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Omg look, Bon Voyage Season 1 gave a hint for one of BTS’s songs from 2016??

Be on the lookout for more song hints in this season too, guys!


Chapter 8: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (Part VIII)

‘Get down! Everyone get down!’ Somehow he was shielding her and pushing her out of the range even before she realised it was a steady showering of bullets that made the world around them go boom. He pushed her behind the corner of the staircase, joining her after firing a few shots into the dark.

Cursing he pulled his gun close to his chest, eyes flying over the island. He was calculating escape routes and it was something he didn’t do often. Running from a fight was not his style, but between Elizabeth and Věra, he was not about to face a crazed murderer without a plan. Which was rather funny considering he was about to stomp in there like an idiot and get himself killed, before those two wild cards reminded him there was still someone worth living for.

‘Okay, Věra, Eli, I need you out of here,’ he started saying aloud, as well as telepathically, ‘Kiernan is guarding the exit on top of the bridge. Get to him as fast as you can. No, I’m fucking not discussing this, Elizabeth! Kie, when they reach you get them both to safety.’ He then looked over at Věra, who stared at him in complete puzzlement. ‘Oi! I have spoken!’

She shook her head, ‘What the fuck is happening?’

‘A war? Or possibly just a fight in one. Will see at the end of the night. Kie, do you have Elizabeth?’ He waited a moment, during which Věra did her best to find his telecom and came up empty handed. ‘Elizabeth, for the sake of Poseidon’s Golden Trident, do not fuck with me now!’

Shots sounded overhead, making him growl and pull out another gun. He trained that one on the bridge overhead, hissing, ‘Kie is down. Who the fuck is he working with?!’

‘I’m going to die today,’ shot out of Věra’s lips.

‘No, you’re not,’ he snapped, pulling her in front of himself by her waist and back up under a looming arch. Then, standing in the line of fire of the first assailant, he yelled, ‘Elizabeth de Lavergie, I’m not going to repeat this! Get your arse over here before they kill us all! I don’t care if you see Adam’s face, or where, just…’

‘Adam’s face is behind you,’ snapped a tense tone, behind them.

Riley moved like lightning. One second he was pointing his guns at the staircase, the next he was standing in front of her, arms spread wide to secure her behind him. His blue eyes flashed yellow at the man standing in front of them.

You would think V would’ve gotten used to surprises by now. Immortality, spontaneous shootings, people getting assaulted in their own homes… Well, the sight of the nice boy-next-door you once invited out for a drink with your group pointing a gun at you was just shocking enough to make even the toughest person gasp.

‘You,’ she growled. ‘It was you.’

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Because this musical is too good and i couldn’t stop myself from drawing happy Evan C:
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breathe.  Just breathe.  Now … reach out.  What do you see?

Light … darkness.  The balance.

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she stared at Pangur for a solid 5 mins (from across the room) before giving in & stalking over


leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon