8 couples you ship

Thoughts on S8E6

Okay, really, this is ridiculous. I missed watching one of the best McDanno-centric episodes yet because I had a powerlifting competition Friday night/all day Saturday, so I just now finished watching the 11/10 episode. Ah well… Life will hopefully be back to normal now and I can watch regularly on Friday nights again! With that said, here goes my thoughts during this week’s episode!

1.       This opening argument sounds like Steve arguing with Danny about surfing, except Steve definitely knows about surfing lmfao

2.       I don’t quite know why, but I’m a big fan of these opening credits now…


4.       Goodness, a shirtless Steve should be ILLEGAL!

5.       Of course Jerry would have a letter, and I wanna cry.

6.       “Listen to your boy. You know he loves you.” GOODNESS, MY HEART!!! *ugly crying*

7.       This intervention is really hurting me because I just want somebody to take care of Steve McGarrett, and I want that person to be Danny Williams, and we’re ALMOST THERE!

8.       Why is this counselor smiling at Steve like a freaking love-sick puppy?! Get your life together, lady!

9.       Killer cop is dead?! PLOT TWIST!

10.   …….Of course Steve didn’t blink, he’s a cop, it’s his JOB. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this counselor at ALL.

11.   Steve checking in with Danny on what Steve likes to do with Steve’s free time implies that Danny is around during Steve’s free time. The strength of this ship cannot be overstated!

12.   “How would you know how many times I’m having sex a week?” OHHHH STEVE, DO NOT TAKE US DOWN THIS RABBIT HOLE!!!!!!!!! Kjasdf;kasdlkfbasdh;kjfhas;dkjfb;asdjhfn;asjdf

13.   And Danny’s smile after Steve asks that question AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *DEAD* “You can’t be having sex five times a week with her because you’re having sex five times a week with MEEEE!” kdfha;osidjfn;kjasdbfh;iohjasdfjkhas’dofjasdkf

14.   Oh dear… Legit multiple personality disorder is no joke.

15.   Why ask Junior about Steve’s home life? He’s been there not even 6 weeks! OMG, this is killing me! JUST. ASK. DANIEL. EVERYTHING!

16.   This chick really sittin’ at his desk like she belongs there. Good for Danny for confronting her on it.

17.   A pretty heated argument in the car?! THAT’S WHAT THEY DO, LADY!

18.   So many moral and ethical dilemmas when debating how to deal effectively with D.I.D.

19.   Truly, TRULY sick of this counselor. Like, I literally can’t even.

20.   Why ya’ll act like Steven McGarrett, head of the 5-0 Task Force, former team leader in the United States Navy SEALS, doesn’t know how to observe his goddamn environment?! When something changes, he’s gonna know what it is, ESPECIALLY WHEN SAID CHANGE IS ABOUT DANIEL WILLIAMS!

21.   So…nobody notices this dude just walk in and sit at a random desk like he belongs there except Duke, huh? Cops who work there every day? Nah, man, somebody else saw somethin’. Cops know each other like close family. If somebody’s there who doesn’t belong, somebody is gonna say somethin’!

22.   SHIT.

23.   Watching Steve take control like that makes my lady parts quiver.

24.   Going in like that would’ve been something Steve would’ve sent Kono in to do. I miss Kono.

25.   Danny being legitimately scared for Steven’s health legit made me cry.

26.   Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams are an actual couple and I will not be convinced otherwise, not by ANYBODY. I mean, when’s the last time we even SAW Melissa and/or Lynn?! Oh, yeah, that Valentine’s Day getaway where Steve and Danny spent more time with EACH OTHER than with their respective girlfriends! FOH with “girlfriends”. These men are dating each other, and if you can’t see that, we’re not watching the same show.


10 days of Challenge… Day 8: 8 couples you ship

Sex and the City: Carrie & Mr.Big
Being Erica: Erica & Kai
Brothers and Sisters: Kitty & Robert
Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith & Derek
Lost: Juliet & James
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy & Spike
Charmed: Piper & Leo
White Collar: Neal & Sara