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How to decorate a Christmas tree with Kino

Originally posted by smalljino

Step 1: Bundle up to go to the tree farm. Struggle to breathe under the scarf Kino wrapped around your neck.

Step 2: Endure thirty minutes of Kino singing along as loudly as possible to the Christmas songs on the car radio.

Step 3: Lose Kino among the tall trees the second you park the car at the farm.

Step 4: Follow the sounds of his giggles to the most beautiful foxtail pine tree you’ve ever seen. Tell him it’s perfect and watch him run away to get an ax.

Step 5: Internal panic while he cuts down the tree. Sigh in relief when it doesn’t land on his head.

Step 6: Laugh at Kino trying to tie the tree to the top of the car by himself. Finally help when he pouts cutely.

Step 7: Drive home and endure 30 more minutes of singing.

Step 8: Lug the tree into the house and get pine needles all over yourselves.

Step 9: Secure the tree and pull out the decorations for the fun part. 

Step 10: Try to hook as many ornaments as possible on Kino without getting caught.

Step 11: Get caught after the fourth ornament and proceed to get tickled until you cry uncle.

Step 12: Actually concentrate on getting the lights hung so no one trips on a stray wire and the tree looks as festive as you like.

Step 13: Admire your handiwork with Kino. Admire the way his gentle smile is illuminated.

Step 14: Stop resisting the urge to plant a big kiss on Kino. Get pulled into a hug so warm it brings tears to your eyes.

Step 15: Make hot chocolate with Kino and relax. The holidays will be happy, indeed.