7th rise

Shadow agitation
  • Aries rising: Can be agitated by people who lack self assertion, who seem to be naturally well liked, those who won't stand their ground
  • Taurus rising: Can be agitated by secretive people, can be agitated by those who say they have satisfaction with 'less'
  • Gemini rising: Can be agitated by more cultivated points of view, by the demand for truthfulness, by a broader perspective
  • Cancer rising: Can be agitated by people with the confidence to go after their dreams, by those who push them into the world
  • Leo rising: Can be agitated by those who have won over ego, who are 'recognised without trying'
  • Virgo rising: Can be agitated by inconsistency or vagueness, by those who embrace the immaterial experience
  • Libra rising: Can be agitated by intimidating, confronting, confident, and phlegmatic types, types who show them the courage of self belief
  • Scorpio rising: Can be agitated by grounded and simple types, those who are satisfied to dwell in the world and deep inside it
  • Sagittarius rising: Can be agitated by frivolity surrounding information and facts, can be agitated by free and wandering minds who refuse to bind to truth
  • Capricorn rising: Can be agitated by emotional or sentimental types, those who remind them of their childhood or mother
  • Aquarius rising: Can be agitated by self assured and over confident types, those who are overly histrionic
  • Pisces rising: Can be agitated by overly critical or logical types, those who confine themselves by pure statistic and not experience
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Sex Appeal (1st/7th)
  • Aries Rising/Libra 7th: Often extremely attractive and sexually appealing, these people are considered to be the apex of sexuality, right behind or next to Scorpio Risings. Even better, they have a Venus Sign in their 7th, making people naturally gravitate towards them.
  • Taurus Rising/Scorpio 7th: Having a Venus in 1st, people not only gravitate towards you, but often like you immediately. While a Earth Venus may come off a little brash or distant, these people attract tons of people, especially of the older variety. Having Scorpio in 7th makes you especially appealing to those whom are looking for commitment. However, one night stands would be very rare, especially if you have Mars in the 7th as well. If you have Mars in the 5th, however, this may change.
  • Gemini Rising/Sagittarius 7th: These people are the masters of one night stands. Having Scorpio in 6th, typically, this brings a sort of "need" for sex. However, with the distance and elusiveness of this combo, it can be difficult to obtain. However, if you have Pluto in the 7th, this makes those whom look for commitment often find you sexually attractive... or maybe even off limits, making you more sexually appealing.
  • Cancer Rising/Capricorn 7th: These people are typically more sexually appealing to those who are into very innocent people, who may be considered "childlike". They are very romantically appealing, however. I'd also assume that these people find themselves only with a handful of partners their entire lives. Very committed and very supportive, they tend not to be alone for long and their relationships last for a long time.
  • Leo Rising/Aquarius 7th: The spotlight always seems to find them, and it doesn't change with sexuality nor sexual appeal. Eccentric and anything but orthodox, these people tend to bring sexuality that is difficult to match. The spotlight always finds them, and wandering eyes and seeking hearts (or genitals) are drawn in by their flame just as well as everything else -- even the platonic things.
  • Virgo Risings/Pisces 7th: (Please check the original "Sex Appeal" post! 💞)
  • ** The reverse is often true, except for Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio. If you're a Libra Rising, look at Taurus Rising's. If you're a Scorpio Rising, look at Aries Rising's.
Ascendant - Descendant

The 1st house in your chart is marked by your Ascendant on the rightmost point and the 7th house is marked by your Descendant on your leftmost point. 

Your Rising Sign / Ascendant is how you express yourself, your first point of action. Together your Ascendant and Descendant play an important role with how you interact with others, especially in how you form relationships with others. Your 1st House, and the planets you may have there, are how you attract people and what you are attracted to. Your 7th House is ‘how you go from there’ forming closer, more significant relationships and dealing with them thereafter. 

Ascendants/Descendants are opposing signs, which perfectly describes the duality of what we look for in others, and what we want others to see in us, which can often be contradictory, but complimentary when we allow it. Knowing how the ASC/DEC axis effects your relationships can be very helpful in overcoming issues you regularly face. 


Aries/Libra: You look for relationships that fulfill your drive for excitement but you are often more concerned with your own wants, rather than the other persons, which leads you to boredom and ended connections. 

Taurus/Scorpio: You are warm and want to give out your love and support, but your insecurities can make you cold and convinced that you can’t give out anything, especially if you’ve given yourself to the wrong people.

Gemini/Sagittarius: You look for flowing communication and something to keep you interested, but you need to work harder at listening and balancing relationships if you long for a stronger companionship.

Cancer/Capricorn: You look for security and support in relationships, but too easily neglect yourself and your own ability to nurture yourself when you revolve your whole life and activities around someone else. 

Leo/Aquarius: You are attracted to people who can show you the delights of the world out there other than yourself, but things can suddenly get burned when the other person isn’t seeing something from only your viewpoint.

Virgo/Pisces: You are a helpful, hardworking friend and always see people at their best. But there is likely the problem of being used for your compassion and healing, which you only notice once you realize you’re facing your problems alone.

Libra/Aries: You want friends that can share your life with you and don’t feel yourself unless you have other people, which will become a problem if you don’t allow yourself more independence to empower yourself. 

Scorpio/Taurus: You strive for deep, secure, passionate relationships but due to your strong need for control, being hurt can cause heavy resentment which you’ll carry forever if you don’t transform from it. 

Sagittarius/Gemini: You like freedom in friendships and people to experience things with you that are worthwhile. But you are quick to make assumptions and sometimes act too bluntly on something you don’t fully understand, which frustrates others AND yourself. 

Capricorn/Cancer: You seek people with strong ideals and always offer support and security to others. But you can see flexibility as ‘having no control’, when in fact it would benefit you to learn to adapt to others lifestyles when they really matter to you. 

Aquarius/Leo: You are attracted to people who can offer you something wild to experience or feel, as your own feelings are harder to express. Relationships usually end when there is a detachment of you to their feelings and their interests.

Pisces/Virgo: You are a giver, extremely empathetic and for this reason are drawn to people who you can feel most. But your idealism often ends relationships when you’re faced with the reality of who they are.

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Midheaven/Imum Coeli (MC/IC) interpretation coming soon!

Astrology and Hogwarts Houses (Just for Fun!)

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

According to J.K. Rowling, the Houses and elements correspond as such:
Fire: Gryffindor
Earth: Hufflepuff
Air: Ravenclaw
Water: Slytherin

Basically, what you do is you figure out which sign is in each placement. For instance, I am a Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Gryffindor’s corresponding element is Fire. This means, based on the question, that I AM a Gryffindor. My Rising is Aquarius, an Air sign, which corresponds to Ravenclaw – i.e. I look like a Ravenclaw.

Just for fun! How true did it turn out to be?

I AM (Sun) a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I FEEL (Moon) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I TALK (Mercury) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I LOVE (Venus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I EXPRESS (Mars) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I GROW (Jupiter) like a Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
I FEAR (Saturn) like a Slytherin (Pisces)
I CHANGE (Uranus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I DREAM (Neptune) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I TRANSFORM (Pluto) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I LOOK (Rising) like a Ravenclaw (Aquarius)
I ACHIEVE (Midheaven) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)

I approach FINANCES (House II Sign) like a Gryffindor (Aries)
I approach COMMUNICATION (House III Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Taurus)
I approach HOME LIFE (House IV Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Gemini)
I approach CREATIVITY (House V Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach HEALTH (House VI Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach RELATIONSHIPS (House VII Sign) like a Gryffindor (Leo)
I approach UNCERTAINTY (House VIII Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Libra)
I approach TRAVEL (House IV Sign) like a Slytherin (Scorpio)
I approach FRIENDSHIPS (House XI Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I approach COMPLETION (House XII Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)

Natural Partner
  • Aquarius rising/Sun in the 7th house: Natural partner embodies essential power and visible dignity. This person's life should affect you deeply
  • Capricorn rising/Moon in the 7th house: Natural partner is a very emotional person, perhaps even moody
  • Sagittarius rising/Mercury in the 7th house: Natural partner has an active, visible intelligence, a person who is curious, stimulating, and communicative
  • Scorpio rising/Venus in the 7th house: Natural partner is feminine, a person whose aesthetic is visible to everyone
  • Libra rising/Mars in the 7th house: Natural partner is a person whose masculine nature has an impact on you. This partner must not be too subtle
  • Virgo rising/Neptune in the 7th house: Natural partner is is one whose softness is tangible, a person of great compassion, a dreamer whose ideals are at forefront of his or her personality
  • Leo rising/Uranus in the 7th house: Natural partner is different from other people you have met in your life. A crusader for change
  • Cancer rising/Saturn in the 7th house: Natural partner is one whose maturity and common sense are palpable. Considerable dignity
  • Gemini rising/Jupiter in the 7th house: Natural partner is a person whose nature is generous and noble, whose actions are optimistic and spontaneous
  • Taurus rising/Pluto in the 7th house: Natural partner is one whose emotional intensity shines forth like a beacon in the storm, a person who understands the floods of feeling
  • Aries rising/Venus in the 7th house: Natural partner is feminine, a person whose aesthetic is visible to everyone
  • Pisces rising/Mercury in the 7th house: Natural partner has an active, visible intelligence, a person who is curious, stimulating, and communicative
  • [Information derived from Bill Herbst]
Placements That Can Signify Being Well-Liked
  • Sun Conjunct Venus
  • Sun Conjunct/Sextile/Trine Jupiter
  • Moon in the 7th House
  • Moon in the 10th House
  • Venus Conjunct/Sextile/Trine Jupiter
  • Venus Conjunct/Sextile/Trine Ascendant
  • Venus in Leo
  • Venus in Libra
  • Venus in the 1st House
  • Venus in the 6th House
  • Venus in the 7th House
  • Venus in the 11th House
  • Jupiter in the 7th House
  • Jupiter in the 11th House
  • Gemini Ascendant/Rising
  • Leo Ascendant/Rising
  • Libra Ascendant/Rising
The Houses in Astrology

The Houses in astrology are the areas of your life and they are divided into 12 Houses to fit one of each 12 Zodiac signs. Each House, as mentioned previously, represents one specific area of your life or of yourself. Some Houses can be personal, some can deal with relationships and others can deal with your community as a whole.

The 1st House
The 1st House deals with the self and the physical body. It is not only what you choose to identify with, but it’s also how people can perceive you to be. First impressions are everything and how you come off to people and qualities that you can possess are all located in the 1st House.

The 1st House is also known as your Ascendant or Rising sign.

The 2nd House
The 2nd House deals with value and your possessions. Now value doesn’t have to be something physical, if the 1st House deals with our physical and outer self, the 2nd House dives in a little deeper. This is where our sense of self stems from. It’s the area in our lives that show us what we find value in to fulfill our basic needs. The 2nd House is what we own and find ownership in as well.

The 3rd House
The 3rd House deals with communication and your immediate surroundings. On a far deeper level, the 3rd House deals with siblings. The 3rd House shows us how we communicate, how we speak and how we write. It is how we process things and how we may go about our days and interact with our surroundings (what is familiar to us).

The 4th House
The 4th House deals with your home and your roots. On a deeper level, the 4th House can be known as your soul. The 4th House has everything to do with your family, how you may have perceived your situation at home as well as who you are when you’re alone.

The 4th House is also known as your IC sign (Imum Coeli).

The 5th House
The 5th House deals with self expression and pleasure. It is where our joy stems from and what we find happiness in doing. The 5th House also deals with romance and casual sex since it’s the House where we find pleasure in. On a deeper level, the 5th House can also deal with children.

The 6th House
The 6th House deals with our daily routine and our health. It shows us how we may approach our daily life, what can affect our health and also how we go about personal hygiene as well as the kinds of workers we are. The 6th House can show you how you may deal with sickness.

The 7th House
The 7th House deals with relationships of all kinds as well as marriage. It is where we look to for partnership, the people that compliment us the best. The 7th House does not deal with casual relationships like how the 5th House does, instead it deals with long-term relationships. Look to this House to also find out how you would much rather cooperate with others and/or your cooperation skills.

The 7th House is also known as your Descendant.

The 8th House
The 8th House deals with intimacy and transformation. It’s the House we look at when it comes to knowing how we go about intimate relationships/sex and it is also the House we look at to see how we go about other people’s property. The 8th House deals with inheritances, investment, finances, death and birth.

The 9th House
The 9th House deals with higher education and travel. Normally, this is the House we look at regarding our beliefs, where our morals stem from and usually, how we go about university. This is also the House of travel and it may be an indicator of how you go about travel or simply leaving a familiar environment and going into unknown land.

The 10th House
The 10th House deals with your career and public image. It is the House we look at to show how we display our achievements and also the kind of person we aspire to be. It can also be the kind of people or qualities we admire. On a deeper level, this is who we are in our career field.

The 10th House is also known as your Midheaven and/or MC (Medium Coeli).

The 11th House
The 11th House deals with your community and your friendships. It is how we go about friendships or what we may look for in friends. This is usually how we can go about teamwork and also what we may do or how we get involved in our community. This is also the House where our dreams and goals lie in.

The 12th House
The 12th House deals with the subconscious and endings. Things in the 12th House are hidden from others and it can be things that you can’t access. This is where you are free to dive into your imagination. It is how you are when you’re alone, late at night.

Descending Signs
  • Libra descendant/Aries ascendant: I seek people who balance me
  • Scorpio descendant/Taurus ascendant: I seek people who help me change and grow.
  • Sagittarius descendant/Gemini ascendant: I seek people to fantasise and debate with.
  • Capricorn descendant/Cancer ascendant: I seek impressive people.
  • Aquarius descendant/Leo ascendant: I seek high-minded people with vivid personalities.
  • Pisces descendant/Virgo ascendant: I seek people to escape and dream with.
  • Aries descendant/Libra ascendant: I seek myself in others.
  • Taurus descendant/Scorpio ascendant: I seek people who are loyal and dependable.
  • Gemini descendant/Sagittarius ascendant: I seek people to bounce my ideas off.
  • Cancer descendant/Capricorn ascendant: I seek people who support and nurture me.
  • Leo descendant/Aquarius ascendant: I seek inspiring people.
  • Virgo descendant/Pisces ascendant: I seek people with high standards who bring out the best in me.
  • Aquarius ascending/Sun in the 7th house: attracts 'important' people. Radiates off power and confidence, inspires the individual to be free
  • Capricorn ascending/Moon in the 7th house: attracts maternal and nurturing types, those which soften the world, needs someone comforting to come home to
  • Sagittarius ascending/Mercury in the 7th house: attracts intelligence and teachers, conversationalists, writers, people who offer a wide range of perspectives and knowledge for their cerebral consumption
  • Scorpio ascending/Venus in the 7th house: attracts creative and ground people, those who can provide shelter in the storm, attracts money and prestige
  • Aries ascending/Venus in the 7th house: attracts diplomatic and artistic people, those who teach them to negotiate and resolve chaos
  • Libra ascending/Mars in the 7th house: attracts lively and reactive people who teach the individual how to live in the moment, they may hold out their aggression for certain people
  • Gemini ascending/Jupiter in the 7th house: attracts educated and intelligent types, those who encourage the individual to travel outside the mind, explore ideas in physical reality
  • Cancer ascending/Saturn in the 7th house: attracts quiet,mature, and hardworking people who provide safety, those who understand the person's shyness
  • Leo ascending/Uranus in the 7th house: attracts unusual and eccentric types who show the person how to be comfortable with being different
  • Virgo ascending/Neptune in the 7th house: attracts visionary, inspiring, and unstable people, those who teach the individual struggle so they can help others
  • Taurus ascending/Pluto in the 7th house: attracts complex and reverant people, those who antagonize, evoke deep emotion, and provide temptation
  • Pisces ascending/Mercury in the 7th house: attracts grounded and cerebral types, those who provide logic and calm in the chaos
  • -Cherry

anonymous asked:

which signs/placements you think are more likely/least likely to turn away their friends for a boyfriend?

taurus placements 100% because they are picky about who they invest in {relationships/friendships} but no one really fills in the void like a boyfriend for them.

also, moon and venus in seventh would do this {esp: if influenced} and possibly, leo moon ‼️

least likely to do it would be gemini and aquarius placements. gemini seems to have the best balance of boyfriend time and friendship time imo 🤷🏻‍♂️

ghettorice  asked:

what sign(s) would the each asc. sign attract?

- Aries Rising: Libra, or “Venusian” types, possibly Taurus, or people with 2nd House/7th House prominence

- Taurus Rising: Scorpio, or “Plutonians,” maybe people with 8th House placements

- Gemini Rising: Sagittarius, or “Jupiter” people, possibly Pisces, people with 9th House/12th House prominence

- Cancer Rising: Capricorn, or “Saturn” people, possibly Aquarius, people with 10th House/11th House prominence

- Leo Rising: Aquarius, or “Uranian” people, possibly Capricorn or “Saturn” types, people with 11th House/10th House prominence

- Virgo Rising: Pisces, or “Neptunian” people, possibly Sagittarius or “Jupiter” types, people with 12th House/9th House prominence

- Libra Rising: Aries, or “Martians,” possibly Scorpio or “Plutonians,” people with 1st House/8th House prominence

- Scorpio Rising: Taurus, or “Venusians,” possibly Libra, people with 2nd House/7th House prominence

- Sagittarius Rising: Gemini, or “Mercury” types, possibly Virgo, people with 3rd House/6th House prominence

- Capricorn Rising: Cancer, or “Moon” types, people with 4th House prominence

- Aquarius Rising: Leo, or “Sun” types, people with 5th House prominence

- Pisces Rising: Virgo, or “Mercury” types, possibly Gemini, people with 6th House/3rd House prominence


Libra Ascendant

Ruler: Venus
Descendant: Aries
Midheaven: Cancer
1st Decan: Libra (Venus)
2nd Decan: Aquarius (Uranus/Saturn)
3rd Decan: Gemini (Mercury)

Libra Ascendant

Libra risings are polite and seem to have exceptional manners. If they don’t necessarily have “table manners” they definitely have great people skills. These people are kind and approachable and make everyone feel welcomed. Libra risings are peacemakers and they like to weigh out the pros and cons of opposing sides. They’re fair and graceful. They walk with excellent posture. Libra risings should learn to not get too involved in people’s business. Since they’re so diplomatic and have a strong sense of justice, they can seem nosy and intruding. Because Aries is on the descendant, Libra risings tend to be attracted to Aries’ or Aries-like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Libra rising is Cancer.

1st Decan Libra Ascendant
(00.00 - 9.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 00.00 - 9.59.59 are the Libra/Venus decan; the most common. By far the most fair of the Libra risings. Libra-Libra risings are very charming and they definitely get their own way without any conflicts. They’re great at negotiating and are calm people. Because of the heavy Venus influence, Libra-Libra risings can really put their artistic talents and visuals to great use. They have a great ear for music, great sense of style and might really enjoy cosmetology and the Art/Entertainment field. Libra-Libra risings are also quite neat and spend a lot of time making sure they look well put together. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Libra risings is a nice, symmetrical face and soft features.

2nd Decan Libra Ascendant
(10.00 - 19.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 10.00 - 19.59.59 are the Aquarius/Uranus decan. These Libra risings are definitely the most socially involved. Libra-Aquarius risings value routine more so than any other Libra rising because of the Aquarius’ Fixed nature sub-influence. They’re also perfectionists and are much more stable when it comes to tasks. Libra-Aquarius risings are also very unpredictable because of Uranus’ sub-influence and can often experience unexpected changes in their routine; which can be chaotic. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Aquarius risings is an infectious smile and “unique” characteristics that draw attention.

3rd Decan Libra Ascendant
(20.00 - 29.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 20.00 - 29.59.59 are the Gemini/Mercury decan. Definitely the wittiest of the Libra risings. Libra-Gemini risings are blessed with a quick wit and great communication skills. They’re persuasive and have a beautiful way with words. Libra-Gemini risings love to socialize and since they are so kind to people, others naturally gravitate towards them. One downfall to Libra-Gemini risings is that they can be quite lazy and procrastinators. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Gemini risings is that they can be a bit taller than most Libra risings.

Good Flirters vs. Bad Flirters
  • Good Flirters: These people are the stereotype of the hunk/popular girl. They flirt in the traditional movie ways and do so very well.
  • Sun in: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio
  • Sun in: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th
  • Rising in: Taurus, Leo, Libra
  • Venus in: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Aspects: Sun conjunct/trine Venus, Mercury conjunct/trine Venus, Rising conjunct/trine Venus
  • Bad Flirters: Maybe not so much bad, but unique. These people are a bit like the characters of Michael Cera or Emma Stone when it comes to flirting.
  • Sun in: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Sun in: 12th
  • Rising in: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Venus in: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Aspects: Sun square Venus, Venus opposite Rising, Sun in aspect to Uranus (for unique)
The Houses and Points in a Natal Chart

The Ascendent/Rising/ACE

  • The way you express your inner self (sun/moon/other personal planets)
  • Prominent characteristics at face value
  • Your automatic response to individuals in your environment
  • Self awareness
  • Physical individuality
  • Appearance
  • How you adapt to your outer environment
  • Physical meeting

1st House

  • The physical self
  • Physical incarnation
  • Self-image, how you see yourself, how you choose to project yourself
  • How you see the world around you
  • How the world sees you
  • How you direct yourself

2nd House

  • Values (personal and material)
  • Material possessions (from your clothes, food, your bed ect)
  • Money
  • Personal resources
  • Things you have ownership of
  • Talents and skills
  • Self-worth
  • How we accumulate resources
  • What we base our self esteem off

3rd House

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Topics you are interested in learning/talking/writing about
  • How you learn
  • Siblings
  • Short distant travels (under and hour from the home)
  • The ‘neighbourhood’/local area/town
  • Manner of speech

Imum Coeli

  • What’s hidden from the outside world
  • The inner self
  • Our roots/core foundations
  • Introversion
  • Privacy
  • Ancestors
  • What we want/need to feel secure

4th House

  • Home
  • Family
  • The mother (or least dominant parent)
  • Parents in general
  • Childhood
  • Inherited patterns and mannerisms
  • Family environment
  • Your upbringing
  • Security
  • The family you create as an adult
  • Land (property)

5th House

  • Casual romance
  • Casual sex
  • Flirting
  • Parties
  • Games
  • Games of speculation
  • Creativity and creative expression
  • Things you do for fun
  • Children (others and your own)
  • Recreational activities
  • Sports
  • Relaxation and entertainment

6th House

  • Health, health problems, how you care for your health
  • Casual work, service and work ethic
  • The nature of the work environment
  • Employees
  • Co-workers
  • Daily routine
  • Pets and small animals


  • Self projection (the qualities of yourself you project onto others)
  • Who you attract
  • Interaction with others
  • Awareness of others
  • The partner
  • The desire for relationship
  • Commitment

7th House

  • The marriage, romantic and/or business partner
  • Best friends
  • How you relate to others
  • Open/public enemies
  • Who you attract
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Who you feel attracted to

8th House

  • Union
  • Other people’s money and material possessions
  • Other people’s values
  • Shared resources
  • Birth-death-regeneration
  • Sexual union
  • Inheritance
  • Deep research
  • The spirit realm
  • Death and the dead
  • Metaphysics
  • Occult and powers
  • Psychology
  • The hidden/secrets
  • Vulnerability and powerlessness
  • Astral projection
  • Paranormal experiences
  • Healing

9th House

  • Spirituality
  • Set religions
  • Higher learning
  • University/College
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • Higher perspective
  • Beliefs
  • In-laws
  • Foreign affairs
  • Other cultures
  • Specialisation in an area of study


  • Public image
  • Projected characteristics to the public
  • Outer self
  • Ambition
  • Nature of career

10th House

  • The father (dominant parent)
  • Outer environment
  • Public life, how you are seen by the public (those who don’t know you at all)
  • Social status
  • Career/vocation
  • Career position
  • Public recognition
  • Authority figures
  • Your internet persona

11th House

  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Group activities
  • Clubs and societies
  • Hopes and wishes
  • Society
  • Shared interest/cause
  • Sense of belonging
  • Community

12th House

  • The self undoing
  • The unconscious
  • Karma
  • The collective unconscious
  • Solitude
  • The deep spiritual realm
  • Hidden enemies
  • Dreams  
  • Confinement
  • Subconscious fears
  • Surrender
  • Zen Meditation
  • Astral projection #2
  • Psychological problems
  • Transcendence of consciousness
  • Vices that we use/do for pleasure
  • Self destructive patterns
  • Addictions
  • Paranormal experiences #2
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Healing #2

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So in astrology, the 11th House represents your friends and community, and the 1st House represents yourself. The 4th House represents your family. It’s almost like astrology has something to say about the various types of people we encounter in life.

So where the hell are your enemies?

Information about your enemies can be found in the 7th and 12th House.

7th House - For the sake of understanding, many people like to mention that the 7th House is the house of relationships, and nowadays, relationships usually have a romantic connotation that comes with it. While it’s very true that the 7th House can show information about our more committed relationships, The 7th House actually rules over more than just romantic relationships, and enemies are included. The enemies in the 7th House are the people you meet at first, either thinking they’re great but in the end, you can’t stand them. In other words, these people are your open enemies. You know these people don’t work well with you. Looking into the sign that rules the 7th House and the planets in it can give you insight about your open enemies. It’s also important to note that the Descendant is the cusp of the 7th House. The Descendant is the opposite of your Ascendant, which is YOU. Oppositions can cause attraction, but problems which can manifest in many relationships, hence the 7th House, the House of romantic all relationships.

12th House - If the Descendant is across from your Ascendant, in full view for you to see, then the 12th House rules your secret enemies since it is behind your Ascendant, in other words, you. These are the people you don’t see sabotaging you. These are the people who will subconsciously hurt you. The 12th House is the house of secrets and the subconscious after all. These are the people you won’t know you clash with until it’s too late, or the people you clash with and you just don’t know why. Again, checking the sign at the cusp of the 12th House and the planets in the House will also give characteristics of your secret enemies.