7x15: the war

The War - Chapter 4 ‘

Plot: The country has been separated into Divisions for population control. An unruly leader dictating everybody’s lives. Families are separated. A group forms an uprising to make a change. It ends up being a darker and harder change than anybody could have anticipated.

Characters: Kim Minseok, Kim Junmyeon, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun

A/N: Original Character being introduced this chapter! -T

The War: Chapter 1, 2, 3

Baekhyun POV: Yixing opened the tent flaps, and, to none of our surprise, we saw it surrounded by some of his other comrades. The majority of them with looks of apprehension carved into their faces.

We walked through the group. People stepped to the side, parting like the Red Sea. No words were said. It was uncomfortably silent for such a large group of people. Yixing would occasionally pat one of them on the shoulder in passing, attempting to comfort them with our presence. 

We made our way down a row of tents until we got to another one roughly the same size as the one that had been Yixing’s. It was a bit bigger, I assumed to accommodate large groups of people for planning. This was the uprising’s leader’s tent.

I was both nervous and excited. Although I knew how terrifying this was about to become, but I was thrilled at the thought of being a part of something bigger.

We entered the tent behind Yixing. When I got through the flaps, I saw him shaking hands with another man. He was a little bit older than I was, but not by much. He had laugh lines around his eyes that told me that he was once full of life, but the bags under them now screamed that he was tired. He managed a warm smile at us.

“My name is Kwon Beomseok,” he addressed us, “normally, we don’t welcome new people into our camp. Yixing trusts each and every one of you, however, so I see no reason not to as well.

“I need all eight of you to think hard about the decision you’re making, right now, though. You’re about to risk your lives for something important. This is a battle that needs to be fought, but nobody is making you stay here. I don’t have time to let people into my rebellion who are going to half-ass this. 

“I’m sorry to be blunt. I’m sorry that I haven’t taken the time to even ask each of your names individually. Right now, I don’t have time for formalities. I have lost men who have decided to fuck around instead of taking it seriously. They thought this was play time. It’s not. This is the real deal. We have a plan to start moving in the next few days.”

He finally stopped talking. He made eye contact with each of us, assessing our reactions to his words.

None of us moved. None of us looked at one another. We simply stood there, a silent agreement moving through the air.

He nodded, understanding.

He came up and shook our hands, learning each of our names.

“Byun Baekhyun,” I said when he got to me, finally. 

“Baekhyun. Are you ready?” I was caught off guard that I was the only one he asked this question to.

“Yes, sir. I want to build a better future. Jongdae has a baby on the way. Minseok is getting married. It’s time. It’s time for things to change so that we are able to live a better life. I’m tired of being told what job to have. I’m tired of being told what time I have to be inside my house by. I want to travel freely and live where I choose.”

“You have the same vision that I do, Baekhyun,” Beomseok guided me to a table that was set up, waving the rest of the guys over as well.

On it laid a map. It felt archaic to look at a piece of paper with lines and boundaries drawn across it, but, with our cell phones being gone, we did not really have any other options.

My eyes took in the outline of what used to be our country. I remember it being divided up so differently. New lines cut through old ones, and I grew angry seeing the divisions.

Beomseok began telling us what the plan was.

“The leader of our country lives here,” he pointed in the center of the map, “as you all know, he created a division strictly around his home. Everything branches from it. It’s a mansion of sorts. Large. We tried desperately to obtain blueprints of it, but failed.

“Our goal is to infiltrate the home,” he drew his finger to where we were at on the map. In a car, the trip would be quick. Something told my gut that we would not be driving though.

“We’ll begin walking that way in two days,” Beomseok started, confirming my assumption.

“Sir,” Junmyeon spoke up, “won’t a large mass of people moving draw attention?

“The trees will keep us pretty hidden. We also plan to mostly move by night. With the electricity restrictions, street lamps and city lights turned off, we’ll be able to travel fairly stealthily.”

He continued on, “the closer that you get to his house is where the real trouble lies. Naturally, our great leader does not have to follow his own rules. There we’ll run into sentry towers surrounding it. He has three per side of his house,” Beomseok marked “X’s” where each one would be located.

“Our main goal is to get into each of those towers and eliminate the security guard inside. With nobody to sound an alarm, getting into the fence line will be easier.”

This time, it was Sehun who asked a question.

“How do you intend to get up into the towers, and, by eliminate, do you mean…” he trailed off. 

“Sacrifices have to be made, young man. Yes, more than likely, we’ll have to kill the guards standing by.”

I saw Sehun nod. Apprehension filled his face, but he also did not express any objections either.

“We will need to create a diversion,” Beomseok pointed to an area on the east side of the house, “my plan is to light a fire here. it will at least draw the immediate attention to that side of the house. Meanwhile, all of you will have already begun to move to the opposite end. This will at least drastically lessen the amount of security on the west side of the building. This gives us a larger window.

“I’m going to need to be sure that you’re all comfortable putting up a fight. You will, more than likely, end up fist fighting several soldiers once inside.”

“We have had all had our share of bar fights before, y’know, bars were banned and all,” Chanyeol scoffed, “nothing on this scale, naturally, but we know enough to hold our own.”

Beomseok chuckled, “who knows if you’re better fighters when you’re drunk. I may take some whiskey we’ve stashed from a few raids . 

We discussed a bit more about tactics and the number of men we would be taking with us, but, eventually, we grew hungry. We decided to call it a night on planning. Beomseok offered to cook us dinner over the campfire.

We sat around talking, getting to know a few of the other men and women that were involved. We heard stories of families left behind. Separated, just like most of us had been. One woman told us of her daughter who was still with her grandma, and how she was desperate to return home. She also knew that that was not an option until this war was done.

We all sat around the campfire for a bit as everybody meandered off to bed. It was reminiscent of when we all moved into our division and became friends. I leaned against Jongdae’s legs a he sat on a log. He nudged me with his knee and pat the seat next to him. I moved up to join him.

“Baek. I’ve wanted to show you this for a while. Veronica and I were going to wait until the baby was born, but, with the current circumstances, I wanna ask now.”

My heart raced. I sat up a bit straighter and asked Jongdae if he was okay.

”I’m fine. I just, here. Let me show you,” he reached into his jeans and pulled out a pocket watch. I opened it and saw an inscription inside.

”Be Strong. Be Kind. I love you, my child.”

”That’s beautiful, Dae.”

He smiled, “yeah. I’m excited to give it to my little one when we get back. And, Veronica and I were talking the other day…” he trailed off again.

He took a deep breath, “we want you to be our baby’s godfather.”

I gasped. That had not been what I was expecting.

I reached over and embraced Jongdae in a huge hug. I was both laughing and crying. I was in shock. It was such an honor to be entrusted with such a title.

When I released Jongdae, he beamed at me, “I’ll take that as a yes.

I was more driven than ever, now.

I would change the future for my godchild. I would change the future, or die trying.