8 ball world

holy shit what if u can get magic 8 balls that actually work,,, like rather than generating generic yes or no answers it actually listens to what you say and can tell the future

Well, at least we kept the universe alive.

TW: Badassery ensues. (Just one word: Snowman.)

>Mary: Liveblog all of The Intermission. Do it now.

And the day has come, in which I finally find out what this famed intermission is all about. The day you guys finally stop pestering me about how relevant it is. I SHALL FIND OUT AND END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL.

This better be interesting, and by interesting I mean the it better feature The Midnight Crew. We got a very green… residence?? palace?? mansion?? Under a very purple sky.

YEAAAHHH. Here he is, here he freaking is. He wears a more suitable hat for the occasion. I’m not used to seeing him in such a businessman attire. However, the “what did I do to deserve this” expression is still there. Pissed no matter the time or the place. It’s his personal mantra. Spades Slick/Jack Noir/Whoever the heck he really is/’s mantra. Pick your choice. 


Objectives of this intermission:

  • Finding out if Jack Noir and Spades Slick are the same person, evil twins or whatever the heck they are.
  • Are the members of the Midnight Crew part of Homestuck? I stand by my previous claim. They absolutely are. Will this intermission change my idea? Will I figure out why everyone is so obsessed with this intermission? More questions and possibly even an half-assed answer at eleven, STAY TUNED!
  • WHERE ARE THEY? I need place and time. On Earth? In the Medium?? ON MARS?? Wherever they are, it’s very green. So not Mars.

Oh, and The Felt should be part of Homestuck! I had forgotten about the green dudes! Also we’ve got a loathsome boss now!

Seems like a good idea. I mean… This Lord English is apparently effing loaded. Also, he seems to like green a lot. Does the lighting make everything appear green or everything IS green? That would make it degenerate into weird obsession. Not that we don’t have enough of them already.

I LIKE HIM. He gives me a good vibe. Not in the sense that he is a good guy, I MEAN THAT HE HAS MUCH POTENTIAL TO BE A GOOD CHARACTER!

Did they… get through the door with an explosion? That is not even a carpet, it’s a POOL TABLE. What!?

And there is an awful lot of clo—

I guess that’s another way of calling them…?

They probably HEARD you enter and are preparing an ambush? It’s not like you guys were trying to take them by surprise.

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8-Bit Scott Pilgrim vs. The World “Kick her in the balls!”

For some reason you have to click the image before it plays?

While staying over at a friends house we watched a shitload of movies. This being one of my favorite comic book movies and comics of all time gave me the urge to make this while he watched The Room, he watches that movie every month and I don’t know why.

“Kick her in the balls!” God I love Wallace. Defiantly my favorite Scott Pilgrim Character.

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Don’t mind living in an #8BALLWORLD #FUCT