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FFVIII in a Star Wars AU!

Okay, have you ever thought about a Star Wars AU for FFVIII???
How awesome would that be?!?!?!?!?

Ultimecia as a powerful Sith Lord – with a red lightsaber of course. (Although she prefers to use the sheer Force to defeat her opponent.)
Squall as a Jedi Padawan. He fights with a blue lightsaber and is often annoyed by his Jedi Master during training.
Rinoa as the leader of the small resistance group „Forest Owls“. (Of course! Literally a „rebell princess“ :D) A little Ewok named Angelo follows her wherever she goes because Rinoa once saved her.
Zell as a technician whose specialty is repairing broken T-Boards and other hovercrafts.
Quistis as a bounty huntress or an instructor for new members of the Resistance.
Irvine and Selphie as a smuggler couple. Selphie is the pilot of their starship Ragnarok (and when they get in trouble she loves to just „blow things to smithereens“ :D) and Irvine is the charming negotiator. Furthermore Irvine owns a bar (he won it through illegal gambling) in which Selphie works as a musician from time to time (à la Cantina Band ^^). It’s a save place to make deals with customers and to hide their smuggled goods.
Seifer as a former Jedi Padawan who changed over to the Dark Side and is now Ultimecia’s apprentice.
Edea as the former Senator. The headpiece of her sorceress outfit and her Make-up would fit perfectly to that role! But now she has resigned and lives a calm life with her husband Cid. They bought a little secluded house at the shore of one of the many lakes on Naboo.
Adel as an undercover Sith in the Senate who tries to trick people into voting her as new Senator.
Laguna as Squall’s Father and Jedi Master. He’s a former Pod-Racer but he barely won anything… because he’s clumsy and actually not good at driving in general. Every time his Podracer got destoryed during a race, his Moomba friends had to repair it again. But then Laguna found out that he can use the Force, left Tatooine and became a Jedi. He spent the only trophy money he ever got to ransom Ellone.
Ellone lives with Laguna and is a wise Jedi historian. She works at the Library of Coruscant and calmly analyzes past events. Her parents died when she was very young, so she worked as a slave for Dr. Odine on Tatooine until Laguna took her with him.
Raine as a ghost who accompanies Squall and gives motherly advice. She worked as a florist on Naboo until she met Laguna. But just a few years after Squall’s birth she unfotunately died because of a disease.
Fujin and Raijin as generals of military forces.
The Shumi as inhabitants and craftsmen of Hoth who can repair every broken little thing in their underground village.
Kiros and Ward as Jedi buddies of Laguna and part of the Jedi Councils. Kiros’ lightsaber is purple, while Ward’s is green. OR: Kiros as the Baron Administrator of Cloud City and Ward as a Scavenger.
And last but not least: NORG AS JABBA THE HUTT!

The possibilities are ENDLESS! *_____*


Mericcup Week 2014
Day 6: Embers by Owl City

There were days when each hour was a  w a r  I fought to survive
There were skies that burst open with a downpour to  d r o w n  me alive
And the fire brought me to  l i f e

Day 2 - Ichihime Week 2016

Rating: K


発展 - Hatten

“I’m so sorry to bother you like this,” she said, twiddling her thumbs and tapping her feet on the ground.

“Don’t worry,” he said, wearing his eyes half-lidded for a moment, “It’s not a bother.”

Her features slipped into a frown, “It’s getting late.”

“Not really, Winter days feel shorter. Besides, I was already nearby. It’s not an inconvenience.”

The bustling cafe around them was no distraction to him. She was staring blankly at the table between them, fidgeting in her seat and barely breathing. His eyes opened a little more and he couldn’t help but bear his concern.

“Inoue,” his voice was stern, “Is something wrong?”

She exhaled and shifted closer to the edge of her seat, suddenly looking as if she might flee.

“See, I-”

“Please,” he interrupted, “Don’t change your mind now, if it’s not what you really want. Don’t give me excuses.”

Her face altered entirely. She looked at him in astonishment.

And he appeared very proud of himself as he held her gaze.

“H-h-how did you-” she stuttered, “Woah. Kurosaki-kun!”

“Sorry to be harsh,” he jeered, “I must’ve figured out how to read you at last.”

She flashed a heart-warming smile, causing a flutter deep in the pit of his belly. But it was brief, and she was just as quickly solemn once again.

Even he could now feel her spiritual pressure fluctuating with her nerves.

“Let me help,” he said quickly, “if there’s a problem.”

Orihime looked into his eyes – which came with a sense of nostalgia. He’d weakened the intensity a little since those past instances, but she could still see his determination and utter willingness to keep her safe.

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“Couldn’t be.”

She nodded, unwilling to debate with either him or herself any longer.

“I got back to my apartment about an hour ago and I found this,” she pulled a note from her purse and placed it down in front of him.

He turned his attention to the scrap of paper, covered in a smudged, black scribble of letters.

“Furukawa-chan three doors down saw him leave the note,” she said.

Ichigo took a long swig of his coffee, and inhaled sharply and he placed it back down.

“Your father wants to see you,” he stated plainly.

She nodded again, even more feeble than the last.

“How did he find you?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said with a pout, “Sora moved us far away from him, and our aunt wouldn’t have told him.”

Ichigo picked up his cup again.

“Must’ve tracked you down,” he muttered.

“I panicked when I found the note,” she admitted, “since it seemed like he planned on visiting. I wasn’t sure what to do – I wanted somebody’s opinion on… how…”

Then he remembered that Tatsuki was away for the weekend.

“I just don’t know… what I should do…” she murmured softly, watching the table again.

He crossed his arms and leaned on the surface in front of him, tapping on the wood with two fingers.

He waited a moment, and then…

“Do you want to see him?”

She blinked.


“Is there any part of you that wants to see him?”

“Well… I feel that… I could regret it, one day, if I didn’t take this chance?” she pondered aloud, “But there’s a much bigger part of me that would rather avoid him…”

“Right…” he said, “I’d probably feel the same. You don’t really have any fond memories of this guy, huh?”

“Few memories at all…” she sighed, “but no good memories.”

“Do you think, after that, he even deserves to get to know you?” he let out an entirely unfiltered question, “He doesn’t deserve any credit for the strong person you’ve become.”

She was slightly taken aback.

“Strong?” Orihime mumbled, “Am I…?”

His eyes widened slightly and he looked oddly offended, “Of course. I’m not sure I’d still be around if you weren’t.”

The thought had never really occurred to her. As much as she’d always wanted to become stronger, she’d once spent a lot of time and effort convincing herself that she was the very opposite.

It seemed she was lost in thought before she heard him place his empty coffee cup back down on the table once again.

“Take some time to think about it, maybe,” he said, “Don’t rush your decision if you haven’t already made up your mind. Is there somewhere you could stay in the meantime? If you didn’t want to risk having him show up again, that is.”

“I have a key to Tatsuki’s apartment, but that’s…”

Ichigo pulled on his jacket from the back of his chair, “We both know Tatsuki won’t mind you staying there, even if we didn’t explain why.”

Her next nod was a little more sure-footed, as she got out of her chair and slipped into her coat.

“Shall I walk you over there now? It may not be that late, but it is dark out.”

She waved a hand, “It’s okay. I’m still feeling a little… freaked out, I think I’ll just take a walk around town and think about it some more.”

He held to door to the cafe open for her on their way out, “Would you mind if I stayed with you?”

“Oh, I-! I didn’t want to take up too much of your time! I only needed-”

“I’d like to see you get there safely, for peace of mind, I guess.”

He was still at her side as they began their way down the street.

“If you say so…” she said in defeat.

“Let me know if you need me again, though,” he said after a moment, “If you decide not to see him, I’ll wait around and tell him next time he comes back.”

“I hadn’t thought about that!” she gasped, “I’d have to shoo him off my doorstep then…”

“If he gives you any trouble, I’ll beat his ass…”

“K-Kurosaki-kun!” she stifled a giggle.

She was thinking much more about his words than her dilemma as they wandered side-by-side through the streets. If she had any strength, she owed it to him – she was sure.

But she had a feeling he wouldn’t let her deny her growth over the recent few years. And if she was to be honest with herself, she’d very much like to believe him.

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