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For The Anon Asking For Some Marthie!!! 

I Absolutely LOVE This Song!

Video Credit To: http://www.youtube.com/user/7thheavenmarthieluvr


Making Of the Show! I found this on Youtube a while ago! Hahaha I love these people! Part 1 of 3!


Part 2! MTV: The Making Of the Show!

7th Heaven Re-watch! Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2
-I Will Never Not Love This Theme Song!
-I Forgot This Was The One Where Matt Dates A Pregnant Girl!
-OMG Mary and Lucy and Their Phone!
-Matt Gets BUSTED!
-Oh My God! The Whole Family Standing On The Stairs and Then Mary and Lucy Playing The Fact Game!
-Oh Simon. He’s The CUTEST!
-LMNO Is My New Favorite Letter.
-Reverend Camden Has A Really Dirty Mind Sometimes.
-Oh, I Remember this weird nurse who hit on Rev. Camden.
-OMG THERE HE IS! Jimmy Moon Was So Cuuuuteeee!
-Oh Annie, Always Getting Into The Kids Business. She’s The Best!
-Shizz Is Going Down Now!
-OMG Mary and Lucy With Basketballs In Their Shirts To Look Pregnant! Classic!
-Singing Unwed Mother Astronaut.
-Matt Is So Wise And Smart. I Want A Brother Like Him. He’s So Understanding and Mature. Love Him.
-Poor Lucy. Jimmy Moon Is Seriously A Cutie.
-OMG “Sassy”!
-Annie is The Best Mom Ever!
-OMG! Jimmy’s At The Door!
-Oh Mary. Kissing On The Front Porch.
-Renee Is a Pretty Good Singer!

Well That’s All For Today. I Forgot I Was Busy. I’ll Be Back Tomorrow With More!