to him and said: “Taichi-sempai says to wait, so we wait”

Taichi I really think you should be careful, Daisuke really wants to put you down.

Originally posted by allreactions

I never understand how people can affirm that Taichi should have chosen Takeru as the next leader, just because Takeru was there first (and this applies even to Hikari).

But being there first doesn’t guarantee a good leadership.

Before I continue, I want to say that this Anime is so beautiful because everyone has a role in the group and there is nothing wrong if your favourite character is not one of the leaders. My favourite character in season 1 is Koushiro, but I would never think that he would be a better leader than Taichi just because he is the smartest one of them all. Beacuse there are other characteristics of his that prevent him to be a good leader.

Daisuke is a better leader then both Hikari and Takeru could have been.

  • Episode 19 “The Syntethic Beast, Chimeramon”: in this episode Takeru purposely left Daisuke behind, without asking for his opinion,  to “take care of the girls” that of course are too girly to take care of themselves, even though in the previous episode he left them alone with even an unconcious Hawkmon.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Daisuke did the same, you say? Yes!

But he always act like that, and this is because he believes in the girls capabilities. And this is not a default on his part (indeed he always recommend to them to be careful) but it’s an act of trust.

Even if he was left behind Daisuke didn’t get angry, but he worked a way to reach the others, since V-mon can’t swim or fly.

And at the end of the episode after they were defeated for the first time by Chimeramon, while Takeru was punching Ken, Daisuke helped to take to safety all digimons rescued by Iori and cheard them up by encourage his friends.  

  • Episode 20 “Suprime Evolution, Golden Magnamon”: In this episode the kids finally break in the Kaiser’s fortress. They got attacked by Chimeramon and the situation was tough for them. Takeru and then Hikari, followed by Miyako and Iori, wanted to escape and wait for another chance. Daisuke didn’t agree with them because they were so close to defeat the Kaiser and he knew that they would never have again an opportunity like that. He didn’t impose his decision on his friends, but he had to keep going, even if he was alone, because he wanted to save the Digimons who were suffering. At his words all his friends felt confident again and choose to follow him and Hikari said “He really is taking the charge”…. and she is right!  


Watching “Ketsui” I really appreacieted Hikari’s speech to Jou. It reminded me a lot about the thing Daisuke cared the most and worked hard to achieve in season 2: Partnership. But he believes that this bond exist not only between a Digidestined and his own digimon, but even between all of them. THEY ALL BELONG TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY ARE DIGIDESTINED.

Then “Kokuhaku” arrives and not only the group has split up for an unknow reason, but the 01 kids didn’t have even the tiniest clue of where Daisuke’s party was, if they were ok, or even alive!

Originally posted by procrastinationismyfriend

How can they even have the courage to talk about partnership, unbreakable bonds, special connection to one another?

You say these things and this is the way you act?! You waited that the Mistery Man appeared to try and contact them???!!


And at last I wanted to spend a couple of words about another accusation moved to Daisuke.

Some say that his character is TOO SIMPLE.

Apparently he is too simple because he is always happy.

Daisuke during the season makes a lot of deep speeches. Like in episode 20 (as I said before), or episode 26 (when he convinced Ken not kill himself), or episode 45 (when his words not only helped Ken but even his other friends to defeat darkness) and more… I have just mentioned my favourites, but he frequently does speeches like these.

But there is one particulary speech in which he explains why he is always happy:

Episode 49 “The Last Armour Evolution”: Daisuke explains to BelialVamdemon why he couldn’t trick him with his illusion. Daisuke is a happy boy because he is greatful for everything he has even the littlest things and the ones that are easly taken for granted. And this is an extreamly difficult thing to do. It’s easier to give more attention to you worries or fears. What it’s difficult is to cling yourself to the little things that give light to your life and use them to chase away the darkness.

This is exactly what Daisuke does, that’s why he is ALWAYS HAPPY, why he CAN INSPIRE HIS FRIENDS, why HE ALWAYS WINS and why THEY CALL HIM THE MIRACLE BOY!

Sunday Stumped Day 20

It’s another Sunday Stumped Day.

Sometimes we straight out get stumped.  So each week on Sunday we’ll post of a list of asks that we need your help on.

If you have an answer to any of these shoot us a message/ask/reply with the Post number and the fic number and we’ll add it and give you a shout out with our thanks. Any links you can provide will also be super helpful.


Post 1 , Post 2 , Post 3, Post 4, Post 5, Post 6, Post 7, Post 8, Post 9, Post 10, Post 11, Post 12, Post 13, Post 14, Post 15, Post 16, Post 17Post 18  and Post 19 can be found here - and there are still fics we need your help with.

248.  everlarklucaya said to everlarkficquestions:

Okay so I’m looking for a fanfic that I don’t remember the title of but it was like a growing back together one where Katniss and Peeta went to the beach in district 4 and someone tried to shoot Katniss and Peeta hit his head and then all of his memories came back?

249. virgosupremacy said to everlarkficquestions:

could you help me find a post-mj fic where katniss and peeta get together and she starts taking queen anne’s lace or something herbal as a contraceptive?

250. ktanissevrdeen said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi hi hi are there any fics where katniss and peeta are still living in 12 when the bombing happens? Also, are there any fics where katniss and peeta are still regular citizens during the rebellion? Like they’re not the ones that go into the games and start the rebellion but it still happens? Thanks!!!!!


Hero of the Story by atetheredmind (s_e_irvine)

Thank you @joaquinablog!

251.  everythingisprettygood said to everlarkficquestions:

Any where Peeta sees Katniss and Gale kiss?


The Lover and the Best Friend by writersblock700

Thank you @sunsetsrmydreams!

252. slytherin-larrie said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a fix where Katniss is pregnant during Catching Fire/Mockingjay. I remember that when she arrived in district 13, the doctors there removed her baby for its protection or something? and they (possibly) lie to Katniss telling her the baby dies and she doesn’t find out for awhile and the baby turns out to be alive and okay and after awhile she takes it to her compartment with her mum and prim and looks after her daughter?? I read it ages ago and can’t find it :(


More Than Words by OfPearlsAndShoelaces

Thank you @geekymoviemom and @andthisisthewonder!

253.  sunsetsrmydreams said to everlarkficquestions:

I cannot remember the name of the fic where before they send Peeta and Katniss into the Quell, they put Peeta and some others in a victors program that implants them with mind control devices and Portia is in Peeta’s head. He makes it to 13 and confesses to Katniss that sometimes he can’t control himself.


Swingsets by lollercakes

Thank you @eggplant8 and @jennagill!

254.  thankyouthgproject said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a story where katniss has to decide if peeta should lose his leg or not after an accident. Once he’s awake and doing physio he gets really angry at katniss and tells her she’s useless and she runs away. Katniss also gets jealous with his relationship with the physio (Lavinia?). Pleaseeee help!


Two Wrongs by JLaLa

Thank you @smartalexy!

255.  everythingisprettygood said to everlarkficquestions:

Hello! Are there any where Gale comes back to District 12 after the war and wants Katniss to go to District 2 with him/his family? Thanks! Love this page


You Look So Good in Love by peetabreadgirl

Thank you @peetabreadgirl​!

256.  wheresoulsmeetbodies said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I am looking for a fic where Katniss and Peeta are dating in high school but then they break up right after graduation. They are at a graduation party and they sneak into the woods to be alone, but then they break up and Katniss runs away from him. Any ideas? Thank you!


Black and Blue by hutchhitched

Thank you @hutchhitched!

257.  fangirlingoverquotes said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey! Do you know some cute fics/oneshots in which Haymitch’s really cute with toastbaby’s and acts like their grandfather? Thanks!!!


The Grandmentor by silvercistern

Thank you @eggplant8!

258. thatgirlisahurricane said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! Do you know any fics based upon Grace and Tommy’s storyline in the first season of “Peaky Blinders”? Thanks in advance.

259.  prettyshirleyann said to everlarkficquestions:

hey! your blog is so helpful and I was wondering if there are any fics wherein katniss and peeta are not together but have a baby or they’ve kinda seperated and are dividing their time because of their child. Thanks! <3


The Match and the Rock by HPfanonezillion

Thank you @booksrockmyface!

260.  mellarkkeverdeen said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a one shot where peeta is divorced and has a kid with someone else, he and katniss are together and katniss is pregnant with his child, they have a weekend alone and then delly/Madge drops off his child and katniss is upset?


Somewhere in the Middle by SassyEverlarking

Thank you @keytomykingdom!

261.  youmakemyheartpanic said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! First of all, I just love this page and it has helped me finding a lot of my favourite fanfics to date. I was looking for a fic I read on FanFiction.Net. It was set during Mockingjay, but the only thing I distinctively recall is that KP were watching kids from the medical ward as requested by Prim during the bombings to D13. Thanks!

262.  emmmmma25-blog said to everlarkficquestions:

any find involving the Jabberjay scene in CF? Like reversals where Peeta gets caught in the hour, or Katniss hears Peeta’s screams??

263.  liabelen10 said to everlarkficquestions:

Caste System! everlark, please. thnx


Know That Your Place Is With Me by titania522

Thank you @arabeth-thea!

264.  seafinnickeyes said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey hello. I don’t know if you guys can help me with this, but i’m asking all same. Did you know any everlark fanfic with a great amount of gadge as well? It can be of any type, but preferably complete and set in Panem.

265.  jobanana7 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi guys I can’t get hold of this drabble and I can’t remember the title but, it has a gif on it and is k and p on vacation and k is going to tell p she’s pregnant and she has a call with prim whose dating Rory and is babysitting the toast baby girl… And that’s as much as I remembered, do you think you can help??? Thank you so much !!!

266.  jobanana7 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I was hoping you’d help me find this drabble of k and p on a vacation and k is going to tell p she’s pregnant, and k calls prim and she’s (prim) babysitting the toast baby girl and there’s a gif of feet on a bed entwined together… As always thanks!!

267.  craftydiva0828 said to everlarkficquestions:

Looking for a fic where in the first chapter Katniss remarks about of course the “star crossed lovers” would end in front of an audience because that’s how they started. The scene has all the remaining victors going their separate ways, including Peeta.

268.  winkrookie said to everlarkficquestions:

fics with young toastbaby boy?

269.  bellemelody-blog said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I was was reading story written by kismet4891 “Careless wishes”. I wonder maybe it is possible to find something similar, with another reality or dream in story. When a hero can understand that everything is going differently not how it suppose to be. I just fall in love with this story!

270.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Is there any everlark fic where katniss is more open with her feelings towards peeta and proves to everyone including gale that peeta is the one she loves proudly?


The Other Mockingjay by MockingJayFlyingFree

Thank you @jennagill!

271.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi I am trying to remember a fic that I read where Peeta burns bread in his house so he stays with Katniss for a few days and then they go into his house again and kiss in the smoke. I was wondering if you knew of it?

272.  thankyouthgproject said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi I read a fic a while ago but can’t remember the name of it. Katniss, prim and her mum move to this residence sorta place and K gets a lifeguard job and eventually meets Peeta. They end up becoming friends and enter a triathlon sorta thing and K has to teach P how to swim and he nearly dies?? TYSM!

273.  addygal39 said to everlarkficquestions:

I’m trying to find the name of fic where Katniss lives with Haymitch(?) after the death of her parents. peeta sees her walking one day and takes her home in his carriage. They form a friendship, fall in love and decide to get married but he dissapears only to turn up a long while later after having been sent off to war. They see eachother by accident at a party/gathering and he explains that he didn’t willingly leave her but was sent off. Thanks for any help you can provide :)


Peeta and I by Lulubee1234

Thank you @aynako808!

274.  devfame said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I remember a while back I read a fanfic where Katniss goes to district 7 (post-mockingjay). She visits Johanna and ends up spending a week or so with her. They bond, go hunting, Katniss sees a moose for the first time. I believe that Johanna got over her fear of water and now lives by a lake. She also leaves food on the doorsteps of some houses. Sorry if this information isn’t much help I can only remember bits and bobs - For all I know it’s been deleted. Thanks in advance :D


An Evergreen Forest -  bodylikeabattleaxe

Thank you @kdlovehg!

275.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey do you have any fic where katniss gets to see how peeta gets tortured and It breaks her?

276. stickymooniverse said to everlarkficquestions:

I don’t know the name of this fic or where to find it. Katniss and Peeta in college. Katniss was raised by her uncle Snow (I think). He was (was killed) and she inherited a lot of money, buys a fancy apartment. She uses drugs sporadically, goes to Peeta’s family for Christmas. They date. Etc. I’m not crazy, right? Oh also Gale is her weed connection but has a crush. She’s not into it


Lost and Wandering by Bemac

Thank you @icbiwf!

277.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I am looking for a fanfiction I read a while ago about Katniss and Peeta growing back together after the war. The scene I remember most is that their first kiss was in Peeta’s bedroom, which was filled with smoke because he burnt some bread. Hope you can find it! Thank you so much:))

278.  silent-movements said to everlarkficquestions:

Looking for a fic/drabble that was about a lot of the characters were in and that peeta was a knight? And katniss was probably an archer and they were at the last boss when peeta died because of using a potion too early and they all failed to clear the game? Thanks!

280. lysen5972 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi again, thanks for the help last week. i am now wondering about another fic. In this one there is a separate revolt in district 12 (started i think when they tried to send the peacekeepers that had started lives in 12 away) and there is somekind of trial where katniss and others are being prosecuted because they don’t want to follow the new regime and district 13s new law. Any ideas which it could be? Thanks for the help


The Avalanche and Little Pebbles by Dyce 

Thank you @eggplant8 and @icbiwf!

281.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I love your site, and I was wondering if you know any fics that take place during Catching Fire and go into more depth about Peeta’s reaction to Katniss suggesting they get married. I have been looking for fics about this for ever and I wanted to ask if you knew some! Thanks a bunch:))

282.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi…. First of all I want to let you know you are doing an amazing job.. So thank you and second I wanted to ask if you know any fics where peeta sparks the rebellion and snow gets angry with peeta, not katniss!


Either Way by bellissimaanima

Thank you @tsweetyumi!

283.  intensely-melodramatic said to everlarkficquestions:

Ok so I’m looking for an AU fic set in college and Katniss and peeta meet through mutual friends and at one point she spills coffee on him. Later in the story she sings in front of the group which I think includes Finnick and gale etc and peeta is super impressed. I’m sorry I know this is a bit random and all over the place

284.   intensely-melodramatic said to everlarkficquestions:

 I have another one, Peeta and katniss have a baby but she keeps the pregnancy from him and the baby Years later. Katniss gets kicked out along with her daughter from her mums home and moves in with peeta who is a teacher. Can you find this one?

Do any of these ring a bell? Let us know!

My Review of Teen Wolf  6x20 - Wolves of War

Here it is, the last ever Teen Wolf review I’ll be doing. A bittersweet moment for sure, especially when it comes to one of your favourite shows that’s been with you for 6 years. The series finale had it’s moments and fell short in others, however, it was still memorable. What I think would have made it even better, was if it got extended to even an hour or an hour and a half. I just felt like 50 minutes was not enough time to really make the series finale amazing, and Teen Wolf deserved nothing short of amazing. So I’m really mad at MTV for not giving Teen Wolf enough time to wrap it up, because I’m sure Jeff had a lot more footage he wanted to put in. And it also could of meant that other characters like Deaton, Danny, Morell, Stiles, Derek, even maybe Isaac could of made an appearance. But anyway let’s dive in deeper for the final episode review!

- Favourite Scenes

1. Old Characters Return
Stiles, Derek, Jennifer, Void Stiles/Nogitsune, Oni, etc. My heart was exploding with happiness at seeing all these old favourites. Even though they only had a short amount of screen time, it still didn’t make their appearances any less exciting. I was ready to see all of them, but Void Stiles threw me off guard. I saw rumored photos, but I never thought it would actually happen. Dylan nailed Void back in season 3, he was the villain that Teen Wolf was never able to top. So watching Dylan portray such an iconic villain again really gave the series finale the push it needed to be next level.

Jennifer was also another villain I loved, and her scene with Derek was interesting to watch. There are many things Derek could be afraid of. Losing someone important comes to mind for example, a common one that I’m sure everyone can relate too. But his fear came in the shape of Jennifer. Granted she did have a major impact on him throughout season 3, so her appearing wasn’t a big shock. And even though Lydia’s premonition showed Derek getting turned into stone, I really thought he wasn’t going to open his eyes. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Hayley come back and be Miss Jennifer Blake for at least a few minutes!

2. Library Scene/Scott’s Eyes
Scott deserves all the awards in the world for what he did!. I mean clawing out his own eyes was the most craziest move his done. I liked that it was a little nod to Deucalion (at least I think it was, so don’t take that away from me!). And what I loved most of all was all previous villains re-appearing, and Scott being our beloved hero conquering all of his fears.

I will say that I had my fingers crossed for an Allison appearance. And I honestly believe it would have been more effective to have Allison appear, as opposed to the Nogitsune just saying her name. Maybe it’s just me and my annoying need to see Allison again, but the series finale would have been the perfect option to make that happen. And Jeff really missed that opportunity.

3. Stydia & Scalia
We finally got Stydia as a canon couple and barely got any couple moments. I know it wasn’t the writers fault, and I’m so glad that Dylan’s recovered now. But it is a little bit sad that they didn’t get a scene where it was just them, but I’m thankful that they ended up being endgame and really happy at their story. We have so many amazing Stydia moments to look back on and that’s a lot more than some other couples got.

Moving on to Scalia, that pairing came a little out of nowhere. But my god, did it leave a long lasting impact. We can all agree the moment Lydia told Malia to kiss him after she looked at Stiles, just made out hearts melt (well at least for the people who ship these two pairings). I liked how it was a nice nod to Stydia’s kiss, but also to Scalia and their connection. I know, if Allison was still alive or  if Kira didn’t get written off that maybe one of them would have been in Malia’s place. However, we’ll sadly never know if that would be true.

In the end I did want Scallison to be endgame, because going back and watching season 1 & 2 it just makes you smile at how cute those two were. But, having both Stiles and Scott happy with their chosen ladies is what I wanted regardless of who they ended up with.

4. Theo’s Redemption
We all knew this was coming, I mean what would have been the purpose of bringing him back from hell?. Theo’s come a long way from the power trip villain we met in season 5. And I really enjoyed watching a friendship form between him and Liam (I saw nothing romantic other than friends, but each to their own). I would of liked for him to share a scene with Scott. We all know Scott is forgiving, but hearing him say it to Theo I reckon would have had more of an impact in Theo’s redemption story.

I’m not sure why Theo had so many scenes with Liam, maybe it was to give off the idea that now Theo’s slowly becoming a member of Liam’s pack?. Anyway, we did get to see a more vulnerable side to Theo which is something that I didn’t think would happen.

I always knew, as soon as Mason told Theo that you can’t take away pain if you don’t care would play a part in the finale. I’m actually glad that he didn’t die and his redemption came in the form of Theo being able to take away pain. I thought it brought his character arc to full circle, without drastically changing who he was in order to achieve it. Theo is still Theo, he reminds me of Peter. But now, he is capable of feeling emotion, being sympathetic and that right there is what good character development looks like.

- Memorable Mentions

1. Stydia Finding Out About Jackson
We got Stydia’s reaction to Jackson and Ethan being together, but did anyone actually think we’d get Jackson’s reaction to Stydia??. I vaguely remember Jeff saying that we would, but we got nothing. So do I have a shocking memory, or was Jeff lying again?. I honestly can’t keep track, but what I will say is their faces were absolutely hilarious and classic Stiles standing there confused was icing on the cake.

2. Coach
One word: Coach, two words: Bloody brilliant.

I don’t think this needs to be a long paragraph, every scene the Coach is in ends up being the highlight of the episode, and the series finale was no different.

3. Sheriff Stilinski
Can we get a hell yeah for the bad-ass parents!?. If that was not the most awesome scene the Sheriff has been apart of, then I don’t know what is. The best thing was not only him taking on those 3 officers on his own, but getting them to call him Sheriff and help Parrish - priceless.

4. Clinic Scene
The gang is all together (minus Allison, Isaac, etc). I know some people would take the Stiles and Derek story as “romantic”, but I honestly laughed at the flashback and got all nostalgic at how season 1-3 it felt. I missed Stiles and Derek being apart of the groups plans, helping them even come up with one and throw banter back and forth. It truly felt like old times, and I guess that was the aim Jeff was going for. And well, it worked!.

- Least Favourite Scene

1. Monroe Escaping
The ONE thing I was looking forward too, other than seeing old favourites return was Monroe getting what she deserved!. But, apparently Jeff and I weren’t on the same page. I am so angry that out of all the villains she was the one that ended up getting no punishment for her crimes. Yes, you’ll probably say it’s to keep the door open for a spin off. But the idea of seeing her face again or knowing that she is roaming the world gathering up another army, pisses me off to the extreme. And the fact I’d rather Gerard survive over her tells you how much it gets to me.

Speaking of the devil, I’m glad Kate was the one who “killed” him. I mean we didn’t really see whether she did, she could of just bitten him and turned him into everything he was hunting. But in the end that’s better than nothing. The scene where Papa Argent walked away was such an epic shot. Farewell Gerard, I know you won’t be missed!.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 8/10

- Favourite Quotes
LYDIA: OMG, I thought you’d never figure it out

This is the end of the ride. Japril meant so much to me I think the only way I can give MY japril justice is saying goodbye right now.

It’s clear they are going to explore this Jaggie mess, it’s clear that April/Sarah will take a back seat next season, like she did these last 8 episodes, so that we can concentrate on Maggie and Jackson and - they hope - we can forget about japril, for a while at least. It’s clear they are writing Maggie old-April style so that we can understand why Jackson likes her, why he could develop feelings for her. It’s just as clear the writers are insulting our intelligence. We are supposed to believe what happened in Montana was “emergency sex”, that it meant nothing more to Jackson and April, no matter how in love they looked in those scene. We are supposed to believe all Jackson has in common with April is their daughter, as if April got pregnant after a drunk ONS and their 6 seasons unique history never happened, as if “my mother wanted you here (cause you are the only one who could help me getting through this)” never happened just a few episodes before. 

Well, I’m not here for this. I won’t let the writers of this crappy show insult me even more, I won’t be there watching them destroying my favourite characters and throw away Sarah and Jesse incredible job, their insane chemistry, the passion and depth they put into their characters and their ship. 

Quoting one of my favourite April’s line: “ I want to remember the amazing” now that I still can. 

I’ll always be grateful to Shonda for writing these two beautiful characters and to Jesse and Sarah for making me fall in love with them so much. I appreciate their work, their passionate interest and their respect and support so much. We have the best captains in the tv world, this will never change <3 

Thanks to japril I redescovered my love for writing stories, I met beautiful people and I met the girl who’s became one of the most important person in my life right now. I could never thank them enough for this. 

So goodbye April, goodbye Jackson… And thanks for all the fish. <3


I know that in a lot of fandoms, there’s often worry about upsetting people, and that is the last thing I would want to do, but I also don’t want to just be a blogger and not add any personality to my posts. So, here are a few unpopular opinions or confessions. However, I will not say anything bad about things people care passionately about, such as certain ships or characters. I might say if I didn’t like someone but I won’t start criticising them and I will certainly NOT say anything bad about the cast or writers or any of the crew.

1) I didn’t like the soulless Sam storyline. Nothing against Jared’s performance or the writing or the idea itself, and there were definitely some great moments, but on a whole, I wasn’t the biggest fan. For several reasons, however one of them is the interactions with the characters. Even when Dean was a demon he still had his soul. A twisted version, but it was still Dean in a way. As for when Cas lost his memory, or the actors played a different character to their most prominent one, it’s again different. The characters were different, just played by the same actor. However, having “Sam” there, memories and everything else intact, but removing such an integral part of him and therefore, taking away his interactions with Dean and Cas and Bobby, taking away his emotions when even monsters feel, maybe just in a different way, it just didn’t work with me. That’s not the only reason, but I just didn’t like it.

2) While Swan Song is one of the highest rated and said to be one of the best episodes, it wasn’t like that for me at all and it worries me. It was supposed to be the series finale and they ended it with all main characters being separated. While I don’t think that will be the same way they do eventually end the show, not only because it would be redundant but also because all characters have grown a lot, I still didn’t like it. I knew that was not the end, it was already out when I binge watched the seasons, but even without that thought, it was probably my least favourite season finale and the fact that they even considered ending the show that way still upsets me and scares me in a way.

3) Mark was not my favourite Lucifer. Nothing against the actor, but I preferred Misha over Mark or Jared. My reasoning is Mark was the one who brought the character to life, and did a fantastic job, but he had freedom to play, to make the character the way he wanted, while Misha didn’t have that liberty and he still played it perfectly, just as Mark did, maintaining the iconic personality and even movements and body language of the show’s version of Lucifer. I think, in a way, that’s even more difficult. Jared played Lucifer completely different to Sam, and he also did a great job, but there was still something about it that didn’t sit that right with me. Not that Jared’s performance was in any way bad, but there was just something about it. Admittedly, he didn’t have that much time as the character, but from the very first scene in which Misha played him, I fell in love with his version, which is a weird sentence when talking about Satan, but it’s true.

4) I preferred the show after season 8. I loved, with all my heart, seasons 4 and 5, definitely some of my favourites, I didn’t like season 6, 7, and most of 8 that much, not enough Cas in the latter two, but seasons 9 and 11 were my favourites and season 10 was very interesting and involved my all time favourite episode, fan fiction. The first 3 were also good, but Cas….do I need to elaborate?

5) Sam was written out of character in season 12. I hated Mary, I did, and I don’t even need to pretend I didn’t as I know about 90% of the fandom agree, but, while I honestly love Sam, he also annoyed me somewhat in season 12. He was the one saying the kill first question later technique isn’t right, how they shouldn’t kill Kate or Garth when they first found out about them, yet he’s perfectly okay with saying yes to working with people who kill anyone who’s a “monster”, no matter if they are innocent or not. It was a bit fixed when Garth was mentioned in the werewolf episode, but it still wasn’t right with me.

So, goodbye. I think I upset most of the fandom with this but I have a couple of final notes. One, please don’t kill me, and two, I am in no way saying you can’t disagree with me.

Just to clear up any potential confusion, any character I have not outright said I dislike, I have no problem with, I just maybe didn’t like a certain story they were involved with. But no matter what happens or what people think, I will always be a part of this fandom and I will always respect everyone involved with this beautiful show and I will always love the characters and root for them. Even when they are in hell. Let’s go team free will!