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12x14 | The Raid

Charming idea. But if Mary had ever bothered to talk to her sons and find out all they’ve been through, she’d know that even in a world with no monsters Sam and Dean wouldn’t be able to live normal lives.

Back At One (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Your husband makes you slow dance to your song in the middle of a grocery store.

Word Count: 608

Warnings: So cheesy it hurts. Nothing other than that. Very, very cheesy is all. (you’ve been warned)

A/N: Don’t break my heart and tell me you’ve never listened to Back At One by Brian McKnight. If you did break my heart, you can mend it by listening to it for the first time right now - and if you decide that’s not really your thing it’s okay, I’ll let you in on a secret: I love you anyways.

“Anyways, so I told her-” 

“Shh!” Lin interrupted you and your eyes flashed to his, your utter annoyance unmasked in them.

“It’s not like I was-” you started when you felt Lin’s finger against your lips as his eyes were squinted in focus. You sighed dramatically, moving to take over the shopping cart so your husband could explore whatever new idea had popped into his head without crashing into a display. His hand flashed to intercept yours though and pulled you towards him, positioning one of your hands in his and the other on his shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“Listen,” Lin murmured, his eyes moving upwards to indicate he meant for you to pay attention to whatever was playing from the speaker on the ceiling. You had yet to identify the song from the few opening words that had been sung. “It’s our song.”

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Las cosas que no digo..

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Mercurio en Escorpio: Secreto, mantiene la mente bajo cerradura y llave, vigilada, siente que los pensamientos reveladores revelan el yo, tranquilo para que la observación pueda tener lugar, sólo dispuesto a participar en temas emocionantes, estimulantes y profundos, la mayor parte del trabajo ocurre en el inconsciente

Saturno en la 3 ª casa:
La parálisis mental puede ocurrir, como la acumulación de pensamiento completo que golpea un muro de hormigón y presiona en la mente. El individuo puede ser mentalmente ambientalmente sobreestimulado hasta el punto de silencio. También profundamente considera las palabras antes de hablar

Mercurio en la casa 12:
La muchedumbre convierte los pensamientos tan húmedos y acuosos que se escapan y desaparecen, a menudo el individuo puede ser aturdido en silencio socialmente porque los pensamientos de otras personas (a menudo no reconocido) se convierten en consumir. El individuo piensa mejor solo, la mente es privada

Plutón en la 3ª casa:
El individuo entiende la reverencia y el poder de las palabras que tan profundamente considera la onda consciente e inconsciente de sus palabras. Motivado a decir sólo la verdad, sólo dispuesto a participar en cosas/situaciones emocionantes, estimulantes, temas profundos.

Aspectos de Mercurio-Saturno: La parálisis cerebral puede ocurrir, la mente parece aturdida o apretada, los pensamientos de inadecuación, ‘eres demasiado estúpido para participar en esta conversación’ puede perjudicar la expresión mental, busca contribuir sólo con información significativa y pensamientos.

Neptuno en la 3 ª casa:
El sueño activo puede inhibir al individuo de la conversación a menudo generando distractibilidad vaga y la incapacidad de centrarse en la conversación o llevar la conversación de una manera que puede ser seguido.

Mercurio en la casa octava:
La compulsión de hablar sólo la verdad significa un silencio significativo, guardado y estrictamente observador - el individuo mira a otras personas antes de participar en la discusión, reservado con los pensamientos.


Post traducido del blog @astrolocherry, lo siento si hay algunos errores.


Want to improve your memory? The “loci” really works, according to science.

  • So how can you improve memory? It has long been believed to depend on genetics, and research has focused on links between recall and intelligence.
  • But a new Stanford University School of Medicine study comparing fMRI brain scans of so-called “memory athletes” with normal folks suggests that great recall doesn’t need to be inherited: It can actually be learned.
  • The loci method, sometimes described as the “memory palace” method, was coined by Greek and Roman orators who had to memorize long speeches without the help of text.
  • The idea  is pretty simple. Humans are better at processing visual information than textual information, so if you want to remember a ton of words at once, pair each one with an image. Read more (3/8/17 12:12 PM).

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I’m not being hyperbolic in the slightest when I say that watching yuri on ice as it aired was one of the greatest experiences of my life?? being so so sure that victuuri would be canon, analyzing the first half, shredding it to pieces to find every single piece of evidence to support that claim, and then it actually happening? episode 7 still shakes me to this day. because we were right. we were given a canon ship, and it wasn’t fetishized or unnatural and…….. I will be forever grateful for that experience.


Which Supernatural fan doesn’t think of this while listening to Eye Of The Tiger
Jensen Ackles ❤

Brutally Honest Venus in Houses

Venus in House I
Aren’t you miss Marilyn Monroe? You present yourself to the world with charm and cuteness and get stuff on your way like that. You’re very flirty and love to play dumb so stupid people thinking they’re too smart will lecture you and you will even get out of the situation pretending you’re a good learner when in fact you’re just being diplomatic and shady. You like to be sexually admired and know how to use it in your favor without being obvious. How not to like you? Not even you know that.

Venus in House II
Here comes Lana del Rey in her Sugar Baby phase. Maybe is not even conscious but your love life has to be luxurious and you will probably fall for rich people - not that you are actively looking for this kind of thing. To you, romantic means financial effort, and if they care enough they will do it for you, right? Also you’re pretty obsessed with stability. Love comes with a price, and you won’t marry and put your being in the hands of someone who can’t even pay its own bills. Maybe you have a heritage or come from a wealthy family, and you will keep at least the same pattern of life you already have with someone stable that knows how to $ enjoy $ life.

Venus in House III
You probably fell in love for a teacher once. You just can’t resist a sweet talk and somebody that can share stories, knowledge, with good humor and a mind sharp… you’re so done. You also like to be with someone that can talk about anything without making a big deal of it, and if they don’t have anything interesting to say anymore you get bored and that’s it, the end. Also because of your endless need for new information and learning you may feel polyamory is something considerable, maybe even desirable. So many people with so many stories to share! Or maybe not, if you date a true nerd with a good heart. Is very likely you will find romance in school or college, or any study group, and maybe inspire you to follow an academic or scholar career.

Venus in House IV
You are very, very, very romantic and sentimental. Love means marrying and children, or at least marrying and having loving pets to raise. Sometimes both. You like the traditional bound - you may even say is not for you but honey, you don’t fool anyone. You like the idea of having a ring in your finger and showing off your sweet partner while making up names for your future children (or pets). You probably came from a family that gave you this traditional view - or from a so fucked up family you desired your whole life yours were better than that and decided to make your new family the closest thing possible from a traditional one. Either way, you will look for someone that can handle your family or be among the other half’s family as it were yours. And you are a hard worker to keep things as perfect as a butter advertise.

Venus in House V
You are so in love… with yourself. And everything you create. You are expressive and people love your presence - they better do, you’re a fucking genius - and you know how to attract people, how to flirt, how to keep them interested. Is like they say: work on your garden and the butterflies will come to you, and geez, your garden is a stage with high quality lightning while Mozart plays in the background to make the flowers grow more beautifully. You work on your appearance, on your expressiveness, you know exactly what you’re doing and those who don’t know how to appreciate it are not worthy of you. Your partner is someone you picked from your fans, they must admire you too - better saying, they have to understand what you are and what you do. Otherwise why even bother to lose your time with them? Losers.

Venus in House VI
You love someone who is responsible and hard working. Love to you is something a bit colder than others, you have high standards for what you want in your life and need someone to help you achieve it. This someone must work as hard as you do, must cooperate with you and stand still facing critics because you’re really mental, and your relationship is one of the things you will analyze more than feel it. The problem is you might over analyze it and ruin things when they were supposed to be ok. Chill, man. You do a good work, trust your standards, you will do fine. And so will the person you coldly chose to be with you. You will probably fall in love for a competent co-worker, maybe even your boss, or someone with a very practical view.

Venus in House VII
You’re the Venus itself. You’re a social butterfly and diplomatic af, everybody likes you and you don’t even give them the chance to not like you. You’re so fucking nice and loving, how can they not like you? Unless you have a stellium in aries or something, geez, you’re good at attracting people. You will probably fall in love for pretty people, be pretty yourself and want pretty things surrounding you. You’re all about beauty - inner and outer, but c'mon, everybody likes the outer more. You’re well behaved, gentle, you talk looking into people’s eyes and genuinely asks if everything is ok. You will probably marry and be very happy since the person that will be attracted to you will admire every piece of you, and feel lucky to have you around. Just run from people that use other people (they might perceive you’re too nice and use the shit out of you) and creeps (they might see your kindness as openness and try to do creepy shit).

Venus in House VIII
The more complicated, the better. Not because of drama, you just like… intense things. Normal relationships bore the shit out of you, you need something that will change your life completely, change the way you see things, you feel things, someone that can divide your life in “Before my partner” and “After my partner”. Someone to do new things, develop new dreams, and someone to take care emotionally and trust completely. You’re not the type of going around telling everyone you’re in love - sometimes you don’t even feel it coming. Is just there, and then you want that person all for you, in a very possessive way, and do everything to mark your territory without being obvious. You like mysterious people, or just really different people, because they will make you feel beyond the obvious and share dark secrets - the ultimate love proof for you. You may have a thing for people you shouldn’t - be the other person, or even cheat. You also are a bit traditional… but a darker version, like Morticia and Gomez - to die and kill for it. Partners in life, partners in crime. Usually in life, though, if you’re healthy.

Venus in House IX
You want to PaAaARtYy. Woohoo. You have energy, passion, attitude, and you fall for very optimistic people that will take you out of your comfort zone and go beyond with you. You might fall for college teachers and researchers, maybe people that traveled the world, or even high knowledged religion leaders, like priests. Or just a parter for crazy ideas. To you, a relationship must be something to add flavor and spice to your life and make it something incredible. Make you do incredible things, go to places you never - or always - dreamed of. The ultimate romance is to take you in a trip where you will experiment so many new things and cultures. You’re all about expansion and your love will take you beyond, make you learn something new, master a new technique… love is something almost religious that will bring you salvation. The problem is when you notice the patterns of things and get bored, or if your beloved is passing through dark times of regression. You feel lonely and that energy becomes irritation, and you may go alone with hope to find new love since you have no time for sad people.

Venus in House X
You’re the boss here. You know exactly what you want for love, and this comes with traditionalism, effort and a good status. You like the idea of marrying and having kids but indifferently from your gender you will be the “man” of the house, the boss. You will lead the relationship, take the initiative, ask to go on a date, decide when to marry, choose where to live, what to do, how to do. You are very hard working and security is important to you - and if the person doesn’t give you enough of it you will just fire them and leave the spot open to better candidates. You may seem cold but you don’t play with your life and love is something strong for you, so you just don’t give it for anyone that messes with your head. You actually know very well the difference between love and lust and are able to have lustful relationships without love, just to relieve your carnal needs. Cold, right? But real. You take responsibilities and obligations very seriously, and if you decide to bond with someone you will do it in the right way.

Venus in House XI
You’re popular and care about everyone. When it comes to love you have to find someone that will bond with your friends and coworkers. You go along with everybody and important people tend to like you. You may get involved with someone very political, or with strong political views, particularly with the power to actually do something for the masses. Or maybe a technologic nerd that is developing solutions for daily problems. You’re all about improvement and will want someone to share this view, and work together to something that will help others somehow. You’re here to make things better and your partner must recognize this. You don’t fall a little tiny for selfish bastards, even if they look pretty af - at this point you’re probably questioning the beauty standards and laughing at people that tries too hard to look good. You’re different, unique, and sometimes this is a blessing, sometimes a curse. You know you’re out of the place and fall for smart all of the place people like you. And if your morals and political views matches you will probably going to die together, holding hands and shit.

Venus in House XII
Your love is unconscious. You’re dreamy and imagine a life together with an ideal you’re afraid it doesn’t exist. This may indicate your love is in a past life too, someone you’ve bond so strongly you miss him/her and don’t even know its face. Your love makes you better as a person, grow and learn more about you. You might feel you’re infantile and this is so strange for you, while it seems so obvious for others, and will want to hide and never try. You’re too ashamed to show your feelings and always expect the worst, sometimes making a self fulfilled prophecy, and then going after easy escapes such drugs, games, porn. Bonding is specially hard for you because that’s what you need most to grow, and growing is never easy. You might break up as soon as you realize the person is not what you wanted it to be, not wanting to deal with their problems. Don’t run. You’re lovely and you can make your big dreams come true if you stay and keep on trying. Or at least the closest thing to true, which is fantastic anyway, because you’re a fabulous dreamer and that’s a great gift.

Getting to level 99 in persona 5 and Reaper Farming

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this on here yet so I thought I should make a long post about it.

What you need:
1. rank 9 in the Star Social link
2. Have it be a Flu day in game (the days flu days are on are 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 12/8, 12/9)
3. (Optional) Rank 10 of the Hermit Social Link
4. (Optional) Rank 10 of the Moon Social Link
5. (Optional) As many party members with the Endure skill

Go into Mementos on any floor and wait in one place and don’t move for around 5 minutes and Morgana will tell you the Reaper is near. Attack it and see if it has Despair. If it doesn’t run away. Keep doing this until it does spawn with it.

When it does have everyone Guard and keep doing that until the Reaper dies. You will get a LOT of EXP for doing almost nothing. And to reset it go to another floor and keep following those steps until you’re done or just simply bored. (Note: the lower your difficultly the more EXP you get so If you like me and playing on the harder difficultly I recommend toggling between easy until your done)

Good luck


Yeah but Dean isn’t into men right? (especially Cas)