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Hogwarts {1513}
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{Hogwarts Story 1513}
Edits made by me :)

types of discovery fans

1. voq cosnspiracy theorists

2. Everything Is Femslash

3. lorca fuckers

4. here’s how georgiou isn’t dead conspiracy theorists

5. just here for culber and stamets

6. ash tyler defense squad

7. here for the klingon plot

8. michael has never done anything wrong in her life, ever

9. just using the new canon as fuel to flesh out spock’s backstory

10. fixation on lorca’s tribble

11. protect saru squad

12. sarek is a dilf

13. sylvia tilly, o captain my captain

Here’s a conversation between my brother and sister from today.
B-“Did you know it’s okay to have a crush on a girl or have a girlfriend or even MARRY a girl if you’re a girl”

S-“So I can marry Charlotte if I want to?”

B-“Yeah! It’s called being gay”

S-“So can I marry a boy or a girl?”

B-“Uhh yeah, I think that’s called being bi-sensual”
at this point im super proud and !!

S-“So can I marry you or Ellie?”

B-“No, that’s called insept”


Matchmaker Kilgharrah
Merlin Memory Month Prompt Day 6:
Path II - Friendship(s)
I really liked their banter. It took them a while to become friends. Sadly it’s a very underrated friendship but seriously… Kilgharrah knew about their feelings for each other before they did.


this love is o u r s


my favorite meme that my friend group has is going out with another person in the group and sending pictures of them with the caption “on a date kinda nervous” to the snap group