8 days in america

The result is a widening caste system that can turn an airplane into a microcosm of “The Hunger Games.” The elite bask in an airborne version of Panem, enjoying over-the-top frivolities distant from the tedium of normal life, while the masses scrap over scant resources, dreaming of revolution.
—  Sarah Lyall, New York Times, who spent 8 days in a row flying around America

On July 8, 1974, nine days after the America Sings attraction opened in Disneyland, 18-year-old Disneyland cast member Deborah Gail Stone died when she was crushed between two walls of the building. A narrow channel between a stationary wall and a rotating wall was open and Deborah was unfortunate enough to walk through this space as the rotating wall began to move. One of the audience members heard Deborah’s screams and notified park staff, although most people in the audience thought that Deborah’s death screams were all part of the show.

How Yuri!!! on Ice Changed My Life

I asked you guys the question earlier today, now it’s my turn to explain.  I’ve been thinking about this for a week now as I’ve had to come to terms with some events from the past year.  Life has changed a lot and most of it I’m happy about.  I’ve had some reminders of things I don’t like, but that’s part of life.  I’m going to throw a keep reading link as this is going to more than likely be a very long read.  Just stick with me. 

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some alternative songs i find relaxing for some reason

i felt like sharing this. these are all songs that I rely on when I’m mentally exhausted or had a really bad day. They always seems to relax me somehow.

I’d add links but I’m lazy and tired


1. Boston by Augustana
2. Selene by Imagine Dragons
3. House of Gold by twenty one pilots
4. How to Save a Life by The Fray
5. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
6. Give Me Novocaine by Green Day
7. America by Imagine Dragons
8. Words Fail (from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, performed by Ben Platt)
9. Let It Go by James Bay
10. Echo by Jason Walker
11. From Where You Are by Lifehouse
12. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
13. The Judge by twenty one pilots

im done now thanks for reading bye