8 lipsticks

K0hlz T@rforghet mikales

Cargo eyeshadow. The essentials Pallet $34
Caro eyeshadow Aloha Pallet $34
Up by jawbone $90
Blind bags $50
Fit knock off $129
Garbage pail kid merchendise $100
Lipstick $8
Fiori vince cumuto roller ball $22
Roller ball juicy coture $26
Nyx dark circles $6
Nyx angel veil $16
Lego sets $30
Intax film $60
Diy brow bar soap & glory $16
Glow all out soap & glory $15
Kick A** Soap & glory $10
Neutrogena lip soother $6
Juicy coture roller ball $20
Copic multiliner markers $35
Faber castell 8 pitt pins $60
No7 Protect and perfect advanced serum $50
Neutrogena makeup remover $2
No7 lift and luminate tripple action serum $35
Godiva chocolates $10
Eyelash curler $8
Nyx first base and matte spray $17
Bliss blush $26
The balm appetit eyeshadow $35
Under armor sheer panties $13
Hair ties for lifting 😊 $4
Magic cards $40
Mini drone $40
Scissors $2
Skin cleaners $45

Total: $1,040+

I beeped at T@rforget!
I looked through my items and realized it was a tag inside the big 2 card boxes of garbage pail kids cards. I just kept walking and then eventually kinda jogged to our car. I was so scared. At least it wasn’t somewhere I ever go. 🙂 Don’t lift garbage pail kids cards from t@rgett unless you rip off the packageing and remove the rifid 😂😂😂


DAY 8: Wet N’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick, # 532E, “Java”

THIS PROJECT IS CALLED ALL MY LIPSTICKS. It’s like All My Movies except I wear all of the lipsticks/balms/glosses I own and report back to you on their prices, attributes, pros and cons. It’s basically an excuse for me to wear makeup and take selfies for PURPOSES OF RESEARCH.

You guys know my continuing love affair with Wet’NWild lipsticks, which are both the cheapest damn lipstick I’ve ever purchased, and one of the most consistently worthwhile brands. This bugger here is my favorite of the shimmery colors - $0.93, smooth, can be found in your local drugstore. 

I have multiple of these, some of them in the matte, some in the other shades, and the Silk Finishes in particular have a HUGE range of colors to choose from. This one has a nice brown base; it’s just darker than my natural lip color, but also, shimmery as hELL and I like to wear it with any green or brown or earth-toned clothes I have it makes me feel like a freaking elf. That said, it is a little more prone to drying, but nothing a coat of balm underneath won’t fix. Very pearly under certain lights, very easy to put on (maybe it’s the color, but it’s not so bright that a smudge here or there is noticeable), and NO BLEEDING or feathering around the edges elsewhere. On the website, Wet’N’Wild does hype these lipsticks pretty intensely, but with good reason. They’re the shit. 

Lipstick Stains: Part 8

Word Count: 1.1k+

Song: Adam Jensen - Drugs

Warnings: Drinking, kissing, idk

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Dean agreed to the party, though he wasn’t sure if he would abide to your plan. You seemed to have much more confidence in the idea, which didn’t exactly come as a surprise to the boy, but it didn’t mean he loved it. In fact, he was horrified.

What if he somehow messed up, or didn’t find someone he liked? Or worse, what if he got too attached?

Surely that couldn’t happen. All the thought was just a single kiss. It had to be impossible to grow affection after a mere brush of the lips.

Or, so he liked to make himself believe.

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Kylie Cosmetics Dupes!

Matte Liquid Lipstick Dupes-

Candy K:

-Lonely Planet ‘Concrete Jungle’ Liquid Lipstick $15

-Milani ‘Adorable’ Amore Matte Lip Creme $9

-OFRA ‘Pasadena’ Liquid Lipstick $14

-Dose Of Colors ‘Truffle’ Liquid Lipstick $18

-ColourPop ‘Clueless’ Ultra Matte Lip $6

Dolce K:

-Maybelline ‘Touchable Taupe’ Lipstick $8 (Different formula)

-Kat Von V ‘Bow N Arrow’ Everlasting Liquid Lipstick $20

-NYX Cosmetics ‘Sandstorm’ Liquid Suede $7

-Jouer ‘Noisette’ Long Wear Lip Creme $18

-ColourPop ‘Chi’ Ultra Matte Lip $6 (No longer available to buy on website)

-Lonely Planet ‘Bambi’ Liquid Lipstick $15


-JDGlow Cosmetics ‘Busty Rusty’ Liquid Lipstick $15

-ColourPop ‘Mama’ Ultra Matte Lip $6

-Coloured Raine ‘Sweet Cake’ Liquid Lipstick $18

Dirty Peach:

-OFRA ‘Rio’ Liquid Lipstick $15


-NYX ‘London’ Soft Matte Lip Cream $6 (Different formula)

-Incendio ‘Buffy’ Liquid Lipstick $18


-Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Ashton’ Liquid Lipstick $20

-Nine Three ‘Ivy’ Liquid Satin $9

-Taos ‘Tunis Baby’ Liquid Lipstick $10

-Limecrime ‘Cindy’ Velvetine $20

-DNA ‘Fireside’ Liquid Lipstick $14

-Jeffree Star ‘Leo’ Velour Liquid Lipstick $18

Koko K:

-Jordana ‘Creme Brulee’ Sweet Cream Matte Lipstick $3

-Lipland ‘Temple’ Liquid Lipstick $19


-Molly ‘Diva’ Liquid Lipstick $16

-Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Kathryn’ Liquid Lipstick $20

-D Benoit ‘French Merlot II’ Matte Lip Color $18

-Limecrime ‘Rustic’ Velvetine $20

(To be continued)

Credit to @ DupeThat on Instagram & DupeThat.com

5 things you’ll find in my bag
Either I’m lugging this mess around or I just use my jacket like a pair of cargo pants and go bag-less.

  1. Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition
  2. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition
  3. Approximately 8 lipsticks that I don’t wear enough
  4. Erasable markers and pens
  5. Shitloads of loose change from tips

5 things in my bedroom
  1. All of my recently read/bought books because I’m too lazy to put them back on the shelves downstairs
  2. A pile of clothes that I’m too lazy to put back into proper drawers because “I’m going to wear them again soon”
  3. A space heater because our house is awful
  4. More dolls and geeky plushies than I care to admit
  5. Honestly there’s so much stuff crammed in that one room it’s embarrassing, but half of it is T’s fault so…?

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
  1. Work in-house with a publishing company
  2. Write a strange memoir
  3. Write and illustrate my own fiction (I don’t talk about that anymore)
  4. Own a miniature farm in an urban setting
  5. Travel outside of the Americas

5 things that make me happy
  1. Miniature, impossibly tiny things
  2. Gray animals
  3. Self portraits
  4. Speculative fiction of any medium
  5. Every color ever (except white, which isn’t a color anyways get out of here you boring ass shade)

5 things that I’m currently into
  1. This ridiculous app game that pseudo-helps me bone up on copyediting (but you don’t have to speed read in editing so wtf, still addicted)
  2. Nonfiction audiobooks
  3. The color pink, in almost any shade (I’m not partial to pastel so much)
  4. My playlist called Priestess
  5. Watching Santa Clarita Diet with @ocalicoqueen

5 things on my to-do list
You mean everything I’m supposed to be doing but filling out these questions? Heh.
  1. Homework and midterm
  2. Resume and cover letter for internship (x3)
  3. Those full reviews I’ve been telling myself I’m going to start doing
  4. Work on paper doll project
  5. Clean the bathroom
  6. Ugh I still need to make doctor’s appointments. How can I keep conveniently forgetting about that?

5 things you may not know about me
  1. It’s never been officially diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I have dyscalculia
  2. I’m the only redhead in my family (and I have 7 siblings, so)
  3. I’m actually a terrible speller (because I’m a speed reader) and one time wrote “speelling” on my spelling notebook
  4. Fireweed is my favorite flower
  5. I was homecoming queen*
*At homeschool prom in friggin Alaska

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daddy-ian  asked:

Omfg, I see you coming for me. I own the beauty killer palette and like 8 velour lipsticks 😂 I 💖 Jeffree

i dont like him but i dont mind if others do, my friends own his stuff and it’s chill. just bc i dont agree with what he does/says doesnt mean others have to do the same :-)

do u have tea on manny tho ,,, i want them


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101 Ways To Date Widowmaker

Sorry peeps on mobile

1. Morning coffee
2. love bites
3. Let her be top christs sake
4. tell her she’s flawless even though she knows she’s one helluva smokin gal
6. Neck kisses
7. Lipstick stains
8. Buy her crocs
9. Watch her burn the crocs
10. Destroy all Disney movies
11. purchase all james bond movies
12. Get the james bond soundtrack while you’re at it
13. Buy a ukulele
14. write a song about her and practice it
16. play that fucking song nonstop until she destroys the ukulele and tackles you onto the bed
17. Give her hug
18. Give her ninja hugs
19. hold her hand
20. hold her hand in public
21. hold her hand in private
22. surprise her with visits to the beach(yeah don’t forget her bathing suit bud)
23. Pretend to drown and have her save you
24. Try and get use to that loathing look she gives you sometimes
25. Watch the sunset
26. Take pics
27. buy her powdered doughnuts. when she’s about to take a bite, fake sneeze and blow all the powder onto her face.
28. Make an effort to not embarrass her
29. Embarrass her anyway
30.  Take memorable pics and hang them up on the fridge
31. Take a pic of her in her pajamas and carry it around in your wallet. Make sure it’s the one where she’s wearing boxers
32. Make eye contact
33. Maintain eye contact until she smiles
34. Take a pic of that smile
35. take her to carnivals
36. win her a fluffy pink(yes only pink) stuffed animal
37. have that stuffed animal photobomb every pic u take. Embarrass her later
38. Say random shit in the middle of the night
39. Demand hugs.
40. Demand kisses
41. Demand sex
42. Demand food
43. Demand attention
44. # 39-43 all when she’s either reading or doing work
45. Get her a Chihuahua
46. Return the Chihuahua when she heads towards the knives in the kitchen
47. Get a cat
48. Learn sexy French sayings
49.  Practice sexy French phrases
50. tolerate the angry streams of fast and complex French
51. Stay with her when she says ‘go away’
52. Hold her through the nightmares
53. Lotsa physical affection
54. Morning cuddles
55. Breakfast in bed
56. Push the cat off her lap and replace the free area with your innocently smiling head
57. Did I say ninja hugs already?
58. Tell mom only after you’ve began dating her.
59. Tell dad whenever he don’t give a fuck
60. play jazz in the apartment
61. homemade dinner
62. Take her out to coffee shops
63. for her birthday, do not –repeat –do not throw her a party
64. Tell her cheesy pick up lines even though you guys are dating
65. Initiate cuddles when you see the signs of her beginning to brood
66. Don’t let her run away
67. Don’t ever run away
68. tell her she’s everything
69. tell her she’s the only one
70. Get used to cold feet in the bed
71. Smile against her skin
72. Jump on her back for a piggy back ride at least once
73. don’t kill the spider
74. let her take the spider outside
75. Tease/flirt with her during work
76. Try not to have sex on the job
77. Have sex on the job anyway
78. Don’t get caught by mom
79. Workout at the gym with her
80. ‘dat ass’
81. Be very cautious when she’s at ‘that time of the month’ as it comes to affect her in a more detrimental form than regular people. Bring her excessive chocolate, answer to all her sobbing calls, refer to every text with prudence, and whatever you do –no sex even after she’s over. Wait until another week has gone by.
82. Don’t give into puppy eyes
83. Widowmaker puppy eyes are rare enough. Give into the fucking puppy eyes
84. She can be kinky sometimes
85. Call her beautiful again and again and again until she tells you to shut the fuck up
86. Random cuddles
87. Let her listen to her angsty bands once in a while
88. Get used to Evanescence and Coldplay
89. Greet with light kisses
90. Leave with light kisses
91. Know the difference between ‘I’m fine’ and ‘I am fine’
92. Keep her away from anime
93. Keep her away from tumblr
94. Keep her away from the internet in general
95. Tell her she has an amazing smile
96. Help your ma and her to get along
97. Record her when she sings
98. Be her backup
99. Be her support
100. Be her cavalry
101. Never doubt her