with saturn in the 7th house there can be a problem with shyness, especially around people they find attractive. the individual may doubt their own self worth in relationships and seek a father figure. relationships are very meaningful here. and a fulfilling relationship brings tremendous peace to life and opportunity to gather great wisdom from within the self. empty or invalidating relationships however can be ultra destructive. there is no focus and the individual loses their core essence. saturn knows, they really know what they need, what their heart and soul needs from love and relationships and people better than anybody. 

some theories idk

okay so in my previous theory i connected EXO to NCT
PLEASE READ THAT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t do theories for NCT 127 so I’ll include that here.

NCT 127 were guardians for the girl, this is confirmed! I feel like NCT 127 was a positive result of experimentation that was tested and tried out on EXO, for example, they tried to give EXO super powers, some EXO mv’s are destructive and chaotic tho, I don’t think the testing was going the way they wanted, thus EXO merely became a result of over-experimentation but they still showed massive results. Perhaps the new “power” that has been given is not a super power, but a SENSE, an ability, like 7th sense. Also, instead of EXO Planet I think the NCT experimentation are taking place in N CITY, possibly a place in EXO planet but??? I don’t know lol.

Now NCT DREAM, these are younger patients, they have to administer the medicine in a way that will make kids want to take it. I feel like the black ink in Lucky One was made into something the kids would want to eat and also want more of: chewing gum. The security guard is probably meant to make sure they aren’t doing things they’re not supposed to be doing, like eating too much chewing gum, which would mess up results? Maybe mark knows more than what he should know. Mark has probably realized his new ability, his new sense. I think Donghyuck has achieved a lot through his testing and thats why he was in NCT 127, he might not be aware of what’s going on but I think Mark is aware.

These are just my guesses, I don’t know if any of this is accurate, please let me know if you’d like me to tag this with a trigger warning! I’ll be happy to do so!


One of my favourite scenes from Scream Queens, I see Chanel #3 (Pink outfit) as a Capricorn moon, (“If it was possible for me to feel anything, I would totally be crying right now”) a Scorpio Venus (“When I love someone, it drives them insane”) and an Aquarius Mars (“My sex life up until now is what you’d call unusual”) I also see her maybe having Pluto in the 7th because of the “death” and obsessiveness that she attracts with her partners.

anonymous asked:

How would Mark Lee react when he learns that you lied to him when you first met about knowing if he was famous or not?

Mark: …so you basically knew I was famous ever since you bumped into me that day?

You: Well…yeah?

Mark: Don’t tell me even that bump was inten…

You: Think twice before you finish that sentence, Mark Lee!

Mark: But why?? Why didn’t you tell me?

You: Ok, I know that wasn’t exactly a nice thing to do…hell, that was awful! But I was afraid that you would think that I was just one of those girls aiming to date an idol…

Mark: That would never happen!


Mark: I should have been more suspicious when I overheard you perfectly rapping my part in 7th Sense on our second date…

Theory on Mindful Education

(Spoilers from the official promo)

So obviously, Connie is down about something in the promo, and I have a few ideas on possibly why from least to greatest:

- She’s moving which is the most unlikely. But still, I’d be pretty down if I was leaving my only best friend.

- Mishaps with her parents which would make more sense, but still a bit iffy.

- Possibly a Full Disclosure going on with Connie that she doesn’t want Steven to know.

But probably the biggest out of all four:

- MIDDLE SCHOOL! Yep, middle school. Think about it. Buddy’s Book confirmed that Connie’s about to start 7th grade. She’s 12.75, and she’s a very neurotic kid. Her only friend is Steven, who doesn’t even go to school, and why on earth would she show anyone her sword fighting skills besides the gems and her parents. She knows that would probably get her in trouble.

This leads me to believe Connie is getting bullied. She’s the perfect target to assuming jerks, and without Steven or basically anyone’s help, she’s helpless.

Take a step back: what is this title of today’s episode? She’s wearing something similar to a school uniform, if not, possibly just a nice dress for the first days of school. Not only this, but many of us know Rebecca included a lyric from Here Comes a Thought into a promo by Jeff Liu for Mindful Education. (You can go check Ms. Sugar’s Tumblr right now. I ain’t lion.)

“What someone said and how it harmed you. Something you did failed to be charming. Things that I said are suddenly swarming.” Somebody did something for Connie to think this way.

And I get what you’re saying. “How do you know Connie’s singing this?” Well, you’re absolutely correct. I don’t.

I think Stevonnie’s singing it. Rebecca in an interview (to which I can’t find right now) said that Stevonnie would be getting a song, and I really think Here Comes a Thought is it. And it would make sense. Throughout the song, it seems like a duet, but if it was Stevonnie, that’d just turn the tables to an alone together duet/solo.

But this is just my two cents. I could always be completely wrong, but I guess we’ll see in a few hours.