8 ep

Missing Scene in Ep 8

Keith tries to come to terms with a new revelation and its consequences. Shiro won’t let him do it alone.

Set at the end of Episode 8, “The Blade of Marmora,” Missing Scene.

Spoiler Heavy.

  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
  • Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Episode Related, Confessions, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Acceptance, Self-Acceptance

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hippocrampi  asked:

h a g g a r i s k e i t h ' s m o m

//big s2 spoilers lol

YOU KNOW….I’D BE DOWN FOR THAT ACTUALLY. And tbh it’s crossed my mind a few times.

Listen, I’m actually a huge Altean!Keith stan?? I’ve written about this before, lol. It would actually make a lot of sense IMO. And now that we know Haggar is Altean I’m kinda….HMMMM. 

They still really haven’t explored the whole Galran!Keith thing yet and I think there may be a lot more to it. I’d be down for him having both Galran and Altean blood. 

I also thought the whole dream sequence in ep 8 was kinda weird in that his dad was like “don’t you want to see your mom” and he was like “lol no” and left. Like…that gave me the vibe that maybe his mom was someone we already know?? And seeing as Haggar is like the only adult female on the show (besides Allura I guess) I was like half-expecting her to walk through the door at that point. Maybe I’m reading way too much into this but idk something about that struck me as really odd. 

So HMMMMmm yeah I don’t think it’s totally out of the question. 

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anonymous asked:

How flashback heavy do you think ep 8 will be? I'm not sure if you watch Game of thrones but in the latest season visions of the past were experienced by the characters to further the plot in the present were similarly to what I imagine could happen in 8. Rumours say Kylo's backstory will be explored and suggest we will see what happened to lukes students and followers, we are likely going to see that in visions rather that in exposition heavy campfire discussions between Rey and Luke surely?

I doubt it will be overly reliant on flashbacks/visions, since they have traditionally been very brief when they have been used in Star Wars (so think the cave scene in Episode VIII or the famous vision from The Force Awakens). Having too many flashbacks/dream sequences can bog a film down and distract from the main thrust of the plot, so I doubt Episode VIII will rely on them too much. I think we’ll have them for crucial scenes/moments, but their main purpose will be to drive the characters’ actions in the present.