7th stage

50 Questions to Ask Me About NCT!
  1. The 7th Sense or Firetruck?
  2. Who’s your bias?
  3. Bias wrecker?
  4. What song did you last to last?
  5. When did you start liking SMROOKIES/NCT?
  6. Favorite vocalist?
  7. Favorite dancer?
  8. Favorite rapper?
  9. Favorite NCT Life in Seoul episode?
  10. Favorite NCT Life in Bangkok episode?
  11. Favorite ship?
  12. Dance-line or Vocal-line?
  13. Vocal-line or Rap-line?
  14. Cute Taeyong or Sexy Taeyong?
  15. Favorite member that hasn’t debuted?
  16. What song are you most excited about on the mini album?
  17. Favorite ‘The 7th Sense’ stage?
  18. Long hair Ten or short hair Ten?
  19. Curly haired Jaehyun or straight haired Jaehyun?
  20. What hair color do you prefer on Taeyong?
  21. What concept do you wish that NCT would try next?
  22. If you could choose the next sub-unit to debut, who would it be?
  23. Most underrated member?
  24. Most likely to get a solo debut?
  25. Would you rather see NCT on Running Man or Weekly Idol?
  26. If you choose our fandom name, what would it be?
  27. First bias?
  28. How long did it take you to learn all their names?
  29. Who do you want to see NCT collaborate with?
  30. Favorite SMROOKIES SHOW performance?
  31. Favorite fancam?
  32. Once Again or Switch?
  33. If you could choose where NCT Life Season 3 is filmed, where would you choose and why?
  34. Where do you see NCT in a year?
  35. Which member has the best fashion sense?
  36. Has NCT ever made you cry?
  37. How did you discover NCT?
  38. Favorite teaser pic?
  39. Bassbot or 0701 dance practice?
  40. Favorite SMROOKIES video?
  41. Most handsome member?
  42. Favorite pre-debut photo?
  43. Did you pre-order the mini-album?
  44. Cutest member?
  45. Sexiest member?
  46. Member you want to bring home to your mom?
  47. If you had NCT in class, what member would you most likely sit next to?
  48. What member are you closest to in age?
  49. What member are you closest to in height?
  50. If you had to choose your ideal type, who would it be?

this is such a pluto in the 7th thing but seeing a guy with bruises like he’s been beat up? gorgeous. dark under eye circles? sexy. cuts? beautiful. stitches? awesome. split lip? nice. nose bleed? stunning.

Twitter 170722

[본방사수] 팅커벨 여러분, 본방사수 준비되셨나요? 잠시후 3시 35분, MBC 쇼! 음악중심에서 크나큰 <비☔> 컴백무대가 7번째 순서로 공개됩니다💕 많은 시청 부탁드립니다🤗 #크나큰 #KNK #비 #Rain #GRAVITY_Completed

[Don’t miss it] Tinkerbells, You’re ready to watch right? In a little bit at 3:35, on MBC Show! Music Core, KNK <Rain☔> comeback stage is the 7th stage💕 Please tun in🤗 #KNK #Rain #GRAVITY_Complete

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In 7th grade one of my friends refused to kiss me for money. One of our mutual friends wanted us to kiss and offered us $60 each and he refused and to this day I wander am I that unattractive that someone wouldn't kiss me for $60 or was he just an idiot? ~Fickyfuck

he’s just an idiot because I’d kiss you for free 

hmu im down to kiss for like $60, hell ill do it for half a pb&j (¬‿¬) ~Admin 404

  • When we are born we come in under the influence of one of the Moon's phases.
  • NEW MOON: 1st lunar stage:
  • - When a person is born under the influence of the New Moon it is thought that in terms of reincarnation, this person has been born into the first incarnation of an eight fold sequence. This person possesses a quality of spontaneity, thus, planning ahead is not always met with success. They view life as a grand adventure with unlimited possibilities. Living in the moment, the past is not important to them. Being born when the Moon sheds no light, they have come to learn to respond instinctually and to act on intuition. They are able to navigate without maps and arrive at their destination with time to spare. They are often criticized for being overly self involved, but there is a need for them to learn about who they are and to project it into the world.
  • Keywords: Initial urge; Instinct; Projection
  • CRESCENT: 2nd lunar stage:
  • - A key word for the Crescent Phase is breakthrough. It is a time when what was begun during the New Moon is carried forward. It is a time of struggle because it often has to wrestle with the ghosts of the past which were in effect before the new cycle began. This new identity needs to overcome old standards, attitudes and structures in order to become fully functional as a whole and free individual. People born during a Crescent Moon often find themselves emotionally tied to the past. They may be drawn to habitual behaviors, wanting to stay within their comfort zones, feeling the need for security. They can be vulnerable to emotional blackmail, falling victim to those who want to "keep them the way they are", not supportive of their growth. Crescent Moon types may find it difficult to leave home until well into adulthood. It is imperative that they establish their life force in independence. It is important for them to understand that the first step is the hardest, but that once it is taken new opportunities will open up. Their final challenge is to take those opportunities and act on them.
  • Keywords: Activation; Striving; Future
  • FIRST QUARTER: 3rd lunar stage:
  • - The First Quarter Moon can be referred to as "crisis in action". It is a time in which the challenge is to manage the energy which is released by crisis and then to restructure it into its new form. People born during this phase are able to rise to the occasion of any emergency. They are able to make split second decisions and act on them. They have the ability to tear down old structures and to recreate new ones. They are the pioneers, the trail blazers, the hero and the heroine. It is important not to unconsciously create havoc in their lives just for the sake of excitement even though the crazier it gets, the better they get. It is likely they will create conflict in the lives of those entrenched in the status quo. You may find them working in emergency rooms and driving ambulances.
  • Keywords: Clearing; Action; Building
  • GIBBOUS: 4th lunar stage:
  • - Those born during the Gibbous Phase have an innate desire for perfection. Having sharp, analytical minds, they have a need to understand. Looking at a subject from all angles, they experience sheer joy when delving into the core of the matter. Bringing things to the essence of their being, the truth will be revealed. They live their lives in anxious expectation augmented by the breath of the coming revelation. Children born at this time will not be happy with the answers, they will want to know why and how the answer came about. Gibbous Moon people make good apprentices as their goal is to learn all they can and become as good as they can get.
  • Keywords: Perfecting; Analysis; Interpret
  • FULL MOON: 5th lunar stage:
  • - The Full Moon brings about the completion of all the hard work that came before it. It is the time in which the structure having attained perfection experiences the urge to become infused with meaning and purpose, the breath of life. It is time when all that was instinctual becomes deliberate action, all that was felt before will now be made visible. The ideals are to be realized, brought forth into the world for all to have. It is the debut. People born under the Full Moon are idealists. They may spend a lot of time searching for belief systems that they can relate to. Relationships are important to them and they need to be fully conscious of the effects their words and actions have on others. It is hard for them to find the ideal relationship in this material world and they will often turn to religion or an ideal cause. In looking for the right relationship, one needs to proceed through the clarity of the light of consciousness and not get caught up in the emotional bog of sheer desire.
  • Keywords: Perfection; Completion Conscious; Illumination
  • DISSEMINATING: 6th lunar stage:
  • - The Disseminating Phase of the Moon is the second phase of conscious operation. That which came into completion at the Full Moon is ready to be distributed now. People born during this phase are natural communicators. They are what they believe and their purpose is to spread it to the world. They share and communicate information acquired from their own experience. They are the teachers and philosophers. If they have no message to share they can become despondent. It is their lesson to realize that they are not responsible as to whether the message is received or not. It is not the role of everyone else to act on what they say, but it is the role of the person born in the Disseminating Phase to say it. They make good publicists and reporters as long as they believe in what they are saying.
  • Keywords: Imparting; Convey Awareness
  • LAST QUARTER: 7th lunar stage:
  • - The key word for the Last Quarter is readjustment. It is the hardest to identify as many of its characteristics are hidden. As the First Quarter experiences "crisis in action", the Third Quarter experiences "crisis in consciousness". Old systems and values are becoming useless. It is hard for people born at this time to relate to life in the here and now. They often appear to be living in a world of their own, when in actuality they are going through an internal process of reorientation. They will present to the world an acceptable face as they are quietly developing on the inside. At the point when their own internal self has been completed, a brand new, fully developed person emerges. This butterfly is quite different from the caterpillar it had been, and is quite the surprise to those who thought they "knew" them. These people need the time and space to find themselves. If pressured to conform, they may revolt causing others to regard them as uncooperative and rebellious. As children, they require a lot of "alone" time and may need more rest than others as they process much in their sleep and in meditative states.
  • Keywords: Readjustment; Correcting; Disillusionment; Elimination
  • BALSAMIC: 8th lunar stage:
  • - The Balsamic Phase is the last phase of the Moon's cycle. This is the time of adjustment from one cycle to another. It is the bridge between the past and the future. People born at this time are finishing an eight phase cycle of lifetimes. Therefore, this lifetime is a very karmic one. There is a pattern of very intense, all-consuming although short term relationships with people from the past including other lifetimes. These karmic ties are in need of resolution before continuing on into the next new cycle. These people often have pronounced psychic abilities. They are the visionaries seeing years ahead of their times. As children they often feel apart from their peers; they are loners. Balsamic Moon people are able to take the true meaning of a situation, distill it into its wisdom essence and plant it into the awareness of others. They are the gurus. Their job is the transmission of essential knowledge which will germinate at the next level during the next Lunation Cycle.
  • Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender
The 9 Stages of Theory Reading:

1st stage: The first chapter is utter gibberish. Every third word is completely made up/borrowed from a foreign language with an infinite set of unknowable signifieds.

2nd stage: repetition of gibberish. Starting to notice patterns in vocabulary.

3rd stage: have now completely sorted out parts of speech: no longer mistaking adjectives for nouns.

4th stage: theorist sounds remarkably like this other theorist which can’t possibly be either coincidental, or actually true. Wonder if the key was in chapter 1…

5th stage: found a completely parsable sentence.

6th stage: returned from eating a meal to find you’re back at stage 3.

7th stage: found two parsable sentences in a row, and then started thinking about chocolate ice cream as your eye scanned the page. Return to the beginning of the chapter.

8th stage: think you might actually have the hang of this.

9th stage: halfway through the book and it’s already taken you four times longer than anticipated. You put it down, and promise yourself you’ll finish it after you read this other theorist…

NCT U - The 7th Sense/Without You: Era Masterpost

(This era has come to an end and will not be updated any further!

See you in the next era masterpost~! ^-^

Latest update 160515: 0514-0515 performances. Updated old links.)


The 7th Sense

The 7th Sense (Performance Ver.)

Without You

Without You (Chinese Ver.)


160409 Top Chinese Music Awards: The 7th Sense + Without You (Chinese Ver.)

160409 On Air NCT Show: Without You Ver. 1:

(Main Cam), (Jaehyun Cam), (Doyoung Cam), (Taeil Cam)

160410 On Air NCT Show: Without You Ver. 2:

(Main Cam), (Jaehyun Cam), (Doyoung Cam), (Taeil Cam)

160415 Music Bank: The 7th Sense + Without You

160416 Music Core: The 7th Sense + Without You

160417 Inkigayo: The 7th Sense + Without You

160419 The Show: The 7th Sense + Without You

160420 Show Champion: The 7th Sense + Without You

160420 Cultwo Show: Without You

160421 M Countdown: The 7th Sense + Without You

160422 Simply Kpop: The 7th sense + Without You

160422 Music Bank: The 7th Sense

160423 Music Core: The 7th Sense 

160424 Inkigayo: The 7th Sense

160427 Show Champion: The 7th Sense + Without You

160428 M Countdown: Without You

160429 Music Bank : The 7th Sense + All For You (Doyoung)

160430 Music Core: The 7th Sense

160501 Inkigayo: The 7th Sense

160505 M Countdown: The 7th Sense + Without You

160506 Music Bank: The 7th Sense

160507 Music Core: The 7th Sense

160508 Inkigayo: The 7th Sense

160512 M Countdown: Without You

160513 Music Bank: The 7th Sense

160514 Music Core: The 7th Sense

160515 Inkigayo: The 7th Sense - Last stage!

Variety & BTS (Eng Sub)

On Air NCT Show:

Day 1 (Jaehyun Profile)

Day 2 (Taeyong Profile)


NCT Life in Bangkok:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Behind Story 1

Behind Story 2


NCT Life in Seoul:



V App: Debut Talks

160415 Sukira + BTS of

160420 Cultwo Show

160421 KSY’s Hopeful Music

The 7th Sense MV Making BTS

Without You MV Making BTS

Album Cover Making BTS

Without You Jacket Photoshoot BTS

Pops in Seoul, Kpop Zone

SK Telecom dance CF (TaeyongxTenxMark)

MV Bank Stardust Interview

Simply Kpop Preview with NCT

160419 The Show Warm Up Time with NCT-U

Show Champion Backstage full cut

MV Commentary + BTS Extra cuts

Spotify Introduction

Pops in Seoul Pick & Talk

Handcraft Project + Before starting (BTS of) + Bonus footage

How To Get White/Silver Hair

1. I first bleached my hair twice, leaving it on for 30 mins each time, until it was this color

using 7th Stage Creme Hair Lightener 

You combine it with Ion 30 Developer

I prefer using creme products because it just makes it easier to apply and I use Ion products just because it is a personal preference 

2. Then I combined Ion Color Brilliance Brights with a cheep white conditioner until the dye was a very pale lavender 

I left it on for like 10-15 mins which turned most of my hair a pale purple

3. Next I used Wella Toner T14 and left that on for 30-45 mins

My hair was then this white color

4. When I want my hair to look extra silver I use Fanci- Full Color Styling Mousse in white minx after I towel dry my hair

My silver hair then looks like this 

5. To maintain the color I use Shimmer lights Shampoo and Conditioner 

and that is how I got my white hair, enjoy :)

P.S. I would like to point out that I am not a professional 

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I love to imagine Steve and Tony trying to go on a date together but having the hardest time of it because they can't find anything to do together that they don't already do. Eventually they realize that it's because they've been dating for literal years and never realized it.

this is so real. so real. queue both of them staring down at their hands whispering holy shit are we dating???? yes idiots. you fucking are.