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How cool is this? We are stoked to show you our new smaller sizes for Shield Weights. All of them are available in three colors: Gold, Pink and Aqua.

The sizing requirements and weight specs go as follows, from the smallest to the largest:
• 1/2”+ (12mm+) // Weight: 4 grams
• 5/8”+ (16mm+) // Weight: 8 grams
• 7/8"+ (22mm+) // Weight : 18 grams
• 1"+ (28mm+) // Weight: 43 grams
• 1 3/8"+ (38mm+) // Weight: 83 grams

Remember that the sizes listed here are the minimum requirements, but larger ears can also wear them.

Ask you local piercer to order them for you!

If you want help ordering send us a quick message and we’ll help you out. For wholesale registration, wholesale prices and special requests, please email us to sales@getgorilla.com.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Tigh na Mara at Dawn by The Unexplored
Via Flickr:
Holiday cottages beautifully located by the sea near Tarbert on the Isle of Harris, with seals and otters seen swimming a few yards from the front door. It was a frosty morning and the light was strong. 3 shot HDR processed in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop. Again, our thanks to our friend Penny for a wonderful weekend there!

“If I were to give one piece of advice to people who want to become directors of photography, I would suggest that, rather than going to a school, they take an 8 or a 16mm and film anything and everything, making mistakes from which they can learn. I would also insist that they see a great many films. Directors get used to going to the cinema, but many members of my profession think they can make films without taking the trouble to see what other people do. This has always astonished me: how can one do something new without any idea of what has been done before?”

Nestor Almendros, from his book A Man with a Camera. Obviously, the quote is a bit dated but the general idea is the same.

Tonight: Tehran-born, Brooklyn-based artist Raha Raissnia presents her film work followed by a Q&A. Raissnia’s work is the result of an iterative process: footage shot on Super-8, 16mm, digital, and even mobile phone is manipulated in the studio—projected onto paintings and screens, integrating found materials and additional imagery—and re-shot, yielding densely layered celluloid films. 

[Raha Raissnia. “Animism.” 2013. 16mm film, 35mm slides, and painting overlaid. Courtesy the artist and Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York]


Bayble Gate by The Unexplored


5/8" (16mm) Moss agate teardrop plugs with trapezoidal front flares

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