Twelve Days of Thomas - 7 Thomas Ships

[This took me way longer than it should have. I tried to mix up what I put for each Thomas ship. Kind of struggled with coming up with seven people I could romantically ship Thomas with. So, I made a couple of them friend!ship and/or somewhat ambiguously “romantic”, IDK.]

1. THOMAS/JIMMY [ficlet]

Jimmy sank to the floor, his hands fused with his once-neatly combed blonde hair. Tears pooled under his eyelids and tried to hide his face in his knees.

“I wish I wasn’t like this. I don’t want these feelings! What is wrong with me?” Jimmy sobbed.

Thomas pushed back the covers and moved to stand up from the bed. He was sore all over from the fight he endured the day before, but did his best to ignore the pain.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Jimmy.” Thomas spoke in a calm tone. He reached out to the younger man, hoping to provide him some comfort, but Jimmy jerked away.

Thomas took a small step back, not wanting to make another rash move that would scare Jimmy away again. He decided to use his words instead. “Listen to me… I understand how you feel. Believe me, I do–.”

“No, you don’t!” Jimmy yelled, lifting his head up so that Thomas could see his face, which was red and soaked with tears.

“But, I do!” Thomas winced suddenly at the pain in his side and thought it best to sit on the floor, unsure how long he could remain standing. “I haven’t always been so secure in who I am… There was a time I wished I could be like everyone else.”

Jimmy sniffed. “R-really? You seem like you’ve always known who you were and pretty happy about it.”

“Over the years, I’ve learned there’s no point in trying to change the way nature has made me.  I’ve discovered that I like being the way I am. There’s nothing disgusting or wrong about me – or you, for that matter. It’s the other people that are wrong – society, that is.” Thomas’ brow creased and his voice became bitter.

Jimmy rubbed his eyes and cheeks with his jacket sleeve. “What about the law? Don’t you get scared? Aren’t you afraid someone will betray you and throw you in prison?”

A frown formed on Thomas’ lips. Thoughts of all the anxiety and fear he has felt over the years filled his mind. He had always seemed so confident and internally proud of who he was – but he would be lying if he said he didn’t sometimes feel helpless and afraid what the future held for him.

“Sometimes, yes…I am afraid.” Thomas said, shifting a bit closer to the younger man. “But, over the last several months, I have learned that that fear doesn’t have to control me or hold me back. I can be truly happy and have real friends… I don’t have to shut everyone out.”

Jimmy sniffed and turned to face Thomas completely this time. “I want to be like that. I want to be happy…I’ve never really known what it’s like to be myself – just me.”

Thomas smiled, nodding. “You can be yourself and happy too. I can help you.” He held out an inviting hand, hoping this time the younger man would not turn away from him. “I care about you, Jimmy. Genuinely, I do. It w-would be my pleasure to help you.”

A tiny smile tugged at the corners of Jimmy’s mouth and his entire face seemed to brighten up. Thomas felt his heart flutter a bit, then become completely engulfed in warmth, as Jimmy gently took his hand.



“Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside

And rest for a while in the warm summer sun

I’ve been walking all day, and I’m nearly done

And I see by your gravestone you were only nineteen

When you joined the great fallen in 1916”

~ The Greenfields of France by Dropkick Murphys



“Send Thomas up to meet me in the library, would you Bates?” Lord Grantham said.

Bates inclined his head and departed the room. Ten minutes later, Thomas entered the library.

“You wanted to see me, my Lord?”

Lord Grantham poured two small glasses of Scotch. “Ah, Thomas! Come sit down.”

Thomas paused briefly, seemingly confused by the Earl’s invitation. Rarely was he asked to sit with his Lordship. But he complied nevertheless.

Robert smiled warmly at his valet, handing him the second glass of Scotch. “I understand that there has been trouble brewing downstairs in regards to you.”

Thomas felt his heart drop to his stomach. He was absolutely mortified! How did his Lordship find out about his situation? He tried to appear as calm as possible. “My Lord?”

“Bates informed me of everything.”

Bates? Of course! Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of anger ran a course throughout his body.

Thomas’ mind was so busy conjuring up a clever plan to get back at Bates, that he was unaware his employer was still talking. His attention was suddenly brought back to the present situation by a large hand patting his arm. “But I don’t want you to worry, dear boy.” Robert shot him a warm smile. “I have always appreciated your service here at Downton, and would never turn you into the police, let alone throw you out of this job, because of who you are.”

To say that Thomas was astonished would have been an understatement.

“You seem surprised.” His Lordship said, taking a sip of his Scotch.

Thomas’ glass of Scotch remained untouched in his hand. “W-well, your Lordship, I am certainly grateful for your kindness… I am just sorry that my situation troubled you enough that you felt the need to say something.”

“It’s nothing – no bother at all.” Robert reassured him. “I came to the understanding that some of those downstairs – including Mr. Carson – have a number of negative opinions about people like you. And, I did not want you to think that every person in this house, harbors such feelings.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” Thomas smiled. “What about Jimmy then?”

“Oh, he’ll get over it.” Lord Grantham scoffed. “It was a mistake. There’s no need to go on screaming about it. I know I certainly didn’t!”

“My Lord?” Thomas raised a quizzical eyebrow, attempting to take the first sip of his Scotch.

“If I screamed every time a man tried to kiss me while I was at Eton, I would have gone hoarse within a week!”

Thomas wished what happened next could be forever erased from his mind. At least he could be thankful that nearly the entire spray of Scotch from his mouth landed on the carpet instead of his Lordship’s face.


6. THOMAS/ALFRED [fic in 7 sentences]

Thomas could not deny that the young redheaded footman was very handsome. Tall, with a warm yet goofy smile. He seemed so innocent and sweet. But watching Alfred in the corner with O’Brien, the two whispering mischievously, a wave of anxiety moves through Thomas. He then wonders how truly innocent and harmless Alfred is. Must tread carefully around him, Thomas made the mental note. Alfred was like an exotic flower in an unknown world – gorgeous, but deadly.


Twelve Days of Thomas - Create a playlist/album for Thomas with 7 songs

Boyfriend ~ a Thomas/Jimmy playlist

1.Show Me Everything You’ve Got by Rocket Summer

2.Dear Prudence by The Beatles

3.Grace Kelly by MIKA

4.All This and Heaven Too by Florence + the Machine

5.Boyfriend by Best Coast

6.Shop Around by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

7.Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson

[I have quite the variety of music as you can see…]

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Twelve Days of Thomas - 7 Thomas Ships [part 2]

[Okay, so I felt the need to write something of my own for Thomas/the Duke, Thomas/Branson, and Thomas/the Dowager Countess. So, here are my little ficlets for those.]

3. THOMAS/THE DUKE [fic in 7 sentences]

Bastard! I should have known he would betray me and throw me away like some used plaything! But why does my heart hurt so much? I should be able to erase him easily from my mind – the dirty scoundrel that he is! If he tried anything – said anything against me – I could turn him in too! But then what good would that do? It would be the end for both of us…

5. THOMAS/BRANSON [ficlet]

Thomas spotted Branson sitting by the window, his little daughter cradled in his arms. Thomas never quite understood how a man could be so perfect. Branson was not only handsome, but kind and caring. Thomas always loved watching Branson hold his child, listening to him speak sweet words to her, and it would swell his heart with complete love and adoration for the other man. 

But Branson could not be so selfish – even when it came to his daughter – of course not! For as soon as Branson would realize that Thomas was in the room with him, he would look up and smile joyfully. He would stand up and walk over to Thomas, gesturing for him to hold Sybil. Thomas was always nervous about holding her for fear that she would start crying. Because in his own stupidly insecure thinking, Thomas would believe her crying meant that Sybil did not love him – as if this baby could be one more person to reject him.

But with Branson’s gentle encouragement, Thomas would carefully hold the baby girl close to his chest. Only seconds after Thomas would have her comfortably settled in his arms, Sybil’s eyes would meet Thomas’ and she would smile. Thomas’ face would brighten and he would smile down at her. Branson, who would take his turn of watching, looked fondly at Thomas and wished he would smile as much as he did when he was holding Sybil. But no matter – it was these moments that Branson cherished most, because it was then that he saw Thomas without his defensive layers and bitterly hard exterior. Thomas was sweet, loving and kind. And only for Branson’s eyes.


“But Mamma, I still don’t understand what you’re saying…” Robert looked at the Dowager Countess, trying to discern any shred of logic in her words. “Why is Thomas Barrow leaving with you?”

It was well known by practically everyone in the family that logic didn’t always go hand-in-hand with Violet Crawley’s reasoning or decisions. But it would never cease to surprise Robert when the most inappropriate ideas or comments would escape her mouth.

The proud smile had not left the Dowager’s lips since the start of their conversation. “Well, my dear Robert, if you must know, I am in need of a good escort on my trip to London. I will be gone for a few weeks and I can’t bear the thought of being on my own for all that time.”

“Well, take Edith with you. You know how much she enjoys London.” Lord Grantham suggested.

“Oh, but I don’t want her there the whole time. Plus she enjoys going off and doing her own thing. You know this. And I refuse to be left all by myself!” The Dowager stated firmly. 

“But why Thomas?” Robert pressed.

“After last year’s Christmas Party, I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Barrow’s manners and taste. He and I got along quite splendidly! Having a tall and handsome gentleman around with me while I’m in London would be nice, I think.” The Dowager tilted her head upwards in subtly defiant fashion. 

Questioning his mother’s motives for why she wanted his Under-Butler all to herself, Robert narrowed his eyes at her and spoke, “You know, Mamma, that Thomas is not like a lot of other men. You won’t be able to have him to yourself like…like some young lover.”

The Dowager rolled her eyes at her son and sighed. “Oh, Robert, do you really think I am that daft?! I know Thomas is not like other men! I spoke to him last time about the various tea rooms and clubs in London that cater to men of his kind.

Robert’s eyes widened and posture straightened like a pole. “H-how do you know about that sort of thing?!”

Another dramatic roll of the eyes. “Please, Robert, my goodness – it’s as if you think I know nothing!” The Dowager huffed and stood up from her seat. “Anyways, I told Thomas he could accompany me the next time I spend a holiday in London. Now, that that’s settled, I–.”

“Wait! So, if Thomas is going with you to London to experience these places, what are you going to do? I thought you said that you didn’t want to be left alone.” Robert stared at her, puzzled.

“Well, I’d be going out with him, of course!” The Dowager shook her head and walked towards the door. “Honestly, sometimes I don’t understand how your mind works, Robert. I will send you a letter as soon as we get to London.” With that she was gone, leaving Lord Grantham dumbfounded in his place.