8 bit finn

So I went to see Star Wars last night and here are my thoughts:

-It really captured the whole essence of SW excellently

-Amazing special effects

-BB-8 👌🏻

-The humour was so on point, especially Finn

-Poe is *heart eyes emoji*

-Han Solo was Han Solo so I was v happy about that

-KYLO FUCKING REN (excellent character, excellent acting; a new fave character)


-The story is a complete copy of ‘A new Hope’ which kinda sucks bc it makes it pretty anticlimactic and predictable (they literally have an entire universe but they chose to write the same exact story like???why????)

-Rey is such a shit character (sorry) I just don’t think Daisy’s acting was good enough (in comparison) to be the main character

-That *thing* that happened with Han

So all in all I would def watch again, just try and ignore Rey’s presence bc I think it brings down the entire film (again, sorry). I’ll just wait to see what the next one brings.