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Hoe tip: what to keep in your purse on a night out

1. Money- ALWAYS have money. You never know what could happen. I always keep around $20 with me when I go out in case I end up needing something.

2. Driver’s License or some form of ID- a driver’s license is obvious if you’re a driver and you just keep it in your wallet. However, if you don’t drive yet or you for some reason don’t have your license on you unless you’re driving, you should always have some form of ID, even if it’s just your school ID. Before I started driving I kept my school ID and a piece of paper in my wallet that had my first and last name, address, and a parent’s phone number on it. If something happens to you (like you get in a car accident) and you can’t tell anyone who you are, they’ll see that in your wallet and be able to notify your parent/guardian.

3. Medications- any medications that you may end up needing. I always have some of my prescriptions on me in case I need them, some ibuprofen, my inhaler, and birth control in case I end up being out later than I expected, then I can still take it on time.

4. House key- even though there’s almost always someone home or a way to get in, I keep a house key on me just in case something happens and I need a way to get in my house.

5. Pepper spray- this may seem like doing the most but I feel like if you’re a female you definitely need it. Just in case.

6. Blotting sheets- always helpful if you’re oily or wear makeup, you can touch up whenever you need to.

7. Chapstick- because you never want to be anywhere without Chapstick. Ever.

8. Whatever lipstick I’m wearing that night- because lipstick always ends up needing touch ups at some point.

9. Portable phone charger- these things are LIFE. SAVING. You can get them for cheap on Amazon and all you do is charge them like you would charge your phone and then keep them in your purse with a cord, and when you need to charge your phone you can. If you get a good one, it can charge your phone to almost 100% from dead.

10. Condoms- just in case. Even on nights when I go out and I’m not planning on doing anything (which is most nights), I keep two condoms in my purse. You can never rely on the other person and you should never have just one because you never know what could happen!

These are just the basics for me, and of course this list can be tweaked to suit anyone’s needs. I would probably carry more useless stuff, but I have a small purse 😅

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NAME: Atllas (do they mean real or internet, im stickin with internet)



HEIGHT: 5'6" or 5′7″ i rlly dont know




FAV FRUITS: lemon, orange, strawberry

FAV SEASON: autumn


FAV FLOWER: sunflower and peony

FAV COLOURS: pink, green, orange

FAV ANIMALS: crows/ravens/corvids


LAST MOVIE SEEN: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

COFFEE/TEA/COCOA: tea pls, preferably early grey/black

AVERAGE SLEEP: not enough

CAT OR DOG: both, pls dont make me choose

FAV FICTIONNAL CHARACTERS: Garrus Vakarian, Saren Arterius, Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, my and my friends OCs

THREE SHIPS: Shakarian, Sanscest, Papcest

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