8 flahvaz


1,000,000 of the views are probably mine.

I honestly think that an All-Kid crew will NEVER win ABDC. 8 Flavahz was in the SAME position where Iconic Boyz were last season, and THEY lost...If you ask me, I think the voting was rigged because those girls went through SO much during the entire season (including one of the members, Angel losing her Mom to Cancer) and ALL of their routines were absolutely FIERCE. As much as I wanted them to win so badly, I had a hunch that Elektrolytes were going to win because with ABDC, the viewers at home are mostly older teenagers/adults and that deep down, no one wants to see a bunch of kids win on a dancing competition show. (stupid, I know) In conclusion, even though the girls didn't win tonight, in my eyes they ARE the Champions. And that's REAL.
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Mixed feelings for Lil Mama aside, this dance video from ABDC was aMAHzing! 8 Flahvaz is definitely my fave group this season. (skip to 1:30 for dance routine)

I really want to be an all girl dance troop now!