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The ‘Yuri on Ice’ track and Episode 9

I keep thinking about next week’s episode and the upcoming separation of Yuuri and Victor and how I firmly believe that will be a good thing, as I mentioned before. I was listening to the series’ soundtrack, as I do, and it got me thinking about the music ‘Yuri on Ice’, the one Yuuri skates to.

So I think it’s been discussed before and we all can agree on how that music reflects Yuuri’s journey throughout the entire series. Well, there’s been a part of the music that has always intrigued me when put in this perspective. The moment between minute 1:42 and 2:35, which I now believe is meant to reflect episode 9. 

What happens at 1:42 is that the violin stops, and we’re left alone with the piano playing abruptly much softer and slower than it did a moment before. Victor has told us in episode 5 through his inner monologue that the violin represents him. The moment the violin comes into the music is the moment Victor points out as representing the time when he came into Yuuri’s life to be his coach. And it makes sense, from then on the music is joyous and building towards a constant triumphant crescendo when all of a sudden it suddenly stops at 1:42 and the violin goes silent.

This is Victor leaving. This is Yuuri facing his own feelings and learning to skate alone for the time being. While the piano starts very soft here, it slowly builds back towards the faster rhythm and happier tune of before, which will likely be Yuuri finding his inner strength and resolve, and managing to skate and place for the Grand Prix even without Victor being physically there with him. Just as the piano is gaining momentum and strength again, the violin comes back at 2:35, and after that the music goes back to building towards the triumphant end it was going towards before, with the piano and violin finishing the music together.

So Victor and Yuuri will, of course, reunite, and they will be stronger together than they were before they separated. This will be a good a thing. I’m looking forward to all the further development they will have.