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[OFFICIAL NEWS!!!]‘Super Junior M’ Eun hyuk, “Getting Ready for 7th Album…We Will Make a Comeback Soon”

The leading K-pop group Super Junior has announced their domestic comeback.

The press conference for SBS Plus variety program <Super Junior M- Guest House> was held at Mokdong, Seoul on July 14. At this event, Super Junior M members Kyu Hyun, Ryeo Wook, Dong Hae, Jo Min, Eun Hyuk, and Sung Min attended.

Henry did not attend due to his solo album promotions.

<Super Junior M -Guest House> is a reality program that seven Super Junior members become their Chinese fans tour guides to introduce Korean gourmet restaurants and tourist attractions.

The pressed asked members whether Korean fans feel saddened by the program which invited Chinese fans to the program, Eun Hyuk said “I didn’t know our Korean fans would feel sad by such things. But if they are sad, we will launch a new program at a different broadcast just for Korean fans” and evoked laughs.

He added “We are getting reading for our 7th album and meet Korean fans soon”.

Each Super Junior members will run their tours under different themes. Eun Hyuk will suggest ’99,000 won’ budget tour. Eun Hyuk said “I don’t spend much money on average. When we all go out to eat, other members buy me a meal or we split the bill. So, for me ’99,000 won’ are ideal”. He continued “I also believe that fans will have some money too. So if my budget is short, I’ll ask fans to split the bill” his honest comment brought some laughs.

<Super Junior M’s Guest House> will set ‘New Hallyu Tour Road’ by showing hidden places and night life of Korea which can be enjoyed by both Koreans and foreign visitors.

Super Junior is the best idol group for a variety show and they are eager to show fresh and fun elements through the new program.

The show <Super Junior M’s Guest House> featuring Korean stars and Chinese fans will launch in September.

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My sister bought it and you know what she said to me today? She said, “When I was scrolling down the page of all the albums, I looked at the most handsome cover and chose the one that had it. When I got the cd and took it to our grandma, I checked for the last time that was it handsome…and it was!”

She didn’t know that I wanted Brand new the most. <3

And then my mom said, “I can’t wait to see Brand new music video on high quality and hear Hyesung’s ‘Just can’t ever let you go~~~!’ part." 

Thank you burana006 :D (my sister!)

Super Junior is one unique group with unique and very talented members. I see them as geniuses in singing, hosting and songwriting, but many people can’t see that because SM restricts them too much. Maybe it’s time SM lets Super Junior take complete control on their 7th jib, the way Super Junior was so hands-on in their Treasure Island concert, which is by far the best Super Junior concert.


Shinhwa - Brand New

Reasons why I am feeling /very/ nervous about SJ's comeback
  1. Leeteuk said that this comeback would be as daebak as Sorry Sorry (he did not said about this during SFS comeback)
  2. Ryeowook said that 7th jib comeback MV filming took 4 days to film instead of 3 days for SFS (which means more scenes)
  3. Why is Eunhyuk hiding his hair so badly, what has he done to his hair that he needs to be so secretive about it?
  4. Shindong’s hint has been extremely difficult to guess.
  5. SM said that they have been planning this comeback since the start of the year and a huge amount of money has been put in into this comeback.
  6. SJ’s album producer said that there will be new genre that SJ hasn’t recorded before
  7. No one knows when the teaser pictures will be revealed.