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At the end of ‘Civil War II’ #8 we see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones appear together in a panel. The four characters have never teamed up in the comics but are set to appear together in Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ show. This has many fans predicting a new ‘The Defenders’ comic book series for 2017!


clois + supercat parallels: falling elevator rescue

Nails this to Nomura’s door.

This seems to have been hinting that Kairi knew Merlin when she was a child. So let us PRAY this gets brought up in Kingdom Hearts III, since Kari’s going to be training with Merlin now.

And thank you to the great @kougyokuss, for posting these Kairi missable quotes so that I could screenshot this!

When it’s in the title



“If you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aerith in Final Fantasy VII might be answered.”

–Kingdom Hearts Director; Tetsuya Nomura; Square Enix

But Riku ships SoKai, I swear it.

I mean, I already felt that way other times. Like when he said, “They have what’s most important to Sora: his memories of Kairi.”

But now in 0.2, when Kairi says that Riku’s acting like Sora and he replies, “Should I be flattered?” Doesn’t it sound like he’s basically saying there, “Wow. Should I be flattered that you’re saying I’m acting like the boy you’re in love with?”

On a side note, I feel like EVERYONE in this series ships SoKai: Selphie (“If you don’t hurry up and share a paopu fruit with Kairi, Riku might beat you to it.”), the villains (as they kidnap Kairi, and whatnot, to use her as leverage against Sora. “You are the fire that feeds Sora’s anger.”), Olette (“What a romantic story.”), Donald (“Oh, I know who YOU’RE thinking about,” among many other things–like when he holds Goofy back so that Sora and Kairi can be alone together at the end of KHI), Goofy (“Aww, I bet Kairi would like just about anything you gave her… Well, if she can be with you, what else does she need?” Also, when he covers his mouth in seeing Sora and Kairi hug in KHII… the two times both he and Donald have left Sora and Kairi alone together, etc.), Roxas (“I know you. You’re that girl he likes.”), Riku (lines and whatnot from above, as well as: “To Sora, she’s someone very special.”), and Naminé (“The girl you really care about- the one who was always with you… It’s not me. It’s her.” “Sora will never forget Kairi. Memories of me, more fake memories of me, will only make Sora’s feelings for Kairi even stronger. Because I’m the shadow of Kairi.”)… maybe even Xion (”Riku, please tell me: About Sora, and that girl he’s always with.”)… and people I’m probably forgetting…

And now we know for sure that even the creators do, with that SoKai gmv they made in the couples’ section of the credits. LOL.