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Imagine: You have a panic attack and call him

It was about two in the morning, another crack of thunder sent your anxiety over the edge, you took a deep shaky breath as you blindly reached for your phone automatically dialing his number.

“Y/N?” His groggy voice soothed you slightly but was no match to your shaky breaths which were fast paced and were impossible to keep up with “Panic attack.” You managed to wheeze out, your hand was clamped tightly to your chest in attempts to calm yourself down but it failed miserably.

“Hey baby it’s alright, listen to my breathing, I want you to take deep slow breaths okay babygirl?” You leaned your head back against the headboard shutting your eyes tightly in attempts to block out your anxiety, the raging storm outside made you crave Justin’s arms around you, the safety and warmth they brought you.

“Y/N, take a deep breath baby.” You did as he said with much difficulty, you heard him mumbling something before he spoke once again “Count to ten Y/N, let the breath out slowly and keep counting.”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Your breathing began to slow down gradually with each count in your head.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

With a final push you let out the rest of your air, a sudden drowsiness took over your body “That’s my babygirl, you okay now?” He asked quietly, you smiled at the compassion in his voice “Y-Yea, I think so.” You managed to get it out fighting off a yawn “Okay baby, go to bed, I love you so much.” Even through the phone you could tell he was smiling.

“Night Justin, thank you.” You whispered dipping further under the covers, he hummed quietly before a yawn filled your ears.

“You don’t have to thank me baby, I love you and id do for you no matter what.”

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