The Beginning of the End

Basically, Nismo will produce only 200 more @ 5 engines per month. Each engine is just over ¥1,000,000.

*Cylinder block: N1 only enhanced feature

*Pistons: N1 only enhanced feature-based, Nur specification (high precision weight balance product)

*Piston ring: Dedicated specification N1 (low friction products)

*Con rod: Spec Nur (from high precision weight balance)

*Connecting-rod bearings: NISMO made material F112 + new overlay plating

*Main Metal: NISMO made material F112 + new overlay plating

*Camshaft: Standard Specifications

*Water pump: (Special blade shape, discharge rate up goods) N1-only specification

*Oil pump N1-only specification (relief pressure changed products)

*Timing belt: NISMO Reinforced goods

*Head gasket: 1.2 made of metal gasket NISMO

*Oil pan baffle plate: NISMO made

*Private lockers cover ornament: Private Final Edition

*Dedicated serial plate: (NISMO logo, serial No pack) Final Edition only

via 7Tune