7th japanese single

[170121 Ameblo] B.A.P 7th Japanese Single Release on April 26!

It’s decided that B.A.P’s 7th Japanese single will be released on April 26!
Release events will also be happening on its week of release in Fukuoka, Hyogo and Tokyo!
We’ll release more details soon so please look forward to it!
※ Event participation tickets will only be included in first press editions. Please reserve your copy quickly to avoid disappointment. 

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SHINee's Fire MV Teaser

3:02am… that’s when I found the Teaser

(didn’t plan on staying up late for the teaser… I was doing other stuff to pass the time)

I went from “omg, what’s going on? Is this a Ritual? O_O …

what’s with the candles?”


 They’re receiving light… T_T *my tears*


The theme of their 7th Japanese Single is "the determination of love that blazes up like a moment of flame”