Jib8 Mishalecki- What Even My Sons Lmao

Misha: Splats water while opening bottle.

Also Misha: Misses mouth when drinking.

Jared: Proceeds to stand up and mimic fellow co-star while splashing drink everywhere and pouring water on the floor.

Misha: Retaliates by filling mouth and spraying fountain-level spray onto Jared’s sleeve.

Influence Returns. Gets dirty fast; ends quick. LOL

Lesson of the Day: Misha takes it as it comes. Jared has always noticed that Misha seems to like to take it as it comes. Jared divulges that he, Misha and Jensen are always sitting, waiting for it to happen. For it to come.

Major Spoilers on Alternate Cas and Crowley via Misha and Jared who speak everything into the mic.

How They Answered Their Basically Last Answer of the Day- Together At The Same Time:

Misha/Jared: That is a great question. Obviously, you know sloths are very good at gripping things like trees. As President of the United States, I declare that Rome would enjoy a new mix of music. So, progeny [literally means offspring lmao] of my Dean shall always jerk around with mixtapes.

I honestly love these two together. I’m always laughing at their panels. They really play off each other well haha, though I don’t think any question except for 2 was answered during the entire panel this year.