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They were in Milan, and I was at home. I’m secure they were fantastic. One day I’ll be there with them, happy.


“When The Libertines take the stage, the crowd go hysterical - tears, mass hugging, the lot. Suddenly, it’s reaffirming all the reasons we fell in love with this band in the first place. True, it’s ragged round the edges - it’s The Libertines, after all - but the sheer spirit elevates it to the level of the sublime.” (NME)

The Libertines, Freedom Gig @ Tap’n’Tin, 8/10/2003

Does anyone have the newest macbook pro with sims 4 on it? Or an older model pro with sims 4 on it? I bought one about a month ago specifically for university, I said I wouldn’t but I’m seriously considering installing sims on it. I’ve got a Lenovo Ideapad 510-ISK that I usually play on but it’s beginning to lag really badly because I need more ram. It’s only got one removable ram slot with 4 gig currently in place, and idk when I’ll get around to buying an 8 gig stick. I upgraded my mac’s processor to 3.1ghz and maxed out the ram when I bought it though, because I had some extra cash at the time but also because I’m always afraid my laptop is gonna lag. I also do all my edits on my mac, so I’m constantly plugging usbs into both laptops and moving files. 

I just need some opinions on whether it’d still run good with /all/ the sims 4 packs on it, because the only thing that’s stopping me from installing sims on the mac is the thought of it lagging like crazy.

you know, dating calum would be so fucking amazing because you’d be one of the less people who’d know what’s on his mind and he’d tell you about his new songs and his ideas and his passions such as playing his bass and wanting 5 lil dogs when he’s older and living in a cute house with you and being on stage and giving his everything out to the fans every single night and you’d ask yourself every damn day how you got so damn lucky because you’re literally just an average girl living an average life but one night you caught his eye at one of his shows so he had send out his security to ask for your number, praying you’d actually do it and don’t think he’d just wanna bang you backstage. of course calum was one of the main reasons why you drove over 5 hours and saved up so much money to attend this concert. one thing led to another. you got to know eachother, it wasn’t always easy though, due to calum being so to himself and so careful who he could trust and who’d only use him to get a bit of fame. so you had to put so much into that strong relationship you have now and be so so patient because at first you didn’t really know if he actually liked you but he’d always show you how special you are to him such as asking you if you wanna listen to this new bass bit he had in his mind for this new song he’s just written a few hours prior, - he let you in. of course it’s not always happiness and sunshine due to him being the famous rockstar, traveling around, being tired and grumpy most of the time due to jetlag and fans wanting to meet him all day every day and him not wanting to disappoint the people who are the reason he can live his dream. but he’d always be so happy when you’d be at one of his gigs, he’d always keep an eye on you to see if you’re enjoying yourself because he’s so insecure about what he’s doing sometimes, no matter how often you tell him how talented and amazing he is, he just wanted to impress you every day just as much as you’ve impressed him when you turned up at one of his gigs 8 months ago; enjoying yourself, singing along at the top of your lungs and not caring about what others might think. little did you know where that would get you but you always get back to that night when you’re in your bed alone, calum in a complete different country, in a complete different timezone and that’s always the thing that keeps you going. you impressed him without even trying. and impressing impressive people is a big accomplishment. 


Charlotte Wessels on meeting people (x)

william poindexter headcanon:

dex is like. unreasonably good at tetris.

for a long time he couldn’t afford a fancy new smartphone and was using a cousin’s old og iphone, you know, the first gen iphone with the silver back that overheated more often than anything. the phone is only 8 gigs so he had about 500 songs and exactly one game, tetris, which he played literally all the time.

one day, their N64 overheats to the point where ransom gets a little worried and takes the console to the attic to cool off. lardo unearths an NES from somewhere and the only game she has for it is tetris. a tourney begins: shitty loses to nursey, ransom beats holster, lardo and chowder go for way longer than anyone expects with lardo just barely winning, bitty plays against dex and can’t figure out how to rotate the pieces fast enough. eventually it comes down to dex and ransom.

ransom is shit talking, bragging about high scores and blah whatever. dex is just kind of smirking; he’s got this. the round starts and ransom’s score keeps jumping up but he’s got a lot of close calls. dex just keeps clearing row after row after row, not talking, barely glancing away from the screen. somewhere around level 8, ransom fucks up, puts a T one in upside down from how he meant to and that’s it for him, he can’t recover and he loses.

dex keeps playing.

people wander in and out and dex is still going, taking out one or two rows at a time. nursey is sitting cross legged on the couch next to dex, just watching. ransom comes back into the room, squints at the tv. pauses.

“what level are you on, dex?”

nursey answers, “fifteen.”

it’s quiet before the question bursts out of ransom, almost without permission. “…it goes past ten?”