7x16: storyteller


Check out Hannah Christenson’s process for her amazing story in Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #3, which features the gender-swapped Russian folktale about a knight and squire fighting the three-headed dragon Tugarin.

Yes, the whole issue looks this gorgeous. Hannah is crazy talented like that.

You can find more of Hannah’s incredible art on her Tumblr and see what she’s up to on Twitter! Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #3 (of 4) is at your fine local comic shop now.


But not everything happens as we expect it. Maybe the biggest surprise I’ve ever had was the day I found Danny on my doorstep, I thought I was going crazy, was that some kind of dream or joke? Two weeks has passed since our last conversation, he haven’t called me back, he disappeared just like the other times. He looked at me with a “we need to talk” look and I invited him to come in. Luckily, my mom wasn’t home, Danny would regret so bad if she were there.

Maybe I’ve judged that reckless 17-year-old boy too soon. Not everything is as it seems, or maybe there are some exceptions, and Danny is definitely one of them. Unlike of all the things I’ve imagined about his reactions, unlike what most people would think, he did exactly the opposite of no one ever expect from a teenager. When he told me he cared about the baby and wanted to raise it, I swear, I almost passed out. My only reaction was quickly sit on the chair and look at him like he was some kind of alien. I couldn’t understand why he was doing that. And he seemed so determined, so confident. Since that day I knew, no matter what happens, Danny would always be in my life.

The old man show to his grandchild the spirits of the lanterns when they come outside at the sunset. Every spirit is a fairytale or a story. I’ve made this work thinking at my childhood: when i was sick, with high fever, my father told my a his own story about three stars, blue, red and green. On this stars living three fairy, with the same colors. I’ve also make an experiment mixed the style of a famous asian street’s food and the bavarian house and decor.