7x16 out with the old

SPN S7 Watch Notes

So now we come to the season that made me give up on the show. Yes, I was a season 7 casualty. I freely admit this fact. 

Granted, by the time this season was airing I’d already been with it for nearly 6 years… which, comparatively speaking, is a long time to stick with one show. I like this season slightly more now, but that’s because I now have the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t have that back in 2011/2012. 

It’s still my least favorite season. The character stuff is far stronger than the plot stuff, but the character stuff wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to rank it any higher than dead last. 

That said, I actually really like Dick Roman. I think he’s actually one of my favorite villains (plus he gives us the endless dick jokes), but the Leviathans themselves were kinda… bad. The cheesy special effect was pretty terrible (I laughed the first time I saw their teeth; it reminded me of the Isz from The Maxx), and it definitely contributed to me not being able to take them seriously. 

This season was fan service: fans had been yelling since season 4 that the show needed to be just Sam and Dean again, and this is what happened. I was bored out of my skull half the time because I love seeing how Sam and Dean interact with OTHER CHARACTERS. Frank wasn’t enough of a saving grace to get me to continue after Bobby died. So I powered through to a certain episode… and then I was done. 

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Dean Winchester and ballet shoes

In 7x16, Out With The Old, the first cursed object the brothers investigate is a pair of ballet shoes that caused a dancer to dance her own feet off.

Later, they follow Dean around, tempting him to put them on and suffer the same fate.

Now, early in the episode Dean chokes about having watched Black Swan for obvious reasons (hot tutu on tuto action) but I’ve always found it hard to believe that he would easily catch the Prince’s name in Swan Lake if that were the case. The Prince or the dancer who plays him barely feature in the story at all, so Dean had to pay attention to more than just two women making out.

Plus, the shoes chose Dean.

That might not mean much, since he touched them earlier.

And of course the dancer touched them when she bought them; but the only reason Dean comes into contact with them at all is because a little girl puts them on.

They appear in front of her when she’s alone, but she hasn’t touched them before - she is forbidden to do so.

The only explanation we got for this is her father’s comment “She loves ballet”.

In order words, the curse may not be activated by touch, but by the desire to dance or at least an affection for ballet.

If that were the case, it could be just another one of Dean’s suppressed desire’s - being interested in ballet is not what a manly man is.