Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that Victuuri Week will be held from February 7th until 14th 2017. Get ready for 8 days of celebration of this beautiful ship. 

We will release the prompt list and all details very soon. You will have plenty of time to create something for this event.

 Mark your calendars and stay tuned for this lovefest. 


Mr R.B. Bear & Co Financial Estimate.

(From Sydney, February 7th of 2015 to Los Angeles, November 28th of 2015)  

After a while of research and whatnot, I finished calculating the estimate of how much money has been spent on RBB. Or so I tried to do. All with the help of this site, by the way.

I seriously tried my best, this is obviously not an exact estimate. Here you go:

There’s 217 props. If we don’t count: People, portraits, and RBB, there’s like 205. And if we count the stickers (blue happy, green sad, blue sad, etc.) as just one then it gets reduced to about 188 props.

From those 188, I’m not counting the MacBook nor the Rolexs (which would add up a lot of money, but were obviously not bought for bear purposes only). So it gets down to 186, approximately.

From those 186, I was just able to find about 68. Just about 68. The reasons I couldn’t find the other 118 (or so) were:

-The items were too generic. Such as them being a banana, a skateboard, sparkly tiaras, etc.

-The items were kind of weird.

-The items were nowhere to be found. Such as the unicorn, the horse, some jewelry box chair, etc.

So in the end, including iPhone, Walkman, stuff from the Build-A-Bear shop, stuff from eBay, books, a label maker, and so on, the grand total was: $750USD ($754USD, if you may).

Yes, that’s right. $750 dollars and it’s not even half of the props. And not including the Macbook or the Rolexs.

And just because it’s a curious fact: From those 68 props I was able to track down, 25 were from Build-A-Bear. Whoever is behind the bears literally spent $255USD on the Build-A-Bear Shop.

We are talking about almost one thousand dollars being spent on RBB and SBB, and like only on half of the items (60 from 180, that’s less than half actually). As some of the items’ prices were calculated and are only approximations the estimate could be higher, but it can’t be lower since I tried to pick the cheapest items. (For the approximations I would look at the average prices of the item by different sellers.)

Anyways, congratulations to our “random crew member” for having such a great salary which allows them to spend over one thousand dollars on something that seems funny to them. Because that obviously makes sense, right?


PRISMA Collective’s 3rd Annual Group Show.

Opening tonight (Saturday, February 7th, 2015) in San Francisco, California at Spoke Art Gallery is PRISMA Collective’s 3rd Annual Group Show.  The collective, formed in 2011 by Kaspian Shore, includes some of the best new contemporary artists from around the world such as Tom Bagshaw, Edith Lebeau, Hsiao Ron Cheng and Sarah Joncas (All above).

PRISMA Collective will also be releasing their first book, a collection of work from the artists, at the opening.