8 hour working day

That new LEGO Ninjago movie trailer seriously showed us A LOT of differences from the original series.

Thanks for making an actual AU, LEGO. 😂


If I choose one of you, then I’ll lose the other.

a lot of dress codes and grooming codes as a fucking general rule are ableist as fuck. required shaving? bullshit. 

it’s fuck hard to shave every day, it’s heavily taxing, be it just your face, or your face, legs and armpits, etc. it’s work that shouldn’t fucking be required, it’s work that you’re putting into the job that isn’t being paid for. having hair on your body doesn’t inhibit you from working in a fucking office. 

same with makeup, its work you’re putting into the job that you aren’t fucking reimbursed for that a lot of disabled and mentally ill people just straight up can’t do. and again doesnt fucking change your ability to do the job.

required high heels? how the fuck is that not ableist, not only have they been shown over and over again to be dangerous as fuck and damaging to your body forcing women to stand for 8+ hours a day in heels is grueling work that a disabled person could have done without the added requirement of standing on fucking stilts.

I could go on but I think yall get my point.

Accuse me of not working my full 40, we'll see about that.

(long story: tl;dr at the end)

My job received some dramatic changes with the labor law changes from late last year. While it’s not technically law right now, my company is enforcing our policy to test the waters and see how it works for us. Basically this means, I can only work 40 hours a week. No overtime approval is available. Any days we work over 8 hours we have to use compensated time (comp time) to even it out. To help maintain office coverage we have meetings to plan our comp time.

To clarify, we can only use our comp time only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays since we need a full staff on Monday and Fridays to assist our sales team. Also we can’t use it to come in late or leave early. So basically we’re left with taking long lunches (2.5-3 hours sometimes) right in the middle of the work day. But randomly, they’ll give us full days off when we work 6:30-7 hours on a weekend (which is nice, but this also is creating productivity problems). The staff who are a part of this have grown very frustrated because these long lunches are interfering with our work, meetings, appointments, and for the commuting staff they have to sit in their office for a long period of time and do nothing. Finally after a few months of this ineffective system, we told our CEO that we need to discuss some changes we think would make this better for everyone. He meets with our Exec Team and they agreed to attend our comp meeting to discuss things.

So, this Monday we all walk into the meeting with some level of hope. At the very least we’ll be heard and be able to say that we’d like to be able to come in a little late or leave a little early when things are slower. Our CEO explains his view on comp time and then a co-worker of mine explains how it isn’t working for us and it’s causing problems. Now our CEO is normally a chill guy, but he used an angry and defensive tone I’ve never seen before and went on a 15 minute rant about comp time. His rant included:

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Tony Revolori deserves love and respect.

Y’all. I really don’t understand why death threats are/were being sent to Tony Revolori for playing Flash Thompson. 

From my understanding, Flash Thompson is a canonically white boy who’s Peter Parker’s bully. Tony, conversely, is Hispanic (he’s of Guatemalan descent), who plays Flash as Peter’s rival and he has been ‘re-imagined’ for modern audiences.

Tony Revolori, this amazingly talented man, has worked Wes Anderson (one of the most brilliantly amazing, auteur directors) on The Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie was nominated for Academy Awards and won 4 out of them. Furthermore, he’s worked on amazing films such as Umrika, Dope and Table 19 (I highly suggest you watch them, he’s amazing in them) and he’s such a phenomenal actor. He’s worked incredible hard on his films and I couldn’t be more proud of him. For instance in Umrika, he plays Lalu, the best friend of Suraj Sharma (from the Life of Pi). Tony had to learn Hindi, which isn’t even his native language, and he worked for like 8 hours a DAY to learn Hindi and in the end, it was all worth it, for this film was a masterpiece.

Some of you ungrateful sods can’t even study properly for 8 hours a day. 

Spider-Man Homecoming was widely praised because about how realistic it was. Tony Revolori portrayed Flash in such an amazing and realistic way, I was actually blown away. We’re talking about a guy who was in an OSCAR WINNING FILM. Now, what is more realistic? A skinny, tall, white, blonde guy who bullies Peter Parker? OR. A non-skinny, short, hispanic guy who thinks of Peter as his RIVAL? I was talking with a friend of mine and we came to similar conclusions:

1. The second one casts an Guatemalan guy as an iconic, well known character, people lose their shit. God forbid you have one less white guy in the Spider-man universe.
2. Y’all ain’t gonna die if a Hispanic portrays a more realistic bully than another other white male in the other Spider-man movies.
3. You guys (whoever sent Tony death threats and hate mail) literally shit on him because he. isn’t. WHITE. 

And when I try to defend Tony, or even show an ounce of love to him, you call me ‘obsessed’. Hon, we’re all obsessed. You guys can stan Tom Holland and write wild anon™ stuff about him, but when I stan Tony Revolori and talk about what a cutie he is, I’m obsessed? I have no taste in guys? 

The hypocrisy.

Conclusion: Tony Revolori deserves love and respect. He doesn’t deserve to be degraded from an being an Oscar winner, to being sent death threats over an accurate portrayal of a bully in modern times. You racist shitbags can go fuck yourselves. And it’s incredibly sickening to see the despicable way in which Tony is treated. I am personally disgusted on how disgustingly foul and revolting some of the ‘fans’ can be.

Tony, if you ever do read this, know that I love you and respect you for who you are. You are an amazingly phenomenal actor and I’m sorry you had to deal with such an awful experience. Keep being an amazingly magnificent person like you are. Feel free to hmu whenever and send me a DM

PS: for people who don’t believe me that he received death threats, read here (x)


SCOTT & MITCH are professional singers. 



They are trendsetters and tastemakers.

They are creators. Comedians. Writers. Producers.

They are artists in every way it means to be an artist.

Always inspired. Inspiring.


And yet sometimes exhausted.

Occasionally damaged.

Less occasionally, broken.


There are long flights. There is sickness.



A work day once lasted 8 hours.

It now lasts 8 weeks. It now spans 35 cities. In multiple countries.

On multiple continents.


Families. Friends. Lovers.

They are all far away.

Not always just one flight. Hardly ever just one day.

Birthdays are missed.

Thanksgivings and Christmases are compromised.

Relationships are compromised.


Relatives pass away.

Friends give birth.

Life goes on. Work goes on.




SCOTT & MITCH are award-winning singers and composers.

They are platinum-selling, globally recognized recording artists.

They write songs that they perform in front of many thousands of fans.



They create content in purposeful and impressive quantity and quality. It doesn’t only entertain.

It motivates.

It inspires.


There is laughter on long flights.

There is empathy through sickness.

A calming counterpart through anxiety.

Consolation and hope through depression.

There was once a notion that work was what you did between sleep and fun and now work is the thing you share with your best friend.

And a work day no longer lasts 8 hours.

Sometimes it lasts 8 weeks.

And spans 35 cities.

Occasionally in multiple countries.

On multiple continents.





They are all far away, but no one is ever closer than your best friend. Never more than one hotel room away.

One bunk on the tour bus.

One armrest on the airplane.

Birthdays are never spent alone.

Relationships end and they are mourned together.

Relatives pass away and you cry on your best friend’s shoulder.

You share photos of your friends’ children.

New nieces and nephews.





You are homesick together and together you always feel at home.

I really wanna write that prompt where like, Yondu is pregnant with Stakar’s kid when he’s booted from his Ravager faction. Of course, Yondu being Yondu, he doesn’t tell him. While he’s gathering his own crew, he has to deal with the knowledge that he’s gonna bring a baby into this hellpit of backstabbing - cue lots of angst and heartache and self-hatred.

Then the worst imaginable thing happens. The gangly Xandarian/Hraxian kid he’s made his first mate (mostly because no one else wanted the job, as Yondu is supremely hormonal and grumpy, and when cap’n is grumpy, people die) finds out.

Yondu’s fully prepared to whistle him out the airlock. But rather than taking this opportunity to seize command, Kraglin quietly determines to be the best damn substitute dad around - and maybe charm his grumpy, damaged captain with his Excellent Babysitting Skills along the way. 

And at some point Stakar finds out and tries to claim custody rights >:3

…But there’s not enough time in the world rraaaaarrrgh

Just a heads up to people asking where I am and why I’m not responding to things: I’m still recovering from the dental work from last Monday. The procedure went well and while it was less traumatic than previously anticipated, it still takes a lot out of me to recover physically from such invasive procedures. I still have extensive nerve pain/damage in my jaw, even though I don’t talk about quite it as much since it became somewhat manageable, but my face is pissed at me over the anesthesia injection site and it’s making life difficult. I was mid sentence today, out buying a stove, when the nerve pain from the joint shot through my skull and I temporarily forgot how to form words/how to human until it subsided. It was an Experience put it that way. (On the plus side I was able to adult and buy a new stove and it will be here next week! Yay! Thank you for your help and recommendations with that <3)

And despite Dr Magic Man doing everything he could to alleviate pressure on my neck while he was working, my muscles were still severely jacked up and I’ve been unable to move or turn my head without severe pain/extreme dizziness for the past week. Too much movement immediately requires that I either sit or lie the hell down and shut my eyes, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve got the chiropractor tomorrow followed by more PT later in the week to try and unfuck my vertebrae and muscles, but even that takes energy I don’t really have. 

This is on top of working 8-10 hours a day plowing my way through Hunger Pangs edits as well as my other work schedule. 

So I’m sorry if you’re feeling ignored or if I’m not seeing your signal boost requests or other messages. I’m largely perusing tumblr from my phone while lying down these days, trying to check in on things before I need to absolutely give up and just lie still for several hours and hope the room stops spinning.

Also please, if you’re new here, don’t worry or tell me to go see a doctor. I mean, you can worry if it will make you feel better, but a trip to the doctor is not required. This is normal for me and has been for several years. The doctor can’t do anything for it. It just is how it is and I’m doing everything within my power to manage it and get on with my life.


I know long term followers have heard all this before and are likely sick to death of hearing it and I apologize for that, but I’ve got some new people who are worrying over my lack of activity and, well, bless your socks for caring, but I’m fine. Really. I’m just trying to take my own advice and am attempting to treat myself with a little kindness and allow myself to rest. Hopefully after the chiro  things will feel a little better and I can spend some time shit talking with all of you and the things in my inbox. But for now I’m going back to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. Your kindness and concern is greatly appreciated and I hope you know you make my life infinitely better just by being you. You really, really do. I’ll never know what I did to deserve so much love and kindness in this life, but I’ll try every day to be a little more worthy of it.

Good night fam, I hope your week is a good one <3

I might start using Xros Wars! Peri to illustrate how I currently feel :3c *imtotallydeadandtiredicanteventypeproperlynoridkwhatimdoingugh* but probably she was just planning a new strategy to overcome the Death Generals or something~

Happy May Day-International Workers Day

Brought to you by the union movement, the people who, in fighting collectively, brought us the weekend, the 8 hour work day, the end to child labor, paid vacation, healthcare available to those without a lot of money, seniority, due process and collective bargaining rights at our places of work and so much more.

A Letter about my Little…

Being the Daddy to a little with boarder line personality disorder (BPD) isn’t easy. Seeing my little struggle everyday to stay out of her head and focus on the present kills me inside. It hurts to know that all I can do is hold her hand, stroke her hair and reminder she isn’t alone. Some days are easier than others. I want to be able too snap my fingers and instantly put my little back into little space being the Daddy I am. Instead I continue to be her # 1 supporter everyday.

My little doesn’t just deal with the her BPD troubles, she also encounters others who don’t approve or understand her coping mechanisms. Instead of leaving her be, they force their opinions and beliefs on her causing self doubt and shame in an already sensitive unstable soul. She deserves to be happy and carefree. She deserves to live her life as the little she is. Free from scrutiny and unsupportive people. As Daddy I do my best to shield her from this but it’s hard when I work 8 hours a day.

I have to leave my little each day as I have to work to support us. Leaving her is harder when she is having bad days which depending on the weather can be anytime. My little has her puppy that helps keep her in the present. We created a chore list for her to do daily. I communicate with her as often as possible while I’m at work and come home for lunch everyday to lessen the time she is alone. This has helps us to keep her on a normal schedule and level mood.

It may sound like my little requires lots of attention and care, some would say too much. You could say that, but you would also have say she is a little struggling with BPD doing all of this medication free! My little is managing her disorder by finding outlets to help her cope and work through her problems. She reads about people with her condition and learns from them. She stays active and eats a mostly vegan diet. All things she does to help her to stay the person she knows she has always been but was suppressed by years of unresolved BPD issues. Now she is a successful little entrepreneur who has almost sold out her very first round of product! My little is not only surviving her BPD, she is thriving in spite of it!!!

Being the Daddy to a little with BPD can be hard yes. Being the Daddy to my little is the best most rewarding thing I have ever done or been in my life. I love that

little girl more and more everyday day as I see how strong she is! I am so deeply proud of the person she is and strives to be. With out her I would be a Daddy with out a little that could NEVER be replaced. I am thankful for everyday I get to be her Daddy!

Kitty Pie, Daddy could not be more proud of everything you have accomplished in your personal and professional life. Keep kicking that BPD butt and always remember DADDY LOVES YOU!!!



Being an introvert who has to socialise for like 8 hours a day because of school/work really sucks because you use up all your socialising on people you don’t even want to spend it on and then you can’t motivate yourself to hang out with your real friends and then they think it’s something to do with them when it’s just not and then you can’t deal with them because they bring it up every time you’re around them and don’t believe you when you say they’re not a problem

Someone Tries to Flirt With MC While Her S/O is Standing Only a Few Feet Away

- “Hey MC, I’ll be right back. I gotta use the bathroom.” Yoosung stood up, smiling at MC before walking to the back portion of the cafe you two were currently in
- now you were alone, only the half eaten pastry in front of you to keep you company as you waited for your boyfriend to meet your acquaintance.
-growing bored within the first few seconds, you picked up your phone to see who was in the group chat.
-Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, and Seven were arguing about whether or not Elizabeth should have kittens.
- As soon as you popped in though, they all greeted you warmly, before asking your opinion on the situation.
-Before you could even answer the sound of a chair scraping against the floor caused you to jump and nearly drop your phone.
-“Yoosung! Oh my goodness! You scared-” you were cut off by the fact that the man in front of you was NOT your Yoosung.
-“Sorry to scare you, it’s just weird seeing a pretty girl like you all alone.” He was smooth, you will admit that, but he wasn’t your Yoosung.
- “I’m sorry but i’m not actually alone, I’m with-”
- “She’s with me.”
- Oh boy
- You knew that voice, and as happy as you were that your bby boy was back, you also knew that tone.
- “Shit, dude, my bad. Didn’t mean to step in on your territory.” The guy looked like he was about to shit his pants as he shuffled away.
- “Sorry about taking so long, babe! There was a line.” Yoosung sat in front of you, acting as if nothing ever happened, bright and bubbly.
- But you knew
- Oh did you know
- That had that guy sat there a second longer blood would have been spilled.
- Today was a dress rehearsal and, as much as he wanted you to see the production only when it was perfect, you had convinced him to let you come with lots of hugs, kisses, and pouty faces.
- You sat in the front row, right in the middle, so that you could have the BEST view of your boy as possible.
- Zen was playing a Werewolf, having fallen in love with a girl wandering through the forrest.
- Kind of like a musical adaption of Little Red Riding Hood (except u know no death lololol)
- When the rehearsal ended you were almost in tears with how moving the performance was, and how proud you are of your boyfriend.
- You practically sprinted backstage to see your boyfriend after the curtains closed, but while doing so you managed to bump into one of the secondary actors.
- “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!!” you yelled as you helped him up.
- the stranger merely brushed off his pants and grinned at you.
- “Don’t be sorry, I just got to run into the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.”
- Your face went blank as he went to kiss your hand, only to be nearly tackled to the ground by the man you had intended on seeing.
- “What do you think you’re doing tryna kiss my girlfriend?!!” he grabbed the man by the collar and hoisted his face closer.
- “S-Shit, man!! I didn’t know that was MC!!” he stuttered, trying to sound brave. You were mortified and began pulling your boyfriend off, struggling a bit seeing as he is twice your size.
- “I’m so sorry. I’ll send you a gift basket later. Please excuse me” you yelled to the shaken up man as you dragged your now steaming with anger boyfriend away.
- “Let me at him, MC! He can’t just go kissing random girls!! ESPECIALLY not MY girl!!” you rolled your eyes and placed him in his dressing room, where he proceeded to sit with his arms crossed muttering about “he was gonna get it” and “who does he think he is”
- it was… actually kind of cute how protective he got.
- You leaned down and grabbed both of his cheeks, making him look at you.
- “Don’t worry, Zen. As long as I have my Big Bad Wolf to protect me, I’ll be fine.” You giggled, kissing his forehead.
- He stared at you for only a second before pulling you onto his lap, earning a surprised help from you.
- “Why don’t I show you how Big and Bad I can be?” He whispered in your ear.
- You smiled, after all, more than ready to be his Little Red Riding Hood

- it was busier than usual in the coffee shop, so while you took orders, Jaehee made the drinks.
- She trusted that you would manage it much better than her, because you were much better at being bubbly and friendly than she was.
- But maybe, she wondered, you were too good.
- Her question was answered when a girl around your age came to the cash register, and as soon as she looked at MC her face lit up.
- oh no
- jaehee is baehee not u
- shoo
- “Hi, what can I get you?” you asked, looking up to meet her sultry gaze.
- “I want something really sweet.” She winked.
- “Oh! Well our chocolate croissants are really sweet, but if you prefer a sweet drink then a Caramel Macchiato would be perfect for you!”
- “Hmm… I want something sweeter.” She leaned in and Jaehee was currently crushing the drink she had just made in her hand.
- Stay calm Jaehee
- “Do you think I could just take you instead?” The girl winked at you.
- Oh that’s it.
- Baehee is stepping in.
- “I’m sorry but MC is not for sale.” She stepped in, beaming smile that hid immeasurable anger.
- “And who are you to decide that?”
- “My girlfriend.” MC cut in, dropping the kindness. “So if you can give me a real order, I can get that going for you as soon as possible so you leave quicker.” Her glare was sharp, and Jaehee was shook.
- The girl walked away and MC smiled at Jaehee. “Sorry about that I-” Jaehee planted a very quick kiss on her cheek before returning the the drinks she had yet to make.
- Mc smiled.
-“My Baehee”

- u were bored and hangryblemme tell ya
- even tho u were snuggled up with ur fave Jujubee (hehehe) nothing could control your rumbling tummy.
- “Can we go out to dinner? I’m starving and I’ve been home all day because you work 25 hours a day and 8 days a week.” You pouted as he chuckled, running his fingers through your hair before leaning down and kissing your forehead.
- “That sounds marvelous, why don’t we go to the place near the Bay you’ve been wanting to go to?” Your smile took up your entire face when he suggested that.
- You immediately jumped up, almost hitting Jumin in the head as you sprinted to your room to get ready.
- Once you were ready, Jumin called Driver Kim, but you insisted that you two walk there since it wasn’t far from the penthouse and you would enjoy the fresh air.
- How could Jumin say no to that face :’)
- You both were halfway there when you passed a couple of guys hanging out by an alleyway
- that is never a good thing to do
- Jumin didn’t notice them as he was too busy telling you about his latest cat project.
- i’m TELLING U mc cats NEED cufflinks!!
- you two were discussing when out of the corner of your eye you saw the guys move off the wall
- fantastic :)
- "Ooh! Hey baby!! Why don’t you bring your sweet ass over here and i can show you a real good time!”
- You turned your nose up at them as Jumin stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide and brows furrowed.
- “Just ignore them Jumin…” you mumbled, pulling him to walk with you.
- As soon as you passed them though the one who called you out stepped behind you and before you could even react slapped your ass so hard that you squeaked and jumped.
- Oh boi
- u dun diddly dun it now
- Jumin straight up grabbed that guy’s arm before pinning him against the wall.
- “You have just made the biggest mistake of your life trying to disrespect my wife like that. I swear to God I will kill you with my own damn hands and, trust me, I have the power to make it look like an accident.”
- o SHIT
- the guy was frozen in place and you could only imagine the terrifying look on your Cat Daddy’s face.
- Jumin dropped him, and the guy tried to stand up quickly as to not deflate his macho
- but as soon as he was up Jumin swung his fist around and nearly crushed his jaw.
- o w o w
- the other guy ran off screaming as Jumin walked back over to you, concerned etched over his once feral face.
- “Darling, are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you better…”
- awe sad cat daddy :’(
- “It’s okay! I’m fine, really. I think i might just have a bruise!”
- Oh no angry cat daddy back
- “I swear to God if you left a mark on my MC I will-!” it took all your strength to hold him back, the guy scampering away.
- “YOU’RE LUCKY MY WIFE IS HOLDING ME BACK OR ELSE I WOULD DESTROY YOU!!! YOU SON OF A-” Jumin screamed some profanities as you looked apologetically towards the couples walking onto the other side of the street.
- Even though jumin was usually very calm and level headed, he would get fired up while protecting you.
- “Thank you, Jumin.” you kissed his cheek as soon as he had calmed down
- For the rest of the way to the restaurant he had his arm tightly wrapped around your waist.
- Protective bby jujubee :’)


- y'all were out of honey buddha chips
- God 707 needed his hbc fix or he would get cranky :/
- So you, being the WONDERFUL gf you are, kept him company while you got another crate full.
- it’d last you for about a week
- he so fit how he do it when all he eat be shit
- one of the 7 wonders of the world
- you were in the dairy isle, grabbing some other things when the store clerk began to chat with you
- okayy
- who r u
- “You’re getting that ice cream?? i love that flavor! We have so much in common!”
- the guy followed you around like a lost puppy until it was finally time to purchase everything.
- “Wow! It’s almost like we were meant to meet here, m'lady <3”
- e w w w
- You hadn’t said one word to him hoping he would get the hint.
- lol guess not.
- “Your totally is 34.80. You can either pay with cash, card, or by hanging out with me back at my place.” he winked
- G R O S S
- “Awe, MC! Are you hanging out without me??”
- your savior hasth arrived.
- “Nah, I’m paying with cash.” you smiled as the guy glared at Seven.
- “I’m not surprised, girls always go for douchebags. Nice guys like me can never get the girl.” he said as if that were supposed to make you run into his arms screaming “ur right! what was i thinking!! i’m in love with u!!”
- You tried to hold in your laughter as Seven winked at you, knowing that he was gonna do something stupid.
- “You’re right, sir. What ever was I thinking.” He turned to look at you, fake tears in his eyes. “I relinquish you over to-” Seven had to stop and glance at his name tag, “-Eugene, for I am too douchey, and he is too nice. Goodbye Mc, forever.” He cried dramatically.
- “Goodbye Seven! I will never forget the way your wore your Red Bear Energy drink sideways or your axe body spray!!” you called, looking over to Eugene.
- “Eugene, for being the nicest in the land, will you take my hand?”
- His face lit up as he tipped his fedora.
-“It would be an honor, my lady-”
- “HAHAA U JUST GOT PRANKED!!” Seven swooped in before the boys cheeto dusted fingers could even graze your finger tips.
- “U ARENT A NICE GUY UR JUST ENTITLED” You yelled as Seven lifted you up princess style and ran out with you and ur groceries.
- Your knight in shining armor

An open call for episode transcripts from our Travelers, struggles in creating the Penumbra as a small team, and why we need your help

UPDATE: Some extremely generous fans have stepped up to organize @thepenumbrapodcasttranscripts , so please head over there if you would like to participate! We are deeply touched by the speedy response to this post.

Hey there Travelers,

Kevin here. Over the thirteen months since the Penumbra’s first episode, we’ve received a lot of requests from fans for access to episode transcripts. Many of you have contacted us with well-reasoned arguments about accessibility for those with hearing and processing disabilities. Many of you have expressed frustration about the $7 Patreon reward level, at which donating patrons get to look at the scripts the actors see.

We’ve stayed quiet on this so far, but we haven’t been ignoring you. We recognize your frustration. We apologize if the packaging of our show has made you feel like we don’t notice you, or listen to you, or care about you. We do. Internally we’ve been discussing this for months – and after debating it and trying a lot of things, we’ve come to what we think is the only conclusion that makes sense given our situation. I’ll tell you the conclusion first, and then move backward to our reasoning:

We are asking for help from you, the fans, in making these transcripts a reality. If fans create a tumblr or website that features fan-made transcripts of every episode, we will gladly post a link to it on our website and promote it whenever a new transcript has been completed.

We have asked for this from you all before, but it understandably got lost in the weeks and months that have passed since. As a result, should fans express interest in creating transcripts, we will be reblogging this post once every two weeks until all of the transcripts have been completed.

We recognize that it is frustrating not having the supports you need to access our show as others can. We recognize that asking fans to create those supports is also frustrating. Please know that we are frustrated, too. We are living a very uncomfortable, very difficult reality in creating this show, and up until now we’ve kept the details of that reality invisible to you all. But if I can ask for just a few minutes of your understanding, I hope I can communicate clearly about the obstacles in the way of us creating these transcripts, which are also, not coincidentally, the biggest threats to the Penumbra’s continued existence in general.

What follows is an in-depth look at my reasoning. If you’re satisfied with the above, hey, skip it! You can find the couple of transcripts we had time to make here (as well as one by a fan who asked to be credited as subtlepuns), so go for it, work together, create a platform for them, and feel free to use what we’ve made to get you started. If you’re still bothered, or you don’t understand why we can’t just make all the transcripts ourselves, I ask only that you read and think about our position, here. It is not one made hastily.

Keep reading