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"I'd ask you to stay, but I don't like you" for hoperai, please? ✨

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Back when she’d been in the Corps, struggling to survive, Lightning had never really given much thought to history or relations with other kingdoms. Not only was that the old royal family’s business to worry about, but it was Serah’s department as a future teacher.

Now, Lightning wished that she could take a slice of that knowledge, just on the off chance it would get Sazh off her back.

“Seriously, have you even looked at those documents I’ve been givin’ you? At all? Even just a stern glance?”

“I’ve been busy,” Lightning muttered, which wasn’t too far from the truth - she’d just been busy avoiding any thought of diplomatic relations at her introduction ball. She hadn’t been the crown princess of the kingdom of Eden for too long and had mostly avoided the public eye. This ball would be her first real moment in the spotlight.

Which was why she was busy being terrified.

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worked back at the ER today

it was smelly, I got cussed out, had one patient escorted out by security, started all kinds of IVs, prioritized like a BOSS and sweated for 8 hours straight.

man, it’s good to be back. (Occasionally)

The Script M!A List (Feel free to add)
  • You Won't Feel A Thing: Your muse loses all emotions for 24 hours.
  • Live Like We're Dying: Your muse is now under the impression that they have only 48 hours to live, M!A ends when their time runs out!
  • This = Love: Your muse falls madly in love with the next person in their inbox. Lasts 4 hours.
  • Good Ol' Days: You muse is reminiscing about the present, remembering the good times while the good times are happening around them for 8 hours.
  • Dead Man Walking: For the next 24 hours, your muse is a ghost.
  • Hall Of Fame: Your Muse thinks they're super famous in a field of the anon's choice, eg. Acting, singing, science, etc. for 6 hours.
  • Moon Boots: Your muse thinks they're on another planet! They'll document everything that happens to them as they interact with the strangely human aliens on the strangely earth-like planet, for 4 hours.
  • Hurricanes: Your muse is trapped in a storm bunker for 24 hours with the next person in your inbox.

I..I didn’t know she was going to throw me…

**Thanks to the-chibster for helping me with Carrot’s Lines**


I actually built a 3D model of the shop because I was so obsessed with the details. @v@ And here we go! Let’s get characters introduced!

That Stallion is a CUTE PATOOT)

to celebrate getting 100 followers (THANK YOU ALL!!) i drew this meme. he looks way too kawaii but oh well (edit: kawaii phil here!)