8 bit illustrations


My TAZ animation is finally done! 

The first time I listened to the scene with Garfield the Deals Warlock, I had an inspiration to draw him as if he were a shopkeeper npc is a retro video game! I was heavily inspired by the Undertale style of shopkeeper, since I think the humor of it all kinda fits in well with TAZ.

This was for fun, I hope you all like it even though it’s short and silly ! <3 

‘HCF’ For The New Yorker

Illustration I did for a review of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, about hackers in the 80′s technology boom. HCF is old computer command which sends the code into an inescapable loop forcing you to either shut down or let it overheat, kind of a metaphor for the times, so I of course decided to show them as the program and have them glitching out in pixels. 

Thanks to AD Christine Curry!