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Dirkjake lyricstuck done at last!!

(it’s all in the video but all the panels are under readmore too in case you want to see them separately)

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Choices a story you can play

Hello, recently I downloaded the app Choices and im really having fun with it. My current favorite story is Endless Summer. Although I have one promblem with the app. The amount of diamonds recieved. I feel that people who don’t have the money to buy more are left out of the interesting paths. Also I notice while playing “Endless Summer” the premium choices cost around 15-20 diamonds. That’s an absurd cost for the amount given after each chapter.
I think there should be more than one way to earn diamonds. Like:
1 -After each chapter players get 5 diamonds.
2 -Players can watch ads to earn diamonds. The amount is based on how long the ad is.
(ex: 0:30s ad = 2-3 diamonds and 1m ad = 5-8 diamonds)
3 -A decrease in amount of diamonds needed for premium choices.
Any of these could greatly enhance players expierience with the game. I believe option #2 would benefit both the player and Pixelberry. Players get more diamonds and Pixelberry gets more ad revenue. Win, Win.
If you’re also a player with the same conserns please reblog in hopes of Pixelberry seeing this.
If you’re Pixelberry reading this I really hope you understand and I hope you might implement one of the different ways to get diamonds.

Thank you

TF2 comic: the naked and the dead

So, what do we have:

1. Soldier and Zhanna are going to marry and have kinds but Heavy isn’t happy of it

2. Mags still loves Saxton

3. Medic gave back Demoman’s eye at least 8 times but his eye socket is haunted

4. Medic scooped out a part of Demo’s brain responsible for memory

5. Pyro is HE

6. Spy is Scout’s father

7. Scout’s name is Jeremy, he’s 27 and will die December 4th 1987

8. Medic’s surname is Ludwig and he sold Devil his soul but then surgically added 8 more souls to his body to avoid contract requirements and not going to hell + mr. Ludwig will live extra 50 years for 1 soul to let Devil find a way how trick out his other 7 souls. MEDIC FUCKED UP DEVIL (and made his team almost immortal by taking off their souls somehow)

9. Heavy realized that Medic is really a mad ass

10. To settle an old debt Administrator needs less than 1 hour



I am finally going to be taking commissions!!

So basically, I’m unable to work due to extreme anxiety and agoraphobia but I need to start making money so I’m going to try out commissions. This is my first time ever attempting to sell my art, so please be patient with me.

I will not be taking any NSFW commissions, but that may change in the future. I will also not be taking any Homestuck related commissions, since Hussie has stated that he doesn’t want any content for HS sold outside of official merchandise. I will also not draw any gore, furries, or mechas.  If you dont want your commission posted, please let me know in your email! Anything else is completely okay, OC commissions and any other fandom related. ^^

~Commission Prices~

Everything is in USD

Head shot/Bust shot

sketch - $5

colored - $8

+$2 per added person

+$5 for optional background

Half body

sketch - $10

colored - $15

+$5 per added person

+$5 for optional bg

Full body

sketch - $15

colored - $20

+$10 per added person

+$10 for optional bg

Payment is due prior to receiving the commission. I hope you understand. All payments are made through PayPal.

If you want to commission me please email me @mikoriinm@gmail.com! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an ask here on tumblr, or in your email. Depending on how many commissions I get will determine how long I keep them open. I hope to get some commissions from you guys and thank you very much! :D (To see more examples of my art, you can go to my art page on my blog!)

hatsunekei  asked:

Happy Blogaversary Donatello!

Why thank you.

Now for an Anniversary Special:

Facts about Donnie’s Blog!

1. I started off with my own generic theme. But for the past few years Raph makes my themes for me.

2. I used to have a shoutbox on this blog. 

3. I was once killed by the Death Note. 

4. I lose at least 5 followers every time I do an M!A.

5. I got my first tcest ask within the first week of my blog at the ripe innocent age of 15. Thank you, tumblr for ruining my innocence.

6. I get medical asks the most.

7. On here somewhere is an Ax bodyspray ad.

8. I have helped more than one person pass science classes. You are welcome.

9. I have been flamed for accidentally posting art theft submitted to me when I didn’t know it wasn’t theirs. I have since learned. Don’t steal art. 

10. I have still never sent hate to anyone. Not even anonymously.

11. This is my only blog. Always has been.

12. I learn as much from your asks as you do from me answering. It inspires me to research things I would never think of doing. I like that.

Top 100 TV Shows of All Time - IGN.com
These are the 100 greatest TV shows ever made.


They accidentally added an 8 in front of our number, but what can you do ;)

Critic Friend @themattfowler assures me other IGN critics would have placed it much higher in their hearts!!! TELL HIM HE HAS FANNIBAL ADMIRATION IF YOU GET A CHANCE :) 

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