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I’ve seen a lot of curious people wanting to dive into classical music but don’t know where to start, so I have written out a list of pieces to listen to depending on mood. I’ve only put out a few, but please add more if you want to. hope this helps y’all out. :)

stereotypical delightful classical music:

if you need to chill:

if you need to sleep:

if you need to wake up:

if you are feeling very proud:

if you feel really excited:

if you are angry and you want to take a baseball bat and start hitting a bush:

if you want to cry for a really long time:

if you want to feel like you’re on an adventure:

if you want chills:

if you want to study:

if you really want to dance:

if you want to start bouncing in your chair:

if you’re about to pass out and you need energy:

if you want to hear suspense within music:

if you want a jazzy/classical feel:

if you want to feel emotional with no explanation:

if you want to sit back and have a nice cup of tea:

pieces that don’t really have a valid explanation:

pieces that just sound really cool:

if you feel like listening to concertos all day (I do not recommend doing that):

and if you really just hate classical music in general:

a lot of these pieces apply in multiple categories, but I sorted them by which I think they match the most. have fun exploring classical music!

also, thank you to viola-ology, iwillsavemyworld, shayshay526, eternal-cadenza, tropicalmunchakoopas, shadowraven45662, and thelonecomposer for adding on! if you would like to add on your own suggestions, please reblog and add on or message me so I can give you credit for the suggestion!

NieR Automata Music Implementation

The Music Implementation of NieR Automata got nominated on CEDEC Award 2017 as the Best Game Sound Design. The man behind the Music Implementation of NieR Automata is Masami Ueda from PlartinumGames. With the helps of Keiichi Okabe and Yoko Taro direction, he creates one of the best mechanics on implementation of music in game this year. 

One of the most interesting mechanics he did is the seamless BGM transition between Normal Phase, Battle Phase, and Hacking Phase of Music. He programmed that mechanic utilizing the Tone Filter algorithm provided by CriWare. 

At the starts, there’re still no idea of adding the 8-bit instrument while transitioning in hacking. But later on he figured out that he can utilize the Tone Filter algorithm to do it. Not all songs in NieR Automata had its 8-bit version. So here’s how Masami Ueda implemented it so they still can add 8-bit feels on all songs in NieR Automata.

Normal Version to 8 Bit Version Transition

Normal Version to 8 bit Version Transition Intertwined by Hacking Start SFX

Normal Version to Programmed 8 bit Version (Applied to a song without a 8-bit music resource, ex: Copied City OST)